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Top 10 Trees You have Never Seen

Top 10 Smallest Trees do you ever seen
What Are Trees And Its Benefits?
A tree is a woody plant. Trees are the beautiful gift of the God Almighty. They provide shelter to the living beings. Not only shelter they provides a home for the different creature of the God such as birds and monkeys. They give birth to rains and stop the water of flood. They also provide oxygen and carbon dioxide and purity the atmosphere. Tress is of many kinds, some are tall, some are wide, and some are small. Here we will discuss the smallest trees you have never seen before. The trees are as follows.

1. Dwarf Willow or Salix herbacea

Dwarf Willow or Salix herbacea
As well as the smallest trees are, Dwarf Willow or Salix herbacea is known to be smallest trees of the world. It belongs to a willow family. Its height is 1 to 6 cm that reaches at 3 inches in diameter. It has a shiny green leaves. The leaves are 1 to 2 cm long and broad. In the Northern Hemisphere they are grown. This type of tree includes both male and females. The male tree catkins are yellow in color. The female catkins are red in color.

2. Crabapple

This is a beautiful and colorful tree. It belongs to Melus selections. Its length is 6 to 30 feet tall and wide depending on its variety. Its zones if 3 to 8. It leaves are dark green. It bears flowers in the shade of white, pink and red colors. Most probably it is grown in urban areas. It is a very delicious tree which bears white buds that blossom in this spring. As well as the habits are so it has weeping, rounded and columnar habits. The majority of trees produce fruits. Well, it produces orange, gold and red apples. Not only has this it also born burgundy fruits. It is one of those plants which can be grown in all types’ soil.

3. Bonsai

Bon means tray or low sided pot and sai is plating. It is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in the containers. The smallest bonsai is the smallest tree that can be grown in the small pots and trays. Its height is 6inch to the largest 6 feet. It is the best indoor plant. It bears small tiny flowers of pink color. Bonsai tree is used for medicines and it also be used in the foods. The tree is too small to handle so it requires a lot of cares and attentions.

4. Eriobotrya japonica, Loquat

Eriobotrya japonica, Loquat
Eriobotyrya japonica is ever green small plant. It reaches to the height of around 4m. Its height is around 600 cm and its spread at the area of 600 cm. it grows in sunny spot or sheltered areas. For best result it is well grown in the part shade or full sun. It bears while a fragrant flower which later turn in to yellow loquats which is not only looks beautiful but very delicious. It is true a seed cannot be plant throughout the year so its best time for planting seeds if March to May and flowering period if November to March.

5. Cercis chinensis ’Avondale’, Chinese redbud

Cercis chinensis 'Avondale', Chinese redbud
The Chinese Redbud can be grown as a small tree or a big scrub. It reaches at the height of 3.5m. It can be grown in a pot as well. Like other flowery trees it also bears pink purple flowers. The leaf shape is round in shape and grows up to 6 to 14 cm. The flowers appear on bare stem. It bears flowers in the late spring. Its leaves are glossy and heart shaped. It is grown in full sun or can be grown in part shade.

6. Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle
Lagegerstroemia or commonly known s crape myrtle. Crape Myrtle is also a small tree which reaches a height of 6 to 25 feet tall. It zone is 7 to 9. There are 50 species of Crape myrtle. It is an ever green tree or shrub. It spread widely according to the shape and depending on the variety. It bears beautiful flowers in the shades of pink red, lavender, or white. The flowers appear in the summer season or in the autumn season. Different kind of Crape Myrtle shows off orange or yellow flowers in the autumn season.

7. Arborvitae – Nigra

Arborvitae – Nigra
The Nigran Arborvitae is hard small tree. It is the winter plant and remains green through out the winter. Its leave are oval which are darker green on the top side and beneath it is lighter that the top. The female tree bear small cones and this plant have a good resistance against any kind of disease. This plant is very hard, very dense and very green as well. It is also a land spacing tree. It makes a round hedge which looks beautiful around your homes.

8. Acer palmatum ’Dissectum Seiryu’

Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Seiryu'
It belongs to Aceraceae. A palmatum Dissectum Seiryu is a small and attractive tree. It height is 3 to 5 meters and it broad up to 3 to 5 meters too. Its growth is not too fast instead slow. Its old leaves are of dark green and new ones are lighter green as compare to older ones. The leaves remain green throughout the year but in autumn season they become yellowish gold. It bears flowers of red color which bloom in themed of spring and it produces red samaras which appears from early autumn. With the passage to time it become grey which tells its old age, indeed.

9. Acer griseum AGM

Acer griseum AGM
Acer griseum AGM is commonly called paperbark maple. This tree is best for small areas. Its height is 6 to7 meters and 20 to 23 feet. It depends up on the category of the species. It is an ever green plant. It bears flowers in the autumn season which later turn into delicious fruits. Both male and female plants have their own advantages. It is also called a columnar tree. People can grow in the pot too. At the old age it may become fissured, indeed.

10. Medlar ‘Nottingham’

Medlar 'Nottingham'
Medlar is also called hardy tree.  Its height is 4 meters and it wide up to 13 meters which is best size for the small garden or back yard. It bears white flowers in the spring season. Its leaves are like leather and turn into golden yellow in the autumn season. It produces fruits like apple shape which are used for eaten, wine, cheese and port. The estimated for cropping is two years when planted and best time for yields is four years. It takes three to four to produce the delicious fruits.

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