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Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs

Mascots are basically any animals, toy, or symbol which is associated with a particular group or organization or event, and is supposed to bring good luck for them. The  mascot system is not a new one, its being used in the world since ancient times. Mascots are associated with various fields like with sports, schools, corporate world, and even advertising companies. Thus mascot a very important role in each sector. In sports, they are used as merchandising product. They are used for cheering people and sportsmen. Entertaining people is also a part of mascot’s acts. They may be in the form of various animals, like lion, monkey, elephant, anything. The mascots can even be used as symbol or logo for the particular event. For example in ICC World Cup 2011, an elephant named as Stumpy was used as mascot and it was used everywhere with the name of World Cup 2011. It was like a symbol for the World Cup 2011. Thus an association of mascots with sports is very strong and is still going on increasingly. Many mascots have been discovered till now, some of them are very funny and weird. They became a source of horror and laugh among people, rather than entertaining them. Given below is the list of some weird mascots of the world.
10.Hip Hop the Rabbit (Philadelphia 76ers)
Hip Hop the Rabbit Philadelphia 76ers 247x300 Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs
This strange looking rabbit mascot, called as hip hop the rabbit was a mascot for Philadelphia 76ers basketball team. They are often referred to as sixers. This mascot used to perform various acts during half time and time out, in order to entertain players and audience. He used to perform awesome acrobatic moves. He used to perform slam dunks over a trampoline, and also over some person or item like motorcycle, or some sixer dancer, or a fan, or ladder. He also had a sidekick named Lil HipHop. Both of these strange mascots appeared at various publicity places as well, and took photographs with fans, and also talked to them. But it is heared that this mascot has now been changed from sixers and a new one has taken its place in the team.
9.Blue Blob (Xavier)
Blue Blob Xavier Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs
This cute little potato shaped mascot is a secondary mascot of Xavier University. He is appeared in almost all the sports tournament appearing in the university. He look very funny. Sometimes he looks like a warped Cooking Monster and sometimes look like stranger version of Mr. Potato Head. Despite of his strange looks, he is very popular among youngsters, and the way he dances and cheers makes him more adorable among people.
8. Rowdy (Dallas Cowboys)
Rowdy Dallas Cowboys Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs
This is a human looking mascot. He had been the mascot of NFL’s Dallas Cowboys since 1996. His weird look makes him more popular. He wears cowboy boots and hat. He is a very active mascot. He entertain people during halftimes by going into the crowd. He also go for birthday parties, grand openings, Minor League Baseball games, etc. He has also been appeared in some TV series and movies. A Rowdy kid zone was also formed, in which he goes and plays with small kids and make them happy. But the tournament of 2009-10 was like end for Rowdy. He wasn’t seen anywhere in this tournament. May be he is now out of the team, but the Cowboys spokesman Brett Daniels says that, no matter what, Rowdy will always be a part of our team.
7.Roboduck (Oregon)
Roboduck Oregon 210x300 Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs
This is somehow a very ugly looking mascot. It was based on the Donald Duck character of Disney. But it is certainly a worse part. He is a mascot of The University of Oregon Ducks athlete program. The strange mascot was though a very nice cheerleader. He saw some controversies. After every time any score is made by his team, he used to perform push ups on the ground. During one match, the Sashta, mascot of Houston Cougars performed the same act. Due to this, the Roboduck got aggressive and attacked Sashta. This became a big controversy when the video of this attack was posted to you tube and the student who was inside Roboduck was punished.
6.Youppi (Montreal Canadiens)
Youppi Montreal Canadiens Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs
This is a great mascot that have been promoted. He is the only one mascot that has got the promotin. He swithed sports between Montreal Expose Football to National Hockey League in Washington. This strange mascot can never be identified. He is surely a combination of a duck and lion. Sometimes he also looks like a monkey. Whatever he be, he is and he will be looking strange and funny forever. Only his designer Bonnie Erickson can tell the actual identification of this weird mascot, who still is representing NHL, and is performing various activities to entertain and cheer the players and public.
5.Stinger (Columbus Blue Jackets)
Stinger Columbus Blue Jackets Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs
Oh my God..!! Just have a look at this weird green insect like mascot. Besides representing a team, the other work of the mascot is to cheer his players and entertain the public and do some publicity. But this is really a big question that how can this ugly looking mascot with bulging red eyes can cheer anyone. Small children may get afraid from him. But he is doing great at his part, and people are also happy with him. He is a mascot of a team of ice hockey- Columbus Blue Jackets. It is 6 foot 9 inch long and he is known for banging his snare drum and giving high fives to children. He had been a part of NHL since 2000 i.e., the year Blue Jackets were formed. He was even printed on the jerseys of the players.
4.The Banana Slug (UC Santa Cruz)
The Banana Slug UC Santa Cruz Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs
This slim yellow creature, in the form of a banana is an UC Santa Cruz mascot. He is very slow and long. His long stretched ears are really very strange and terrifying. He is often seen in the campus, chilling around with kids and is present in every tournament of the University. This is really not understandable that how can a banana shaped,strange looking creature help in cheering people. This had been an official mascot of UCSC since 1986. Majority of students voted for him and he is representing the Universities in various inter college programs.
3.Izzy (1996 Atlanta Olympics)
Izzy 1996 Atlanta Olympics 205x300 Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs
Izzy was the mascot of 1996 Atlanta Olympics. As is seen from the picture, he was a very terrifying mascot. This mascot was not very popular ans was criticized a lot. He had two rings over his eyes and his hands were very small as compared to his body. He wore large strange red colored shoes, which made him look more horrible. This mascot shouldn’t been used for an event as big as Olympics. Olympics is a 2,700 years old tradition and having this weird mascot for that was not a justice to the tradition. Izzy got very horrifying nicknames as well, like “the sperm in sneakers”.A wild mouse roller caster was named before this mascot in Virginia. However a video game was launched after his name, which became popular among kids.
SabretoothNHL Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs

This is a tiger formed mascot. He is very large sized. He is the mascot for Buffalo Sabres, an ice hockey team in NHL. This strange mascot is popular for his act that he perform before the game. He comes down from the ceiling to the ice and the music plays. He also drive a four wheeler throughout the ice and is followed by a spotlight.Sometimes he also plays the Sabre chants on a drum. This mascot is very popular and is said to have been originated from the idea of sabre cats. He is a tiger with sabre teeth. He has a t shirt bazooka, which he uses in order to throw t shirts to the crowd. Recently he has got his dress changed to gold and blue, so as to get a match with new jersey of Buffalo Sabres.
1.Phillie Phanatic (Philadelphia Phillies)
Phillie Phanatic Philadelphia Phillies Top 10 Weird Mascot Designs
This is a cute fluffy green colored mascot. He is the mascot of Philadelphia Phillies. He has originally originated from Galapagos island. This mascot performs various acts to entertain people. He goes to public and makes healthy relations with them in baseball matches. This mascot was first seen in April,1978. He is so much big and ungainly that sometimes he has injured his fans. The mascot wears a red colored hat normally and has an extendable tongue. His tongue looks really very weird and scary as well. Once this mascot kissed one of the cheerleaders of the team. Though he is weird, but still he is ackowleged as best ballpark mascots.

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