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Top 10 Thieves that became Famous

Human beings are born to live life and life has needs of all sorts which sometimes becomes difficult to get all that they desire for. Each man or a woman have their own opinions and ways to get the things what they want to live their life happily. Some work hard while some find the easy way to get fulfilled with their needs. Those who look for easy ways, resort to stealing at a very young age and that simple habit which might have started as picking and hiding some other kids toy, can grow into big while they grow, the child once stole a toy can grow up into stealing a lot many bigger things. There are man such thieves and some of them are really famous for what they did. Most of the famous thieves have stopped what they were doing and have started to live straight, while some have got famous for their stealing and have even died along the way. Some steal things things to live and feed their loved ones, while others did it just for fun and habit. A few people who became famous for their robberies are,

10. Robin Hood

Robin Hood Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
A well-known hero of all times and famous character of many stories, Robin hood was a thieve who merely robbed to help the poor. Though there is no definite evidence of Robin Hood is just a character of the heroic stories or he really did exist, many believe that he existed a long long time ago. Although these believes made the historians more difficult to find for truth. It was believed that he outlawed the authorities and policies and looted the rich people to provide for the poor. He is envisioned as one of the heroes, and romanticized, fun and loving, smart and as well as a rebellious man.

9. Valmiki as Ratnakara

Valmiki as Ratnakara Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
We all know the famous Indian epic Ramayana and its writer the sage Valmiki. But it is an age old belief that Valmiki before turning into a sage he was a robber. Well, who knew a robber, who stole things will become the one to preach us. His life took a new turn of leaf when he met Narada along his path. Though born into a sage family, Ratnakara was lost in the forest and was found by a hunter and grew up as a hunter child, becoming a hunter himself. After his marriage, it was very difficult to feed his family and hence he resorted to robbery and dacoit. On one such day while he was trying to rob, he met Narada who asked him to meditate and chant Lord Rama’s name. Ratnakara gave up on robbing and started meditating. After many years Narada returned back to see him in an ant-hill and still meditating. Ratnakara was blessed by the lord and was gifted the knowledge of a sage and was named as Valmiki. Later in his ashram Narada related the story of lord Rama and Sita along with all the others and sage Valmiki wrote the epic of Ramayana.

8. Veerappan

Veerappan Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
Yet another thief from India who is worth mentioning because of his business with sandalwood and who have got famous all over the world for his ways of dealing and living life. He was a God for the people in the forest where he lived, because he helped and fed the poor people of his village. Koose Muniswamy Veerappan was born on January 18, 1952 and he ruled his activities in the Biligirirangana Betta, Male Mahadeshwara Betta, Sathmangalam and Gundiyal forests in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He was the most wanted thieves of Indian history for his dealings with Sandalwood and ivory stealing. He had a price of 50 million (US $ 1.1 million) on his head, but he was never caught for 20 years, and was killed by police in the year 2004. India sent the army’s special task force also to catch him, but it failed. On October 18, 2004 due to someone’s tip off he was caught and killed by the policemen.

7. Doris Payne

Doris Payne Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
Ever heard the saying ‘Do not believe a crying man and a laughing women’, as much as it sounds silly its true sometimes, especially at least with Doris Payne. Born in 1930, Slab Fork, West Virginia is one of the famous thieves known for her Jewelry stealing. No wonder women and jewelry has a strong bonding within each other and in which ever way they can own it. Doris Payne is one of the famous Jewel thief who is as famous that she has attracted the Hollywood filmmakers as well to make a picture on her life story. ‘Who is Doris Payne?’ the movie played by Halle berry shows a complete picture of Doris story, unfortunately they had to go some more changes as Doris did her work again and is been caught. Doris goes into a jewelry shop, asks the dis-player to show finger rings or any piece of jewelry and with so many of varieties of them on the frame that the person forgets how many were there and she leaves with one of them in her pockets. Well, how she manages to leave is something only she could explain. The 82 years old Doris was caught this time for stealing a coat rather than jewelry  A woman is really famous who listed her occupation as ‘Jewel Thief’ after her first arrest.

6. Bill Mason

Bill Mason Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
Yet another Jewel thief, Bill Mason is the master of jewel thief and known all over the world. He is known as an estate manager to all his friends, family and also the police and FBI authorities until he was found guilty. Being in the estates business Bill knew the layouts of the most houses and it was most challenging work for him to steal valuables from the richer people and celebrities. Born in the year 1940, he operated as a jewel thief from 1960 to 1990. According to his autobiography “Confessions of a Master Jewel Thief” he thinks the rich think that their bungalow are more protected and leave their things more carelessly, which makes it an easy job for him. After his prison time which was a very short period, he stopped stealing and began writing his autobiography.

5. Francois Villon

Francois Villon Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
A well known poet is once a thief is gathered from most records about Francois Villon. He was born into a poor French family in the year 1431. Villon’s life is a better example for the turn and twists of life where one can find different situations. Though born in a poor family he was adopted by the church after the death of his father. He had a good education and received his Master’s degree in Arts. But due to some brawl he killed the priest Philippe Sermoise and flew away. After his return he wrote the Le Lais, also known as the Le Petit Testament. Later he stole 500 gold crowns from a coffer at the College of Navarre. He was arrested and pardoned, but later he was arrested in the year 1461 and was sentenced to death. In prison he wrote his famous works “Ballad of Hanged Men” and “I am Francois, They Have Caught Me”. At a last minute appeal his sentence was reduced to ten years and was banished from Paris on January 5, 1463. No one ever say him after that.

4. Frank William Abagnale Jr

Frank William Abagnale Jr Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
Born on April 27, 1948 in Bronxville, New York and is a best tutor and mentor now. There is no thief who has not started it early, and Frank Jr is no exception. Though having been born is a sophisticated family, his parents divorce took a toll on him. As a tough teenager he began drifting towards the habit of stealing and petty thefts. Soon he grew up into big burglaries using his father’s gas credit cards and fooling the gas station people into false sales business. He played different roles of a Pilot, a Doctor and a Lawyer to draw extra cash from false checks to support himself. He was identified and turned into authorities by his former girlfriend. After his imprisonment he worked for FBI to teach them about the methods and tricks of frauds in banks, documents and other things. Later he even opened his own Abagnale and Associates which teaches the public about how to be careful without being cheating in such fraudulence. The famous movie “Catch Me If You Can” starred by Leonardo Di Caprio, a work of Steven Spielberg made Frank Abagnale more famous.

3. Vincenzo Peruggia

Vincenzo Peruggia Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
The thief who stole evergreen painting of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci’s Monalisa, is as famous even today, as he is one of the reasons for the painting becoming as famous as it is today. Da Vinci painted the renowned painting and of Lisa Del Giocondo in the early 16th century, but if not for Peruggia probably the painting stayed where it is and never would have seen the light its seen now. Peruggia was always considered as under living or a low class person of those days and was hurt because of that. He stole the painting from the museum on August 21, 1911 in the broad day light and walked away. He had it with him for two years and than sold it for money and fame. The painting went around from one hand to the other all around the Europe and later it was returned back to France. By than the name Lady Lisa or the Monalisa had reached its name and fame in the world. While vincenzo was caught and served his time for the robbery.

2. Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
Bonnie and Clyde the two well-known thieves of the Barrow Gang and as well as both separately conducting the robberies are a very famous news since then. Bonnie was married in a very young age and things did not go well in her married life, and so her husband stayed away from her more often. Later he was arrested by police for some theft and was poisoned. In this meantime Bonnie met Clyde in a party by a mutual friend and they instantly hit it off. They joined together and conducted many burglaries. What ever they did, they were very close to their families especially their mothers. They have been trapped many a times by policemen to catch them, but both escaped from them all. On May 23, 1934 at 9:15 am both were caught in a fire initiated by the policemen and both died in the shooting of about 130 bullets. When the shooting ended, police found that Clyde’s head had exploded and Bonnie’s right hand had been shot off.

1. Jesse James

Jesse James Top 10 Thieves that became Famous
Jesse James was born on September 5, 1847 in Kearney, Missouri. James is known for his robbery in almost everything, and there is probably not a single thing that he had never tried in crime and looting things. James and his brother together started robbery with trains, stagecoaches, and banks. On December 7, 1869 the brothers killed a man in the bank robbery and since then there was a price on their heads as wanted dead or alive. In the year 1874 Jesse married his longtime sweetheart Zerelda and had two children. Both were good to their wives and children although they continued with their crime. On April 3, 1882 Jesse was shot in the back of his head by Bob and he died instantly.

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