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Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs

Sitting in the movie theater chairs and watching at those big dragon like animal, which was developed by the DNA of a dinosaur found in a single mosquito, Jurassic Park had been one of the most bewitching movie which featured the dinosaurs and made them more interesting to the world. A reptile-like looking animal is one of the favorite character in most of the fiction bases cartoons as well as movies.
The dinosaurs are not flying creatures, though they were later discovered to have become an extinct to become birds. A scientist who studies about the life of dinosaurs is a paleontologist. Over the years, scientists have collected many fossils, more in rocks have given ways to find and learn about these extra-ordinary creatures of a very long time ago which lived on earth. There are so many amazing things to learn about these animals and the world in which they lived. Every year, there are some new discoveries made and there are many interesting facts, and some of such basic facts which we all know about since the time of its discovery are,

10. Discovery of Dinosaurs

William Buckland Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
To begin with, lets first find who found the existence of these giant of an animal, a reptile or a bird or what it was known as a different kind of living organism before it was named as Dinosaurs. Though its discovery goes years back, to the year 1676 when Reverend Plot found a huge thigh bone and its study went on for many years. There were even many fossils which were discovered and been leading to different theories, but in the year 1824, William Buckland discovered the first dinosaurs called theMegalosaurus. Though the name as Dinosaurs was named by Sir Richard Owen. There are different people who discovered different species. So there, now we know how they were named and we got introduced to this enchanting animal, lets proceed to know more of them.

9. Brainy Dinosaurs

Troodon dinosaurs Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
Who says that animals got no brains, and its limited only to humans?, if these dinosaurs have not become an extinct because of the asteroid destruction, probably they could have been one of the most smartest and intelligent ones. Not that all dinosaurs were smart, but some of the species were believed to have a more distinct and heavy brain which proved out to be intelligent among its species. One of the most brainiest among the entire species, was the Troodon which belong to the Cretaceous and also known as the Stenonychosaurus Inequalis. It was 1.2 meter tall, 70-kg weight and was carnivorous dinosaur. If these species lived and was not destroyed, probably they could have lived to outsmart the most intelligent of the creatures.

8. Era of dinosaurs existence

Jurassic era Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
Dinosaurs existed ten millions of millions of years ago and many archeologists and paleontologists have been discovering about their habitats since many years. Long, long ago before the era of dinosaurs started, the earth went on different kind of changes depending on the climatic and geographical changes. Before, all of the continents were joined together into one huge land mass called as Pangaea which was surrounded by a ocean of water called as Panthalassa. At the start of the terrestrial life, an era of formation of different kind of organisms and life on earth, the life of mammal like reptiles started. The appearance of dinosaurs started in the Mesozoic era which is almost 245 million years ago and the era is divided into three periods. Dinosaurs lived on with Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous period. In the Cretaceous period due to a large change in the formation of earth, the life of many reptiles became extinct and its said that it was the start of the life of mammals.

7. Number of Species

species of dinosaurs Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
It is very difficult to tell a definite number of how many species have been found as there are new findings every year and scientists are working on, to find more. But so far to the record of it, there are about 700 species discovered and named. There are different kind of species which have evolved into mammal-kind, bird-kind, spider-kind and many more, hence there are wide range of possibilities that still many more are not discovered yet.

6. Most are Vegetarians

Vegetarian dinosaurs Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
Lets say, it was a rare discussion among the dinosaurs families as, let me cook meat for dinner today, as most of these dragon like looking animal were vegetarians. Though, there were a few meat eating dinosaurs, a large population of them were plant eaters. By habit, the herbivorous dinosaurs such as the hadrosaurs, ornithopods, and sauropods walked along in groups as they were the most wanted preys for the meat eating dinosaurs such as Theropods.

5. Mammals and Dinosaurs existed same time

Mammals existed times dinosaurs Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
There is a misconception that the existence of mammals started only after the extinction of dinosaurs, but the truth is that they co-existed. It is believed that some of these mammals lived at the time of the dinosaurs period and tried to live as far away and safe as much as possible by not being the meat-eating dinosaurs snack. Most of them hide from the reach of dinosaurs in the high tip of the tress or anywhere else they could find a place to hide.

4. Different weapons to fight

dinosaurs fights Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
Since the famous flick of dinosaurs ‘Jurassic Park’, there were many other movies and TV serials made showing different kind of information about the living style of dinosaurs. Most have showed they fight with either by their teeth or claws, but there are many other ways that they use to fight among each other. There are two reasons for fights among them, one is to fight for its life and another is to show who is more stronger. But to put up any kind of fight, one needs more weapons to win. Now, we cannot say pick up a firearm, shoot the other one Bang! and there the winner is, can we?, but they used many methods to fight. The carnivorous use teeth, claws, eyesight and smell, momentum, speed, bad breath (well most of all, did not use a tooth brush and a paste every morning but some of them had a more bad breath because of an infection by the accumulation of shreds of dead tissue) and some other herbivorous dinosaurs use tails, scales, bulk, camouflage, speed, hearing and some use horns, frills, crests, skulls.

3. Dinosaurs which is not designed to fight

Camptosaurus Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
While most of all the species of dinosaurs were suppose to fight for whatever reasons, there was this one species called the Camptosaurus. These were found in North America and was 17 feet tall. Compared to others, these were the most smallest and lived only on eating plants. Instead of front teeth, they had a beak. They had rear legs which was largely used for running as they were the common prey for many carnivorous dinosaurs. Because of the same reason, they lived among the herds of dinosaurs and never went alone anywhere. Even though, they are the most common prey.

2. King of Dinosaurs

Spinosaurus Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
The most fearful and scariest of dinosaurs was the T-Rex which was considered as the king of dinosaurs, is no more the king, as a new recent discovery found that, its been outsmarted with its strength by theSpinosaurus which is more bigger than the t-Rex. Spinosaurus is now the biggest predator of all time with 17 meters long, a long snout of 99 cm. They lived in the areas of North Africa.

1. End of Dinosaurs

end of dinosaurs Top 10 Things we know about Dinosaurs Facts
The end of dinosaurs has many reasons and nothing is of sure, according to different scientists. Though, the most stated reason is the crash of meteorite, causing an end for the cretaceous era. 65 million years ago, when a massive meteorite crashed into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, which caused a rapid changes in the evolution of earth. But there are other theories as well stating that the extinction caused due to a major volcanic eruption in India over about 100,000 years ago, which was also a cause for global warming. Some also say the main reason is the climatic and biological effects which caused the extinction even before the meteorite crash and the volcanic eruptions.

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