Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 10 Ways to Make a Girl Smile

Do you want to know what the fastest way to a woman’s heart is? It is to make her smile. If you are really working on a relationship, or finding it hard to carry on, you may consider these tips to re-kindle the flame in your relationship. Take a look at the list.
10. Send her Flowers: Without any specific occasion bring her or send her flowers. You can send them to her where she works at her office or at home. Or look out where she is heading today and send her the place she is visiting.
images8 Top 10 Ways to Make a Girl Smile
9. Call through the window: After an amazing date or a good conversation on the phone, go up to her window and call her out. If she inquires what you are doing, tell her you miss her. Nothing makes her happy than you missing her.
8. Play with Her: Show that you are not ashamed of her in public and play around with her. Show your love in public but remember to keep it light. Give her a hug or hold her hand or dance around.
7. Defend her:  When you are out in public, always stand by her and make sure you are by her side. You can always come home and get her to acknowledge that she wasn’t right but don’t do it in public. Girls like to be protected all the time.
6. Write Poetry: Although a clich├ęd term but it always work. No matter how bad poet you are. Write something about her and leave it where she works or post it. Or you can stick it to the fridge in the morning. Take her by surprise.
5. Go for things she likes: Another easy way to make a girl smile is doing what she likes once a while. Offer to spend your weekend with her or shop with her or share the evening tea with her. You will realize he smile you get is worth working for.
4. Cook Her Meal: Cook a meal or prepare a breakfast and get her by surprise. It will reduce the load of her evening cooking; however knowing that you care will make her smile. Women like to be fed.

3. Be Good with her Friends: No matter how insane her friends are, be nice to them. Don’t judge them in front of her. When they are on a visit, show that you are good husband or a boyfriend. Care for him in front on them, it will surely make her smile.
2. Little Things Matter to Her: You don’t have to organize fancy dinners at expensive restaurant all the time. Your little acts can show how much you care.
1. Stare at Her: Let her know she still is a source of attraction for you.

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