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Top 10 Cheapest Digicams Digital Cameras in 2013

Despite of the reviews and threats of the mobile industry to the digital cameras today, the value and benefits that cameras have provided on the early part of the history has never changed. Who would have thought that Digital Camera has been invented using the image sensor in 1975 by an engineer named Steven Sasson who was working then at Eastman Kodak, which could be an inspired concoction out of the Video Tape Recorder or also known as VTR in 1951? In fact, by 1960s, NASA conversion was made through analog to digital signals along with the digital imaging. We can learn from history that the evolution of camera is not new anymore. The refiners process to make it adaptable to the needs and to the fast changing pace of technology are all inevitable to the contemporary tastes, and period that we are in. Hence, you don’t need to shell out too much money just to get the best of specifications; here are the top 10 cheapest Digicams in 2013 that one must have that possess quality and that are budget-friendly.

10. Canon PowerShot A2400 IS $88
canon powershot a2400 is silver Top 10 Cheapest Digicams in 2013
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It is easy to use, as most of the reviewers have tried it. One of the standpoint selling perks of it are the consistency of quality photos or images that have refined, accurate, and vibrant colors. It is the effect of having a sharp lens that could be equated in some of the top digicams despite that it is only has a 2.7-inch LCD. It has the ability to capture snapping photos with vivid and accurate colors, which most of the buyers look for. If you are really after superfluity, then it’s fairly favored at $88 cost.

9. Olympus VR-340 $89
OLYMPUSVR350Dentro Top 10 Cheapest Digicams in 2013
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If you really run out of the budget, but want decent quality photos, this camera offers you 10x optical zoom plus the sturdy material that is really a frugal winner. It has a 3-inch LCD monitor that equates most of the pricy Digital Cameras of quality high resolution that cannot be compared in some digicams that are priced less than $80.  The quality of photo images are indeed sharp and refine because of the ISO 400, and its autofocus is also fast. It suffices given that it is a 16MP camera and most importantly, it can record a high-definition video along with its menu layout.

8. Fujifilm FinePix T400 $89
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If you don’t consider yourself a guru when it comes to complexity of menu buttons and other selections, then definitely this is a worth buy. It is really simple to use, and you don’t need to bring a manual with you just to know how to operate it. Even a 5-year old kid could use it because of its automatic features. It has the best of light, the quality of picture is definitely passable, and majority of its users or testers also affirmed of the sharp-looking images it can give because of the color accuracy during day light. It has a 3-inch LCD with 16MP camera that has 10x zoom function that works perfectly well to a simple you.

7. Canon PowerShot A1200 (Silver) $89.99
sc004 Top 10 Cheapest Digicams in 2013
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Its original price was $109.99 at Amazon site that has 4x optical zoom only compared to other cameras that you could find on this list. In fact, this is the least of option that you would want to pick if you are looking at just one spec along with its 12.1 MP that has optical viewfinder and auto select settings out of the 32 predefined shooting positions. You could record videos and movies up 720p HD, and its unique discreet mode features, where you can disable sounds, AF beam, and flash.

6. Fujifilm FinePix T300 14 MP Digital Camera with Fujinon 10x Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens (Black) $ 99.99
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For a camera that has tons of features packed in, the Fujifilm FinePix T300 is considered one of the thinnest, only being 18.5mm. It can also process zoomed images for over 10x, while still maintaining quality with its Dual Image Stabilization (CIS) system that can set crystal clear and rich photos, even at night. It also has other features that ease the job of taking pictures such as, Smile and Blink Detection that enables or disables taking pictures if someone is not smiling or if there is someone that has his or her eyes closed. It also has the SR AUTO technology that modifies its settings based on scene, white balance, background distance, motion, and subject distance. There is also an Auto Red-eye Removal feature activated so that you don’t have to use photo-editing software just to get rid of such inconvenience.

5. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX50 $ 108
sony dsc Top 10 Cheapest Digicams in 2013
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Though taken as a compact camera that is compared to most smartphones for having only a zoom that goes as far as 5x, the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-WX50 is more than just a dedicated cam with limited pictures, as many people would think of. For one, it can capture images up to 16.2MP, utilizing quality enhancements thanks to its Exmor R CMOS image sensor that boosts color, clarity, and depth at great length. As for movie modes, the combination of the Exmor R and the BIONZ processors capture great results for HD movies. This also makes a great cam for expensive photos with features like Superior Auto Mode, Background Defocus, Steadyshot Active Mode, Anti-Blur, and other neat stuff.

4. Canon PowerShot A3300 IS (Silver) $109
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Despite being priced for budget, the Canon PowerShot A3300 IS comes with a huge 16MP camera resolution for clear shots that can be printed with photo paper that’s as big as 13” x 19”, something that most photographers would do for pictures that are appreciated when bigger. It also has a 5x Optical zoom and an additional 4x digital zoom for those distant shots. Equipped with a huge 3.0-inch LCD screen at the back, it makes photo previews, including making adjustments, a breeze. And for various shooting conditions, this camera also has the Smart AUTO technology that chooses the kind of enhancements you need for that optical shot, preconfigured with over 32 settings.

3. Canon PowerShot A4000IS 16.0 $109
Canon PowerShot A4000 IS 16Mp 3  44994 1 Top 10 Cheapest Digicams in 2013
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This is a 16MP Image Sensor Camera that has 8x optical zoom, DIGIC 4 Image processor, and measures 28mm wide-angle lens. Its original price is $199 and another perk of it is its 720p HD Video recording that you can see clearly in its 3.0-inch LCD screen. It has a help button to assist the owner or user of the camera about the settings that gives simple and understandable instructions and explanations.

2. Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7 (Black) $129.49
Panasonic Lumix DMC SZ7 Top 10 Cheapest Digicams in 2013
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There is much to expect with the Lumix DMC-SZ7, especially with its capturing capability, as you can harness its power with 14.1MP, 10x optical zoom, and the 25mm ultra-wide angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR lens. The power of the lens makes it possible for you to attain focused shots in less than 0.1 seconds, and it is also effective in taking videos as it can handle 1080 60i quality with a breeze. And with its iA (Intelligent Auto) technology, you no longer have to change camera settings when you are taking pictures at night, doing portraits, shooting moving subjects, changing backgrounds, and more. It also has the fabled “Miniature Effect” that provides a magical touch of making distant landscapes and into small diorama-like scenes.

1. Canon PowerShot Elph 100 HS (Gray) $129.95
safe image.php?d=AQDp6nt yzosLhZm&url=http%3A%2F%2Fecx.images Top 10 Cheapest Digicams in 2013
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Even though the Canon PowerShot Elph 100 HS only has 12.1MP for shooting clarity, there is much more to anticipate with its revolutionary HS System that boosts lighting, color, depth, and clarity, even with zoomed shots, that exceeds expectations. This innovation compensates in those instances where light is low and subjects are too far too reach. As for videos, the camera can capture quality 1080p with minimal shakes due to its Dynamic IS feature. And for motion shots, the digicam is equipped with an 8.2fps High-speed Burst Mode, so that you can still take seamless photos even at intense moving moments.

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