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10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

The first days of the school are most important days. Only in these days the students can make their first impressions on the teachers which would last the whole year. As it is said first impression is last impression which means that if you are able to impress your teacher, you will always remain the star of her eyes. Sometimes she would be partial with you even if you have done anything wrong. A good impression is having innumerable benefits. You know like grace marks etc. And of course the bad impression is going to take you to hell. There are even numerous losses of this. Even if you get good marks the teacher would not consider you to be good. If you did not have a good impression on your previous teachers, don’t worry just buckle up with confidence and start with your new session with a clean record. To make good impression on the teachers is very simple if you just follow the guidelines. I know that the students hate them but you have to compromise. Even if you are not a straight student you can just enact for a few days till your impression is built. This will be beneficial for you.  Do not be shy but have a confident look on your face and follow the tips i have given. These are the tips with which you can impress your teacher.
10. Good and clean Dress
Clean Uniform 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

Believe it or not the clothes you wear reflect your personality. So your dressing sense should be good. Do not wear dirty clothes and avoid being punky.  Because it may give a bad effect to your teachers. Your hairstyle also should be nice and avoid spiky style in the beginning. I know these things are important to impress girls but we have to impress teachers girls can be done later. The dresses should not be ill fitting. Comb your hair nicely. You can do your styles after some days but in the initial days you should be simple. Of course dressing style is not everything but it is important.  Also cut your nails. And brush and do not smell bad.
9. Punctuality
Punctual 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers
Punctuality is very important. At least reach the school 5 minutes before the reporting time. Reach the class before the teacher does that will show that you are serious in the studies. Even complete your work on time, because if you submit it late it would make your teacher angry. Coming before will give you time to talk to your friends. Remember teacher hate it if a person is late in class. And will regard you as a late comer and may also give you punishment.
8. Bring the Required things
Books and stationary 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

Come fully prepared with the things required and do not forget any book or notebook which the teacher has told to bring as this tend to annoy them. Bring all your pens, pencils and erasers and avoid borrowing them. This makes a good impression and tells that the student is totally pre -planned. If it is your first day no need to bring all the books if you do not know the time table. Just bring the important books. Other qualities can not be highlighted if you just not have the proper things. So let the bag feel heavy.
8. Always Smile and be Positive
Smile 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

Everyone hate negative people, because of their thoughts the whole environment becomes negative. Teachers also love see students happy. So always wear a Smile and show that you are enjoying the study and always have a positive approach. Do not complain and manage your matters yourself and avoid frowning and whining. And do not be rude and arrogant as all these things make the teachers angry. Avoid arguing with the teachers as they do not like it. If there is a misunderstanding clear it but in low tone. feel sorry for your mistakes.
7. Study
Study1 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

Always study the work given and complete your homework and assignments in the allotted time and prepare well. Also work hard and prepare very well with your first test. As the first test makes your final impression on the teachers. Try to do your best in initial 2-3 test and better prepare very well if the test is oral. Read the lessons done in class as that will only help you to take part in class discussions. It is the main key to success.
6. Be Nice to all and select your friends
Friends1 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

It is very important to behave nicely to all including your friends. You can help your friends with the concepts and clear their doubts. This will indirectly make a nice impression on the teacher as she will come to know about you. Select your friends as a person is known by the company he keeps. Whatever your impression may be but if you associate with friends having low reputation than it may ruin you. Even if you want to associate with them meet them when you are not in front of a teacher. Also behave in manners in front of the teachers and do not make weird expressions. Do not try to make the class laugh because it is not liked by teachers( I have a personal experience of this). Interact with your teacher and at the end of the class wish the teacher.
5. Ask your Doubts
ZAsk your Doubts 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

Do not hesitate if you are not cleared with any concepts and ask it without any fear from the teacher. It does not mean that the person is a fool. But it is said that the asking question is a sign of intelligence and a person asking question is considered very intelligent and it means that the person is trying to clarify the concept and is listening very attentively. The teacher would be happy to help always and would come to know that you are really listening to her and are attentive in the class. So never hesitate even if you are not having any doubt you can randomly ask the teacher of any difficult concept.
4. Participate
Participation 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

Participation is one of the most important and it tells that you have been attentive in the class and regularly doing your work. If you know the answer do not feel shy and just answer. It is very impressive if you know the answer which no one is knowing. It does not mean that you can dominate a discussion and speak only if you are asked to do so. Unnecessarily showing off your knowledge. And you can give some comments only if  you are asked to. But raise your hands only if you know it totally because you are not able to then your confidence can be lost.
3. Take The Responsibility
Responsibility1 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

Teachers actually love responsible kids. If she asks of person who wants to take any duty just raise your hands. Take the duty whether it is of any monitors or of any other incharge. Also make sure that you really can take that duty and can do it nicely and can complete them as they hate the students who are irresponsible and can not complete the given duty. So first make it sure that you can complete it before accepting it. Its better to stay away from a duty which you dislike.
2. Do Not Forget your Manners
Manners 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

Formal and students full of etiquette are favorites of the teachers. So act like you are full of manners(even if you are not) for the first 7 days. Always wish your teacher when she enters and when she leaves compliment her by saying that you enjoyed the class or by simply wishing good afternoon. Do not push the teachers as they hate this and whenever you see them wish them. Let them pass first from the gates or let them pass first. Act full of manners and even eat in the cafe of your school with manners.
1. Attention in the Class
Pay Attention 10 Ways to make Good Impression on Teachers

Now this is rated first because it is the most important. Make eye contact with your teacher when she is teaching. Look at the blackboard if she is writing anything on it. Do not Daydream as  if she catches you just sleeping in class she is just going to throw out. Even if it is boring make your face like the lecture is very interesting and nod every time. This will show that you are very much interested in the studies and teacher is going to appreciate it. That is why it is the best possible way to impress your teachers.

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