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Top 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List

People have believed Las Vegas to be a dream coming true, and yes it is. Welcome to the world of style, fashion and casinos. It is this part of the world where casino and gambling is taken and followed to be as a culture, as Las Vegas is the first and only place which comes to the mind when we think for poker games and other betting activities. Right from some hard and competent sports bookings and slotting machines, Las Vegas also offers you your chance to try your luck through the online poker machines, table games and varied hand held devices. Las Vegas could turn you from rags to riches, just overnight. Such is a the magic of this place and the increasing love towards these luck hard games of casino and gambling, Las Vegas remains one of the favourite place for people to get indulged in these luck based sins. Here is a list of some of the best casinos in Las Vegas which could help you roll your dice on the games.
10. The Venetian
The Venetian 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
The Venetian Las Vegas offers you with some ultimate decors and interior designs to take full advantage of the sinful ambience. This royal casino very much matches to a small Venice city look, making the atmosphere even more appealing and lovely. One would only find the tourists and locals gambling their heart away indulging in activities such as race and sports booking, or just having a fun gambling time in the slot and poker rooms, trying their luck on every poker and car table game possible. The whole infrastructure and the amazing crowds leave people amazed at the crowd and the fast pace activities of people, where some are wandering about the Venetian while at the same time being a part of the betting placed at the nearest race or sports books or the poker table.
9. Palms Casino Resort
Palms Casino Resort 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
Located just off the Strip, the Palms Casino Resort is claimed to be one of the most favourite and popular hangout places in Las Vegas. This Casino is found streaming with tourists as well as locals from nearby areas indulging in betting and various sports books. Regular gambling and betting tournaments are held in this place on Wednesdays, apart from holding high stake games include the high or no limit Texas Hold’Em. The Palms Casino has been rated in the local newspapers to actually have the loosest slots in town, let it be the games offered such as poker, Casino War and roulette. Thus, the Palms Casino Resort is one of the best places to bet easy and earn easy.
8. Tropicana Las Vegas
Tropicana Las Vegas 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
Inspired by the modern movies such as the ‘Ghostbuster’, ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Sex and the City’, the Tropicana Las Vegas casino draws its inspiration and appearance which has enabled this royal casino to still exists and run overcoming all types of obstacles which went in putting down a lot of casinos in the area. This place has been growing immensely over the years, which crowds streaming in to take complete advantage of the low limit table and poker games, thus giving all the gamblers and players a wide range of choices on how much to bet and how much to wager. This place remains one of the favourite particularly due to its high-limits room which has a very swanky and hip appearance and atmosphere, to make the gamers feel at their sinful home.
7. Aria Resort & Casino
Aria Resort Casino 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
The Aria Resort and Casino has been very distinct and different in many ways, right from the décor and ambience of this royal casino to the features and the type of games offered to players and gamblers. Some distinguishable features of this casino is the poker room, consisting of about 24 tables each with different types and styles of poker games. The Aria Casino has been one of the first in the Las Vegas Strip to actually include windows rather than a complete four walled casino, thus breaking the traditional casino decors and coming up with a really crisp and airy atmosphere which provides players with a totally different gambling experience. Apart from holding daily poker and car tournaments, this casino is also all floors for various race and sport books, as well as varied card games such as the blackjack, roulette, baccarat and the Pai Gow.
6. Paris Las Vegas
Paris Las Vegas 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
This Paris-themed looking casino located in Las Vegas is one such place which attracts a lot of positivity and good reviews from tourists and locals all across the place and globe. Instead of the usual appearance of the other normal casinos, the Paris Las Vegas proves to stand at a slightly different level by being decorated with cobblestones and street lamps, giving a tinge of romance and friendship in the air, just the Paris style. Sticking to the lovely romantic ambience of the city of Paris, the casino is reasonable small sized but offers you immense chances to try your luck on card games such as baccarat, craps, blackjack. The poker room offers you many types of poker games, with your choice to play with high limit or low limit, though the high limit games in this casino would give you bigger chances to earn better money.
5. Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel
Binion’s Gambling Hall Hotel 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
The world renowned event if you have heard of, the World Series of Poker first began at the Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel in the early years or 1970. It was started by a group of poker players, and thus has started the trend of this mega event from the Binion’s. Though the Binion’s Hotel has been shut down and it has strictly claimed itself as only a Casino, all the gamblers and players can try their luck on the World Series of Poker held at Binion’s, or just go for the standard and casual games of blackjack and roulette. With the slots in this casino being ‘ticket-in and ticket-out’, the table and other poker games eliminate the use of coins and help you up better with the high and low limit games.
4. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
MGM Grand Hotel Casino 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino has not only been a sought after casino in the whole of Vegas due to its immense size, but also for the famous and popular Reel Millions and Lion’s share slow machines, which are claimed to have been given out pay-outs as large as about 1,00,000$. The slot and online poker machines in this casino are believed to give out huge pay-outs and thus prove beneficial to a gambler’s luck. Being extremely big and spacious in size, it offers the standard card games with even more rooms and more types with card games such as blackjack, roulette and craps.
3. El Cortez Hotel & Casino
El Cortez Hotel Casino 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
Even before the other mega sized casinos started up in Downtown Las Vegas, the El Cortez Hotel and Casino has existed since the old Las Vegas times. People today still stroll around this casino to get the feel of the old times and the old gambling ambience and atmosphere. This casino is believe to send people back from here by making them richer in their pockets, and making them wanting to come back here again. This casino is simple in its ways and traditional in its gambling ways and games include the low limit games of blackjacks, sports books and other different types of poker and card games. With a casual atmosphere and vintage looking ambience, this casino will surely remind you of the old times and take you back in time.
2. Caesars Palace
Caesars Palace 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
Being featured in major big Hollywood movies such as ‘The Rain Man’ and ‘The Hangover’, the Caesars Palace casino remains to be one of the top and classic casinos to be found around in Las Vegas. With its hip atmosphere and really high and upscale crowd and visitors, this casino is a hub for high limit games in blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat. Apart from the card games, the poker rooms offer the players with immense chances to try their luck on the various types of poker games, not to forget the additional gambling substance of race and sport books.
1. Bellagio
Bellagio 10 Best Las Vegas Casinos List
The Bellagio Las Vegas casino is believed to offer its players and gamblers with  a more refined and clean experience of gambling and casino. This place has been the hub for gambles since many year and stands straight there on the first rank to being the top casino of Las Vegas. With its huge and upper class clientele and crowd, this casino has two poker rooms, one of which includes the very famous high limit poker room known as ‘Bobby’s Room’. The entire décor and designing of this casino has been inspired by the appearance of Lake Como in Italy, making it stand out different in ambience and looks when it comes to the other royal casinos.

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