Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 10 Websites of All-Time

Although there are most used websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but they are pretty obvious and everyone knows about them. Here is a list of websites which has something unique in them. Have a good time going through these websites.
10. Last. Fm: This websites is best for radio. You can get all kinds of music just by searching the artist’s name and stream it directly to your computer as long as you are online. Well whose doesn’t like good music, especially when you get it free?
9. Well unique in its nature, as its name suggest, Yes!! It is for real! Jodi online is one of the weirdest pages around on web. The whole concept behind this website and the name does sound scary.
images9 Top 10 Websites of All Time
8. Making Money Online: Okay this sounds like a marketing scheme but it is not. The guy is a successful blogger and writes about how he makes modest money. If you want some tips in making modest money, this may be the site for you.
7. BugMeNot: This is a really amazing website which provides free usernames and password to users where registration is needed on different websites. It aims at accessing registration walls where registration is made compulsory. The increase in number of registration requirement made it necessary to have such a website.
6. This is more like YouTube where you can watch movies and video clips. You can always zoom into full screen; they have no limit on movies. Plus they have Veoh TV which can be downloaded through a use of a good application.
5. Real Clear Politics: Are you are Politics person? This could be your thing. This website collects news from different blogs and websites and from other internet sources. The website also conducts a poll on weekly bases and averages the candidates on the number of votes given.
images 11 Top 10 Websites of All Time
4. Craigslist: This website is based on advertisement with a portion devoted to jobs, items wanted, services, discussion forums and what not. It has every kind of service you want. Go out and check it for yourself, may be you find something interesting and reliable.
3. If you want your data to get stored on internet and in a very secure manner, then Mozy provides you the service. You can store your data up to 2 GB on this site, which will back up the data on its server. You can even update the data on the website.
2. Podlinez: This website is for the people who love podcast. You can get your podcast deliver to your cell phone right away. Check out the website for yourself.
1. Woot: No doubt this website provides amazing service. It has a great number of deals and has only one item to sell per day. It is internet based retailer  It offers discounted products per day, usually some electronic gadget. Other daily deals on Woot for t-shirts, children items, household goods, and other sites that offer various items as well.

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