Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 10 Eye Candy Gifts

What you see is what you believe is an important phrase for all of us in terms of our daily lives. So why not show and make them believe that how much you love them.  Most of the men, giving an honest opinion, are not good at delivering their emotions. Hence the best way to express yourself is to give her the best of the gifts.
10. The typography Calendar
Is your girl too particular about the dates? If yes, then the perfect date calculating solution is here. Gift her typography calendar so that both of you do not miss the occasions (We all know men are bad at remembering dates, no offense please gentlemen!).
9. Hilarious DVD packs
If she is a fun to be a lady and loves to Laugh Out Loud like a beautiful nightingale. Louis C.K is the best option to make her laugh. And give her that romantic kiss that very moment (a naughty idea, you’ll love this one).
images2 Top 10 Eye Candy Gifts
8. Concerts
If she is a rock freak, then do not wait and take her to the paramount Nirvana concert. Enjoy your romantic moment with the lady luck of your life near the settle there.
7. Gift a few James Jarmusch
Treat her eyes with that of this brilliant director’s movies. Sit with her during the time of your romantic dinner and watch the movies by James Jarmusch to make it all happen between the two of you.
6. Gift the entire collection of “Crumb”
Music albums are the best gifts to express yourself on how you feel about the other person.  Just leave it secretly near her bag, under her chair (giving indications) , on her table etc.
5. Wall hangings
Give her an exotic frame if she loves to have a lot of memories. You can give a picture of the both of you and make her feel special. Girls really get touched by this gesture of men (Men, go ahead, do not miss this one)
4. The artistic effect
Gifting an artistic maneuver is not a bad idea.  Give her the “best girlfriend” certificate, or gift her classy book so that she feels she has a much more refined taste than all the ladies around.
3. The skull candle
Horrific but an interesting idea (show her, her real face LOL). Tell her “You are not creepy and I love you, so I thought of getting this skull for you” How about this one? Tell her “Let’s have a candle light dinner my love”
2. The pain Chain
Give her a waist chain to say “Stop is a cow, be the lady!”  I am sure you can’t afford to mock at her out of love. Make sure the waist chain is sexy, so that she doesn’t find out your sarcasm. (Men are pretty smart at this, deal with her workout and diet this way)
1. The spotless mind
Get her a portrait made of her own picture. The hand sketched caricature, signed by you (your celebrity autograph is a must)

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