Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 10 Flirting Signs

Women in today’s times are similar to the Scarlet O’Hara’s like that of Gone with the Wind who have their own chasm and charm to attract all the Rhett Butlers out there. Well, we are here going to explore “if she is really flirting with you?”  Making you fall in love with you, making you go insane is a different way altogether. But if you still want to decide if she’s flirting with you, time you take a brush up of all the signs.  Ladies, Here is your technique to flirt and men, don’t get laid back, keep discovering!
10. Cheeseburger Principle
Number 10 is when she has her “Eyes on you” but keeps chit chatting with a friend of yours. Well this is none other than the Cheeseburger principle (you ought to have heard of this one).  This means that women will always make sure to flirt with some other man in order to entice you and make you eager to come to her. Some people do play this card without fail to get hold of the attention.
9. Never let a good thing Pass by
Number 9 follows the range when the lady will walk by perhaps making you realize she needs your attention (though she’ll make you work for it). She tries to make you notice her is an obvious sign, so do not make things oblivious.
8. The seduction of her Gloss
Number 8 is when a lady driver you insane with her seductive mouth expressions. She could use the straw of her glass in a seductive manner, leaving her lip mark on the wine glass or maybe on a tissue, JUST FOR YOU.
7. Secluding you out
Number 7 is when she takes you in a corner during those intimate parties, dinners or be it when you are with your friends. Means she wants to spend time all alone with you.
6. Mimics you mannerism
Number 6 is the most sincere form of flattering someone. Her infatuation towards you will be very much visible when she mimics on your style of walking, talking, drinking, talking etc.
5. Come Hither Mystery
This simple yet versatile weapon of women really works on men, especially when she has those beautiful long hairs. She’ll keep playing with her own hair in order to grab your attention.
4. The soft touch
She finds a reason to hold you, touch you in public, maybe at the bars, at the parties. Well this is the oldest of the Ball Dance tricks for all the ladies.
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3. The eye contact
Ladies can be the good hawks some times. Well if she keeps looking at you pretending she is busy taking a glimpse of someone else, just learn her eye contact to get you hold of her.
2. Respond when she gets personal with you
The woman tries to comfort you by grabbing all your attention and by taking a hold on to your personal space. She could comfort you with your past and she is without a doubt inviting you to give a response.
1. The triumph card
The lady will use her triumph card by using her flirting techniques taking it over to the mountain of dating

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