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Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World

Dogs are one of the most popular and most loved pets among humans. They are cute,adorable,a good companion and are easy to handle pets. Dogs are social and funny as well. Sometimes a dog can even become your best friend. You can play with them, walk with them, talk with them and even sleep with them. Thus the can be your constant companion. Not any other pet can take place of a dog, neither a cat, not a rabbit or horse. They are faithful and loyal to their masters. They understand their master’s signals and obey them. However there are times when a dog can become aggressive and may harm you. Anger is just a natural tendency of any animal. Thus you need to be more careful that your dog don’t get aggressive. When a dog become aggressive or ferocious,he may harm the person so badly, that it can even kill the person. Some of the breeds of dogs are more aggressive and may cause a great problem to his master or to other people. If you are having that pet or is you are planning to adopt one, you need to know all about that pet and provide a proper care and attention to them, so that they don’t harm people. Here is a list of some dog breeds which are potentially dangerous and can cause a great harm to us, when aggressive.
dachshund Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
This cute looking dog has cute little legs and long body. They look really very adorable and it is impossible to believe that they can ever be ferocious. These little dogs are said to be very loyal to their masters and their intelligence is considered as average. They are very suitable dogs for adoption purpose. But they are very hard get trained. If you are adopting a Dachshund, you need to have a lots of patience to train him. The dog has a super aggressive nature towards strangers and they may even bite them. Thus, you need to keep your dog away from your guests. They are also aggressive for other dogs and are used to chase prairie dogs. They are very stubborn and thus it becomes difficult to control them when they become ferocious. Thus you need to take care of strangers and other pets or dogs, if you own a dachshund.
chihuahua Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
This is another cute looking but dangerous breed of dogs. They have acquired them name from a state of Mexico, from where they have considered to be originated. They are very loyal to their master, and are sometimes over protective. But don’t get along with other dogs. These dogs are easy to train and handle. But when they are aggressive, they may be dangerous, specially for small children. Thus they are not suitable for home with small kids. They may even snap and bite when angry. They can easily be provoked to attack and thus need to be away from kids and old people.
8. Presa Canario
Presa Canario Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
These are very strong and powerful dogs. They weigh around 100-125 lbs. They are considered to be originated from canary islands. They are named as hunting and killing machines. A single attack by this dog may led to death of the person or animal, on the spot. They are very brutal and dominating nature type. They were used for war and hunting purpose in early 18th century. If you are planning to adopt this dog, you have to be strong and powerful like him, so that you can control him. They need a regular training and care, to behave like an obedient one. When obedient, they are very loyal to their masters and are a good guard dogs. The dangerous nature of these dogs can be imagined by the fact that the selling and import of these dogs has been abolished in Australia and New Zealand. Three severe deaths have been caused by these dogs, as pet, to their own masters.
huskies Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
Huskies have originated from Siberia. They have a weight of around 35-55 lbs and height of  20-24 inches. They are considered as very intelligent and fast dogs. They possess a very fast pulling style. Their single bite may cause several fatalities. In a research of the year 2000, it was found that out of the total dog fatalities, 6% were caused alone by huskies. They are potentially very dangerous. Their large weight, intelligent mind and fast behavior make them more dangerous when they are aggressive. Thus it is advised that the new beginners for dog adopting, should stay away from huskies.
boxers 300x285 Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
Boxers have been originated from Germany. Unlike their name, they are very friendly and playful breed. They are very good pet. Everyone enjoys their company as they are fun loving dogs. They are easy to train. But when they are aggressive, you need to check you back then. They have got the strongest head, and their power is as high as you can imagine. You need to stay away from a boxer when they are angry. They are intelligent. The main reason of their aggressive behavior is lack of socialism. But with proper attention, they can prove to be good pets.
dalmatian Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
Dalmatians are a symbol of English Fireman now. But they were use as hunters, warriors and also shepherds. They are strong, powerful and intelligent. They like running, a lot. They are very friendly and protective, but can be very aggressive toward humans. They have a very good memory, and are used in military and police departments,but not in a large scale. They are originated from Balkans, India. Dalmatians have a weight of 40-70 lbs and a height of 20-40 inches. If you have a dalmatian, try to be friendly with him, and try to avoid the things that may make him furious.
doberman pinscher Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
Dobermans have been the best guard doge so far. Their protective, intelligent and loyal nature towards their master has designated them as the best guard dogs. Though they may be raised as house pets, a proper care is then required. They have an aggressive nature and they cannot just take it when they realize any fear upon their master. They have a very little resistance for other dogs and strangers. Thus always stays away from a doberman. When he is furious and starts barking, it becomes really tough even for his own master to control him. He was originated from Germany and he is around 65-90 lbs heavy and 24-26 inches tall.
3.Alaskan Malamutes
alaskan malamute 300x280 Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
These are very hairy and fluffy dogs and are originated from North America. They possess several qualities which a normal dog doesn’t have, like pulling reindeers, serving as a watch dog, etc. They are really very protective and have sharp survival instincts. They are very independent and this makes them difficult to train. These large sized dogs are very much destructive when they are bored. If they are getting bored, it may be very harmful for you and your surroundings. Thus the need a constant watch and play or exercise, or anything that makes them happy. They are very friendly until then.
German Shepherds 300x195 Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
They are known as K-9 dogs. They are used in all the law enforcement authorities. They are intelligent, strong and confident dogs. They are very good at detecting bombs, drugs, prisoners and any other thing. They are very active and thus need proper physical training and exercise. They are mainly the guard dogs, but people have started keeping them as home dogs. A single german shepherd may kill a large sized cow in minutes. They are used as a guard against wolves at some places. The powerful impact of this dog is certainly inevitable. Their bark is as strong as that of a average aged tiger. To handle this breed, you need to have a proper watch and care, else it may be very dangerous for the master itself.
pit bulls Top 10 Most Aggressive Dogs of the World
The furious nature of this breed can be known by this fact only that they are a result of interbreeding between bull dogs and terriers. They are the most ferocious dogs of the world. They weigh around 35-40 lbs. They possess athleticism of a bull dog and gameness of terriers. The specialty of this dog is that they lock their jaws and maul the prey until they are dead. They five a very ferocious bite that can even kill a person. These dogs can kill a large sized cat within seconds. These are very dangerous dogs and you are planning to have one, you need to have a proper watch over yourself and over the dog.

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