Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 Green Tea Benefits for Health

Green Tea, a Chinese invention became immensely popular in 20th century when awareness about it’s benefits spread, since then it’s consumption has been on the rise around the world. Green Tea’s major ingredient is Catechins which is a type of Antioxidant and is the main reason for the tea’s effect on health. Green tea is still majorly produced in China followed by Japan and Vietnam. Japanese one is considered as more beneficial for reasons because of higher antioxidant but we here would focus on natural (non artificial) version of green tea and list how it can benefit your mind and body.
P.S: If you are particular about taste we would suggest adding Honey as natural sweetenerLemon and ginger to make the tea taste better.
So here are the 10 Green Tea Benefits on Health List:


Heart is the most important organ in a human body and there are a lot of heart related risks that human’s face which in turn could be fatal. The good thing is that a lot of these risks can be diminished and importantly Green Tea alone can have a very significant affect in solving heart related problems. Researchers have found that regular consumption of green tea has helped in making arteries and blood vessels more flexible and thus it helps in increased widening of arteries preventing blood clot and thus minimizing  danger of heart attack. Also a lot of other benefits of Green Tea again have direct affect on heart thus preventing heart and body from a lot of direct or indirect diseases.


Green Tea has been accredited by many researchers of it’s natural anti cancer properties. Green tea as mentioned earlier contains catechin and main ingredient of catechin is EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) which works as an prooxidant and prevents cancer cell growth as they don’t need oxygen but rather rely on fermenting glucose from metabolism. Cancer cells growth is hampered by it’s prooxidant ability without doing any harm to healthy cells. Green Tea also helps in improving immunity of body which in turn helps in minimizing cancer related dangers. Green tea is not fermented as opposed to Black Tea which helps in keeping it’s natural flavonoids which helps in getting rid of toxins from body.

Weight Control and Obesity:

Who doesn’t want to look slimmer, more fit, have a better digestion and importantly more healthier?
Green Tea is definitely the right beverage for you if you are looking to loose extra weight and get in perfect shape naturally. Green Tea ingredient EGCG helps in better utilization of calories in your body and prevents fat accumulation. Green Tea also helps in metabolism and decreases blood sugar levels which directly help in tackling the problem of Weight Control and Obesity in human body. Also green tea can be one major reasons why People in Japan and China are more slimmer than people in America or other Western Countries. Although obviously Workout and keeping a check on what you eat is still going to be two major steps for you in order to keep your weight in check.


Green Tea’s natural ingredients makes your skin look fresher and younger, it protects you from harmful UV Rays and prevents inflammation. Green Tea is known to prevent sun damage on skin to a large extent and that is one primary reason why you can find it as an ingredient in the UV Protection creams you use.


Green Tea’s anti oxidant ingredients helps in improving body metabolism which helps in better breaking down of the food in the body, Green tea’s extracts increase fat oxidation in the body which makes digestion quicker (a similar process like exercise). There have been findings too that show that in Green Tea consumers  body insulin works better.

Blood Pressure:

Green Tea helps with ability to delay atherosclerosis, strengthen capillaries, thin the blood and make the arteries more flexible and wider which all combined have a significant effect in controlling blood pressure.


Green Tea is known to boost immunity system which helps in reducing the number of diseases or fighting any existing body problems. Green Tea’s natural ingredient catechin is said to be 25 to 100 times more beneficial than Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


Green Tea’s natural antioxidant capability helps in proper liver function and diminishes fat accumulation in Liver. Liver is a very important organ since it releases toxins inside the body that helps keeping our system clean hence keeping liver healthy is extremely important.


Green Tea’s ingredient EGCG has antivirul capabilities that prevents HIV Virus’s growth to some extent. It also boosts immunity system which helps the body fight HIV Virus naturally in more stronger way.

Anti Ageing and Longevity:

Green Tea ingredients is known to have anti ageing benefits on skin and boosts longevity by keeping your skin look healthy naturally. Also it protects and blocks Sun’s harmful UV Rays which can be quite detrimental for skin. Green tea also improves digestion an relieves mind from stress which is again important in keeping the skin healthier.
Some other Green Tea benefits are: Lowers Cholestrol Level, Cures Thirst, helps in Beriberi Disease, Prevents Allergies or diminishes it’s effect. is extremely important for Five vital organs of body, Good for Bones and Arthritis, and Green tea also helps in keeping the Hair healthy and beautiful.

How Much Green Tea a day?

This is an important question! Over consuming Green tea can lead to negative effects too so it is advised to have no more than 2-3 cups of green tea per day.
Advise: Buying Fresh Green tea is important as the packaged green tea has minimum effect as they have minimum to no anti oxidant capabilities.
Also note Green Tea contains caffeine and drinking green tea is excess can have serious effects on sleep. So take your precautions here.
If you know of any other Green tea benefits let us know below in comments.

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