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Top 10 Alternative Medicine Treatments

Even though modern medicine has been advanced and hyped through developments in research and study on various treatments and remedies, there are still people that are apprehensive with such current innovations and trends. Although there are many individuals and families that approve the use of equipment for treating and diagnosing various diseases, there are still many who are apprehensive when it comes to following medical prescriptions and taking in medicine, as more and more complications arise when one illness is being cured. Because of this fear, people are actually resorting to these top 10 alternative medicine treatments that promise remedies in treating their condition and curing them of their ailments without depending on too much chemicals being consumed in their system.

10. Homeopathy
homeopathy2 Top 10 Alternative Medicine Treatments
According to Samuel Hahnemann back in 1796, you can be cured with the very substances that make you sick in the first place. This is the doctrine he used when he instituted Homeopathy in those days, which is still being implemented even today. What happens is that as your body is checked and analyzed, understanding what your sickness is, you are given pills in order to promote chemical balance into your body in getting rid of diseases that you feel. However, they prescribe you small amounts in order to make sure that your body adapts with whatever is being consumed. It is oftentimes used to cure stomach pains, allergies, and even asthma.

9. Ayurveda
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Ayurveda originated in India as a form of traditional medicine where the use of herbs, meditation, breathing, and diets in achieving a state of peace and balance, pretty much like Yoga, except that the methods used are different. The principle of Ayurveda centers on the sustenance of positive energy in the body, known as prana, which dictates the health state of a person. Meaning, if one has an unhealthy prana, then diseases easily creep into the system. It is used in different forms such as treating illnesses in the body, curing children, removal of substances that entered in the body, poison remedy, and more.

8. Hypnosis
10072 Top 10 Alternative Medicine Treatments
Even without much introduction, many people know of hypnosis as putting a person into a state of sleep and telling them certain commands that they would follow at will, surpassing choice and decision-making. Though it has flocked negative reactions from people, especially when it is being abused, hypnosis being used in treating people of various ailments have been proven helpful, aiding various physical and psychological challenges. When being utilized by medical professionals, hypnotherapy can help a person quit smoking, break addictive habits, manage weight, overcome fears, tolerate pain, perform well in sports, and so on, by providing instructions, suggestions, and directions that are to be given while the individual is in the sleep state. Since it taps the mind, it is advised that open-minded people should consider this mode of treatment.

7. Guided Imagery
 Top 10 Alternative Medicine Treatments
Guided imagery does not really use images in order to help people become healthy and well, but professionals using this alternative method of medicine are using words and descriptive language in order to guide patients in imaging different thoughts in their mind. Such practices actually help people in facing various personal problems, treating certain diseases, and could go as effective as treating certain cancers. The one who listens create an image in their mind, seeing that cure of their ailments are achieved through positivity and optimism, and following powerful directions in attaining better health.

6. Chiropractic
 Top 10 Alternative Medicine Treatments
Although this term may not sound familiar to you, Chiropractics is a form of alternative medicine that focuses in aligning and fixing bone joints such as the spinal column, the shoulders, and even the jaw in assuring overall health to its patients. This method of medicine is actually famous in countries in the United States, in Europe, and in Australia. Majority of those who resort in this activity are those that suffer from lower back pain. However, other ailments that can be treated include neck pain, whiplash, headaches, hypertension, vision problems, and more.

5. Yoga
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Thanks to Hindu monk Swami Vivekananda who has brought Yoga into the western world in the late 19th century, people these days are enjoying the peace and harmony they find as they engage themselves in finding physical, mental, and spiritual balance as they control their breathing and as they stretch their arms, legs, and back to health and wellness. It has served well in Indian culture in attaining a state of spirituality being close to the gods, and people in these modern days use Yoga in tapping their inner selves. Reducing stress, improving blood circulation, working out for a healthy heart, and relaxing the back are some of the most popular benefits of undergoing this eastern form of workout.

4. Massage
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Famous to be one of the most talked about wellness activities everywhere in the world, a body massage is indeed healthy to those people who would like to rest and relax their tired bodies from everyday stressful activities and pursuits. It is so well-known that the Indians, Indonesians, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, and even the medical community have come up with customized massage styles depending on tools being used, areas to apply pressure on, methods of pressure application, territory where the massage is done, and so on. This has also been considered an alternative form of medicine as it can alleviate pain, increase blood circulation, promote proper digestion, and hasten muscle recovery.

3. Meditation
 Top 10 Alternative Medicine Treatments
As a free and personal form of alternative medicine, meditation is often done by people in order to relieve themselves of stress, problems at work, and improve their lives through retrospection, and soul-searching, while controlling their breathing to promote better lung health and a healthier mind. It is also the most accessible as it can be done anywhere, as long as the surrounding is suitable and peaceful. There are also reliable health sources stating that meditation can resolve ADHD, high blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, and other mind-related problems.

2. Acupuncture
v po acupuncture 500x279 Top 10 Alternative Medicine Treatments
Aside from being the most effective alternative medicine treatment in the world, acupuncture is also recognized to be one of the most ancient practices applied in modern times. Acupuncture is done through the use of very thin needles, and having them placed in one of the 400 points in the body that channels Chi, or human energy, in the body. Whenever an individual feels something, it is understood that such points are being blocked by negative energy, which is then addressed through pushing the needles in through the skin at the right place, letting the distributed energy flow for remedying the particular ailment. The World Health Organization is aware of this practice and supports the administration of it, as done by experts and professionals.

1. Herbal Medicine
graces Top 10 Alternative Medicine Treatments
Herbal medicine simply involves the use of medicinal herbs, plants, even roots in addressing health concerns of patients. Even if pharmaceutical companies would not make the confession, almost all nutrients found in multivitamins, supplements, and other consumables have been extracted from plants of different sorts, where they even use fruits and other natural sources to produce nutrients that are needed by the body. Fish oil, vegetables, flowers, seeds, and even root crops or fruits have their share of addressing various ailments, depending on how these are being processed for healing and remedy. It is not only widely accepted in the United States, but in many places all over the world.

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