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10 Reasons why Travelling is Important for Self Growth

aint Augustine has very rightly said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Meaning if you don’t travel you will end up having an extremely narrow vision and in fact incomplete knowledge of what the whole world is like. In the world of globalization and liberalization it is of prime importance to travel across places and enhance your experience in order to reach the stage of self-actualization. Travelling expands your vistas of thinking, gives you a broader perspective of the world and helps in developing your inner self. Travelling will give you hands on experience about handling various situations, understanding cultures, values etc. which would indirectly incorporate various skills in you that would nourish you amorously throughout your life. One of the greatest advantages of traveling is that it triggers self-growth. Remember, be it sales growth, profit growth or asset growth, nothing is possible without self-growth.  Here are top 10 reasons why travelling is important for self-growth.
10) Traveling helps you explore
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The moment you decide to crawl out of your comforts and step out into the outside world, you are giving yourself a chance to re-discover yourself and get a better view of your inner-self. When you travel, you are not only exploring a new place, its culture, its diversity, their way of living, thinking etc. but also giving chance to explore yourself. When you are exposed various aspects of life that are different from what you have always thought them to be, it compels you to question the very basic definition of things that you would have otherwise not bothered to look into. You start interrogating yourself and try to comprehend how the same thing can have multiple perspectives in different cultures. It completely changes your thought line and shakes the roots of inner self.
9) Gives you an opportunity to self-introspect
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Self-growth can take place only when you give enough time to yourself. Self-introspection is the stepping stone to self-growth.  When you break the walls of monotony in your life and decide to take your life a step forward by choosing to travel rather than sticking to your formal daily routine, you are indeed giving yourself an opportunity to spend some time with yourself. The basic idea of deciding to travel just for the sake of quenching your curiosity about knowing other places and people in itself means that you are acknowledging your inner soul’s needs. It is very obvious that you would spend a lot of time with yourself while travelling because you have allotted this time for yourself. This would definitely give a strong push to the process of self-growth.
8) Helps you discard false beliefs and create new ones
Helps you discard false beliefs and create new ones 300x200 10 Reasons why Travelling is Important for Self Growth
Beliefs are something that we believe to be true and are strongly rooted in us. It is often difficult to detach a person from what he believes. But in order to catalyze and encourage self-growth within you, it is important to keep an open mind to beliefs exiting in other cultures and atmospheres. This would question your certain beliefs that you might be holding for long and suddenly discover them to be irrelevant. You might also end up learning something good from the beliefs that other people in a different place hold for the same thing. It will also give you an insight into your own soul and the psyche of other people.
7) Offers great informative value
Offers great informative value 300x182 10 Reasons why Travelling is Important for Self Growth
Reading about different places, people, their language, culture, social behaviour and economy in books and actually experiencing the same on your own are two different things all together. And of course the latter one serves you much better anytime. The more knowledge you gain, the more enlightened you are about the world and the people around you, which means you have a better understanding of the world. Travelling equips you with the right information and knowledge which in long run serves you positively, in evaluating your own growth and also in analysing other things around you. There are fair chances that the way you look at things would be more sensible than people who haven’t travelled enough.
6) Gives you clarity
Gives you clarity 226x300 10 Reasons why Travelling is Important for Self Growth
If too many thoughts and ideas have clustered around in your head for quite some time now and not allowing you to think properly, then it’s high time that you take a break from your regular life and without a second thought start traveling towards your desired destination. Travel to a calm, peaceful and pleasant place which would give peace of mind and some space to sort out things in your head. A clear, calm and healthy mind often leads you to the path of self-development.
5) Gives you peace of mind
Peace of mind 10 Reasons why Travelling is Important for Self Growth
The moment you decide to break the walls of captivity and let your soul go free and wander in the journey of new surroundings, new people and new ideas, you are giving your inner self a golden opportunity to explore the hidden part of yourself and develop it towards a positive way. Change in place and time helps you relax your mind and give time to yourself. And the first step towards self-growth is indeed the need to give time to yourself that we generally fail to do in our routine busy life.
4) Positive reinforcement
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Just like bread and butter go together always, travelling and positive reinforcement go together always. That is why if you are bored with yourself, your life or frustrated with your daily hectic schedule, there is an urgent need for you to pull up your socks, become proactive and consciously plan an incredible travel. Travel is a source of natural thrill which will give you those sweet adrenaline rushes in your body and will overall pump up your life. Sp just travel and get rid of all those negative vibes!
3)   A source of healing energy
A source of healing energy 300x79 10 Reasons why Travelling is Important for Self Growth
You would often see psychologists and doctors asking people suffering from depression and post-traumatic stress to go to some new place and travel. This undoubtedly proves the therapeutic effects traveling can have on us. The best part about travelling is that though it is therapeutic I nature, unlike antibiotics it doesn’t have any side effects except for the fact that it will leave you feeling fresher, healthier and happier. So even if you’re not suffering from any disorder but just need to calm down your inner-self, start travelling. It would for sure help you heal and prosper.
2) Improves your health
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Travelling not only helps you grow spiritually and mentally but also takes very good care of your physical health. And it is important to note that self-growth can take place only when you have both, a healthy body and soul. When you travel to a different place, you obviously expose your body to a different climate, food, water and also exert yourself while running around and travelling. This increases your stamina and makes your body tough. Travelling also lets you enjoy and practice various adventurous sports and activities like rappling, sky diving, trekking etc. Thus, your body resistance increases and it enhances your ability to deal with harsh conditions and you would find yourself enjoying even with meagre facilities.
1)      Helps you realize where you stand
Helps you realize where you stand 240x300 10 Reasons why Travelling is Important for Self Growth
It is impossible to find out and measure your actual position and progress until you get a chance to compare it to others. We can judge what we are and where we need to go only when we can get an idea of what others are doing. And it is impossible to find this out without venturing out into the outside world. So for once, come out of your comforts, go out, travel and give yourself a chance to see what is happening in the other world, so as to realize how lucky you are to live a life that you are already leading. It is only when you look at what is happening on the other side, is when you understand the importance of small things that you own, you learn to appreciate things around you more often and all this ultimately will make your soul happier and jolly. Thus, fastening your processing of climbing the ladder of self-growth.

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