Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself Like in 10 Days

Everyone wants to know how to be liked by the people. To be honest, this is a very simple task and everyone can adopt this 3 week step by step formula to get more social and loved by people.  For some people, it is very important to be liked by others and this is a very good thing.
Almost all of us try to be liked by others and we use different techniques to make sure that we are liked and loved by others. Yes, some of us fail at this task because we use wrong approach and techniques. Getting people like you are more of an art. You have to shape yourself as the charming to the eye as you can. Being popular is what we all want and everyone can be popular by just looking presentable and treating other fairly and nicely.
Day 1: Groom yourself
Everyone likes a person with a good personality. So, the first task you have to do is to have a good and tidy haircut, clean yourself and look presentable. People will only like you when you look pleasant to their eyes. So, you must look presentable around people. Always think that you are the center of attraction among the people and all the eyes of the world are with you and if you want them to like you, you must look good, clean and tidy. When you will dress up like a bum and unclean person, people will never treat you good. It is a human nature and it cannot be changed. So, you must look clean and tidy whenever you are going out of your house. After following this advice, you will see a huge difference in your fan following from the first day.
  Top 10 Ways to Make Yourself Like in 10 Days
Day 2: Look clean and tidy
After grooming yourself, the second and far the most important step is to be clean and tidy. No one wants to be with a person who stinks or who look bad. So, if you want to be the center of attraction among the people, you must look clean and tidy. This is a very simple task and you should give it a try. The first thing you must do to look clean and tidy is to spare some time from your busy life and go to a hair stylist to have a proper and a fresh haircut. A haircut should be according to your face cut and your body. The next step you should do is to buy some new clothes. With new clothes and new haircut, you will shine like a diamond among random people and most people will like to talk to you. Always remember that your body is like your business card. You must always take good care of it because it shows the world who you are really.
Day 3: Always have a smiling face
Now that you are neat and clean and you can go out and meet new people. You must always keep a smiling face whenever you are talking to a friend or a complete stranger. A smile on the face shows a sign that you have a positive attitude towards the conversation and you like the person to talk to you. Ordinary people like the person who shows interest in their conversation. A smiling face can also get you out of many troubles. So, whenever you go out with your friends or taking a walk alone, keep a smile on your face of how the world how optimistic you are.
Day 4: Politeness is the key
For a day, be polite with everybody you meet and show them how humble you are. This will leave a positive impact on their minds and they will remember you in good words. In a day, you will feel such a change in your popularity graph that you will be forced to be polite each day. Politeness is the key to having popularity. This can easily get you famous around school or at your work place.
Day 5: Don’t be dull around people
People love energetic people around them who can talk with confidence and work swiftly. So, do not be dull around people just because you do not know them. Always be energetic and sharp around people. People will only notice you if you are energetic. So, make sure that you do some quick mental exercises before you go out. You can also have a power nap each day to increase your sharpness.
Day 6: Have a positive body language
Your body language affects all your dealings. It screams out that whether you have a positive attitude towards someone or negative. So, make sure that you always stand straight when talking to someone. Standing low or in an ease position will show other persons that you are not interested in talking to them. This will affects his thinking about you, so make sure to have a good body language whenever you are talking to someone.
Day 7: Be positive around people
When you are positive around people that will show them that you are happy and you are a jolly person to hang out with. A positive person is always liked by other people because a positive person gives a good message to the society and that is to be happy. You must always be positive around people and show them how good attitude you have towards life and other people.
Day 8: Be confident when talking
Confidence affects all types of relationship. When you are confident, you will feel relaxed around people and that will help you to get close to other persons. People like the person who is confident and can easily deal with the problems stated. So, be confident whenever you are around people.
Day 9: Don’t try to be someone you aren’t
Always be what you are. Do not try to be impersonating someone else. Always show your real side to the people. You will be liked and loved the way you are. So, do not be afraid to show your real side to other people.
Day 10: Make a solid first impression
Working on these tips, you will have a great increase in your fan following in just 10 days. So, try these tips each day to get maximum results out of the technique.

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