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Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health

In this advance world of technology and machines, mobile phone has become the important part of human life. The use of mobile phones has grown widely in no time. When I compare the world today and the world eight years ago, I clearly observe the sea of difference between the two worlds. With so many changes, the use of mobile phone is much striking. I recall how five to six people used to use one mobile phone in a house and they were comfortable enough with this congested use of phone, but today mobile phone has become the important part of human life. From kid to adult, from rich person to poor person, from doctor to rickshaw driver, everyone has got his personal mobile phone. Mobile is indeed a great and helpful source of communication but the over-use of mobile phone has secluded the person from the world. In the gathering of so people, someone is busy in texting to his/her friends; during dinner time, someone is busy in chatting with his mobile friends rather than spend time with his/family. Not only this but mobile has many adverse affects on health and psychology of person. Not only it prevents a person from concentrating on particular subject but also it is reason behind major diseases like cancer, brain tumor, high temperature, headaches, insomnia etc. the electromagnetic rays of mobile are dangerous for human body and have dangerous affects on the brain. These rays are not stronger than those of microwave or television but as small drops combine to make mighty ocean, consistent and persistent use of mobile phone can cause major and harmful problems. Some of the major affects of mobile on health are stated below which are highly neglected today.
10-Brain Cancer
brain cancer Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health
The radiations transmitted from mobile are combination of electrical and magnetic rays also called as electromagnetic radiations. The ionizing radiations of mobile phone are capable of changing the cells and tissues of brain which can then lead to the brain cancer. So the more the interaction with mobile phone, the more dangerous affects would be encountered hence more chances of brain cancer and other killing diseases.
9-Mobile radiations increase body temperature
Mobile radiations increase body temperature Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health
As I mentioned before, the electromagnetic radiations emitted from mobile phone are not more powerful than those of microwave but constant use of mobile can damage the brain cells and molecules. Studies have shown that even 4 minute call on mobile can heat up the ear which overall increases the body temperature. Mobile phones communicate with base stations using radio frequency (RF) radiation. If RF radiation is high enough, it has a ‘thermal’ effect, which means it raises body temperature. RF radiation from a mobile phone has the biological effect of raising the temperature in a localized area of the brain by a fraction of a degree. This biological effect does not automatically carry any health risks.
8-Road Accidents
road accident Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health
Mobile phone has become the major part of life. Whether it is a companion in boring time or alarm clock for reaching class on time, whether it is a reminder for friends’ birthday or it is a notebook for keeping notes, mobile phone is a small package a person cannot live without. This all-time interaction with mobile phone has somewhat made a person irresponsible and careless. Every time, we need to see our phones i-e we check our phone as we wake up, we check our phone during lecture, we check our phone during lunch time and even at the time of driving. This interaction with mobiles has rapidly increased the rate of accidents. Researchers have shown that most accidents have occurred due to the person checking his phone rather than checking his surroundings which put him in difficult condition. This is not the direct affect of mobile on health but somehow it is related.
7-Mouth Cancer
mouth cancer Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health
Mobile phone is active part in this busy life; for small work, we need phone. Call rate is so cheap that anyone and everyone make call to another person without any authentic reason. Recent studies have shown that people who use mobile phones for hours on daily basis develop mouth cancer than those who don’t use mobile phones at all. Mouth cancer damages the parotid gland, found near jaw and ear, exactly where user holds the phone. So it is safer if we use mobile phones for genuine purposes.
6- Loss of focus
loss of focus Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health
Studies have shown that about 5 billion people use personal mobile phones. These are the people belonging to different age group. The use of mobile phone has highly distracted the people from their objective especially kids and teenagers. The insufficient use of phone makes a child loose his focus and attention; in the result of which his study is highly affected. Moreover mobile has proven to be an extra burden; At the age where outdoor activities are essential for body and health, child is busy in messaging and playing games on machine. This whole mechanism makes child week mentally, physically and psychologically. So it is important to use mobile phones in an appropriate way because it affects the life and life style of person very thoroughly.
5-Brain tumor
brain tumor Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health

The underlying reason behind diseases like cancer, brain tumor is radiations emitted from mobile phones. The electromagnetic rays like alpha and gamma are emitted from mobile phone that damages the brain cells and tissues causing different brain problems like tumors and cancer. These radiations do not show their adverse affects at first but as time passed the side effects of these radiations become more prominent.
insomnia1 Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health
We are surrounded by wireless technology; technology which functions through the radiations and electrical and magnetic rays. These radiations have adverse affect on our body. The studies have shown that the chat on mobile before bed time can cause insomnia and prevents you from getting sound sleep. Mobile phone radiation of 884 MHz provokes insomnia, headaches and concentration, Hence the overall balance of body is disturbed and person gets mentally fatigued.
3-Drops combine to form ocean
Drops combine to form ocean Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health
It may seem that mobile phones cause negligible radiation in comparison to microwave ovens but use of mobile continuously causes damage to the body which appears dreadful after spending long time using mobile phone. A simple calculation will show you the opposite.
If you talk on the cellular phone just one hour a day the whole radiation is as follows:
If you use mobile phone for 1 hour a day, it makes 365 hours per year. 1 hour consumes 3 watts of radiations hence 1095 watts of radiation are supplied to your body over a year that make 10950 watt for 10 year!
10,000 watts radiation of cellular phone- ten times more powerful than microwaves ovens -is as if you would put your head in a microwaves oven. So mobile may not seem harmful at first but it has long term effects on brain body and health.
2- Mobile phone and laziness
mobile phone and laziness Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health
Active routine is important for a person to be healthy. Whether it is student or employee, everyone needs to be active and expert in his/her field. But mobile phone does the opposite. It makes person lazy and careless which in turn shows the bad image of person. It makes a person lazy in a way that it provides him/her with all the facilities at the hand. Direct communication is faded away; dialing a number has become common rather than meeting in person. Mobile phone has lowered the physical activeness and readiness of person which makes a person dull, prosaic and lazy.
1-less human interaction
less human interaction Top 10 Dangerous affects of Mobiles on Health
We are designed to meet, to communicate and to socialize with each other in order to solve the biggest mysteries of the world. This world is nothing but random dot in the whole universe and this world would not have made sense if all people would isolate from each other without any direct communication. This generation of mobile phone is turning human in to machines. People are less likely to meet with each other and new people because they think that mobile can do the same work in little time. But we have forgotten the fact that we need interaction and in-person communication in order to make world a peaceful place.

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