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Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in the World

A house is one of the basic necessities that humans need. Normally a bedroom,living room and a kitchen complete a house. Next step is including a children room,guestroom, a mini backyard. But what does the richie rich do to flaunt their house? Anything can be included in a home when the pocket is full-swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, costliest antique pieces, special bars, long dining rooms, vineyards, lovely ballrooms, mini theater and lot more in numerous luxuries. Here come the words villa, estate, mansion into picture. What actually constitutes the price of a house is the price of the land, construction costs, materials used, architecture and many other components.  Here is the list of ten most expensive houses across the world and why they made into this list.
10. Rybolovlev Estate
 10th pic1 Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
This estate made to this list because of its $95 million price. Rybolovlev estate is one of the most big-ticket single family houses in the world owned by “Dmitry Rybolovlev”. Though its price was initially put up as 125 million dollars, because of bad economy and recession, its price tossed to 95 million dollars. This estate’s original name is Maison de L’Amitie .Rybolovlev estate is situated in Florida. This mansion actually faces the ocean at the front and hence there is a nice view of the ocean seen from the building. It is spread over 2.6 hectares of land though however the floor area over which the building is spread is around 3000 square metres. The speciality of this building is that it has a private beach which is 105 metres long. Hence if you buy this villa, you can own your own private beach too. Rybolovlev estate has 18 bedrooms altogether and numerous halls. There is also a special winter garden incorporated in the house. Apart from this main building there are two beautiful guest houses in the estate premises which are worth very high with special attractive facilities. Lucky guests eh!

9.Silicon Valley Mansion
silicon valley mansion Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
Silicon valley mansion is presently 100 million dollars worth!This is actually more of a resort-like mansion than a residence. It is presently owned by Yuri Milner. By the name itself, this is situated in the silicon valley in the bay area of  San Fransisco. Only the interior luxury accounts to a whopping 8200 sq.ft! This mansion is spread on 20 acres of land including 6.5 acres of park which is the major attraction of this estate . The superior oak trees here are best of its kind. There is a vast garden around this mansion exclusively for oak trees many of which are the oldest and the best quality. In addition to all these, this charming mansion also has breath-taking pools with vineyards, luxurious sauna, Ranch of horses for horse lovers, advanced kitchen rooms and family room with bar alongside, formal dining room and many more exquisite modern-classic amenities.

8.Fleur De lys mansion
fleur de lys mansion Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
This mansion is referred to as one of the most beautiful homes in whole America. Its exterior appearance is so appealing that makes it stand out. The Fleur De Lys mansion is situated in Beverly hills, CA. The worth of this building is about 125 million dollars as of now. The owner-Suzanne Saperstein-had this estate constructed by the year 2007.  It has 12 bedrooms altogether. Added to this, there are 15 bath rooms and also a guest house. With 5 gates around the building, the building is spread over 35000 square feet. But it is not this 35000+ square feet of this house that makes it different, it is the construction style which is completely of European with  limestone floors, marble walls and so much of embossed gold everywhere around inside the building. Apart from these, what stands out are the 50-seat theater, a lavishing ballroom and dual kitchens.

7.The Manor
7th pic Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
The manor estate took up 7th place in this list because of its 150 million dollar price tag.  Another interesting feature of this building is that it is the most costliest residential real estate in the United States of America. It is spread over 56000 square feet of land. Along with 123 rooms in the estate there are also a bowling alley, a screening room, an excellent tennis court, highly advanced gym and an ice rink also! This was constructed in the year 1988 by Aaron spelling, a television producer and a philanthrope. However Petra Ecclestone owns this estate presently. This is a 2 storeyed house with a height of 51.5 feet. This also has an  intermediate level between the attic and the second storey exclusively built for the closets.

6.The Pinnacle
6th pic Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
The Pinnacle’s worth in the present market is 155 million dollars. This is situated in Montana and is owned by Tim Blixseth. Tim Blixseth is a real estate developer, record producer and a songwriter. The Blixseths also own a ski resort which is located nearby. The most surprising feature of this building is that there is a direct private chair lift from the house to that ski resort. Astonishing, isnt it? Since the climatic conditions are very cold there, not only every floor and room is heated but also the driveway too. This house has 10 bedrooms, an inside and outside pool. Also a beautiful view of the pioneer mountain can be viewed from this house which is closeby!

5. The Franchuk Villa
5th pic Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
This made to the list as its price in the market is 161 million dollars. This villa is located in London and owned by Elena Franchuk, who is a business woman. This is a 10 bedroom Victorian villa and is a 5 storeyed estate. This is a free standing home. This building underwent many architectural and amenity upgrades from time to time worth 16 million dollars adding many features. It has a lavishing sauna, a gym, a panic room and an underground indoor swimming pool also. Apart from this there is also a private movie theater included in this villa . This is considered to be one of the most fancy buildings anyone can have.

4. The Hearst Mansion
the hearst mansion Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
This is an important historical landmark in The United States. Its worth is 165 million dollars and located in Central Coast of California. It was designed by Julia Morgan and completed by 1947 for William Randolph Hearst. This is open for public tours and has a collection of various arts and antiques. It has 56 bedrooms, 61 bath rooms and 19 sitting rooms. Also the garden is stretched on area of 127 acres. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a movie theater, an airfield, and a tennis court. This estate has the world’s largest private zoo also.

3.The Fairfield mansion
3rd pic Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
This is Ira Rennert’s home and is located in Sagaponack, New York. Since there is a pond nearby named Fairfield pond, he named his mansion after this. Its worth is 170 million dollars. This house actually faces Atlantic ocean. The fairfield mansion is spread on a land of 63 acres. The main house is 66,000 square feet and has 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms. The facade of this building represents Italian architecture and roof is of Mediterranean style. The formal dining room is as long as 91 foot. A bowling alley, basketball court, squash and tennis courts are also included. The price of a bathtub in this mansion is $150,00o.

2. Villa La Leopolda
2nd pic Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
The price of this villa is 736 million dollars. that is why it has taken the second place in this list. This was designed and constructed from 1929 til 1931. Yes it is that old. This was owned by King Leopold II of Belgium! Located in France, this is registered as a historical monument. The beautiful weather and scenory adds to the value of this villa. Villa la Leopolda is spread over 10 acres of land including the breathtaking gardens around! There is a team of 50 gardeners for this purpose solely. This is 27 storeyed building and has 19 bedrooms.

1. The Antilia
1st pic Top 10 Costliest Homes in World
So, what makes The Antilla most expensive house in the world is its price tag of  1 billion dollars. Though it is spread over 400,000 square feet, it has got impeccable features added with luxury.  The number of floors is 27 and there are 9 lifts. Mukesh Ambani had this built by 12th January 2013. Because of extra high ceilings there are only 27 floors, else there would have been 60. Extra added feature is that it is earth-quake resistant. A staff of 600 people maintains this residence in all aspects working fulltime. This house is referred to as first billion dollar home! There is a helipad at the top of the house. Every floor is different from other floor in style, materials used  and design. No two floors are similar. There is a ballroom, lcds everywhere, showcases for pieces of art, indoor-outdoor bars, green rooms, and what not. The shape of this building is actually based on vaastu.

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