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10 Steps to Become Nerd and Love Book

10 Steps For Being A Book

What Is A Book?

A book is defined as a precious treasure hidden in a cover that stays by a man in the time of need, indeed. Different people take book at different places. For some it is a syllabus of a school or university, for some it is a just a time pass, for some it for hobby and for some it is an interest. They read books and collect quotations and sayings or proverbs and for some it is a perfect way to evoke knowledge. It does not matter why people take it at different places the matter is fact is that the books are ever time beneficial.

A Brief History Of Books

History declared that the need of conveyed man’s thoughts into words is as long as the creation. A man uses different stuffs for writing in different eras of humanity. As we look back into the past at the Stone Age millions and billion decades before roughly about 25000BC.

Craved Symbols And Drawings

A man’s did each and every thing to leave it as a history for the coming generations. As a man’s first invention was hunting clubs which he later used as a writing instrument. At first he craved pictures, drawings, planting of crops or hunting victories, even he craved different symbols to depict his daily life routine. With the passage of time the recent research and record papers proved that these drawings and symbols are not meaningless but represents words and sentences.

Clay Token With Pictographs

As a man never leave his habit to keep his records and documents with himself. So, it was not possible for him to carry the cave wall with him everywhere. He began to invent different several subtitles to fulfill his desire for keeping records and history. In 500BC, the early merchants used clay tokens with pictographs to record the quantities of materials.

Beginning Of Alphabets

With the passage of time pictographs slowly lost their picture detail and became alphabet in 1700BC. Then different kinds of alphabets were introduced in different eras. Hebrews and Armani alphabets originated in 600BC. Greek alphabets were written from left to right in 400BC and then appeared litter and then lower letters.

Invention OF Ink

A man utilizes different stuffs for writing and stores it as a history for ever. A cave man caved on the wall with a sharpen tools. The earliest way of writing that approached the pen and the paper we know today was developed and introduced by the Greeks. The Grecian scholar was the first man who introduces the writing on stuff and sent it from one person to another. The Chinese philosopher Tien Lchew 2697 BC invented and introduced the Indian ink, the ink that was made from a mixture of soot from pine smoke. The lamp oil was mixed with the gelatin of donkey skin and must.

Invention OF Paper

The invention of inks gives birth to invention of paper. The papyrus and parchment papers were used by Egyptians, Romans, Hebrews, and Greeks. In 2000BC the Egyptians “Press Papyrus” is one of the oldest stuff for writing on. In 105 AD the first wood fiber paper was introduced in China.

Invention OF Pen

Thousands and thousands of year ago the people used quill pen for writing. They took quill of live birds to use as a pen. Not only a week ago the writers think that this technique was not prove to be fruitful and need some replacement. The Old Romans created the reed pen which was perfect for parchment and ink as well. They created the pen with the help of tabular stem of marsh grasses. They formed pen with the help of bamboo, they convert bamboo into the form of pen nib or point. In 400 AD a stable form of pen was invented. In the late 14th century the paper mills were built.

Other sources to evoke knowledge

The relation of pen and paper is very long. With the invention of technical inventions like Tele Vision has less the interest of reading books and with the invention of computer lessen the diversion of people’s interest in the books. The book fairs and libraries are not populated as ever belong. The people take information and knowledge from other resources such as Tele Vision and computer especially internet but what is the comparison of books.

Due Respect OF Book

It is famous proverb that a book is man’s best friend. Not other resources take place of a book. As words stays for a long time. A man depicts his ideas in the form of words a computer cannot. The people who know the importance of books never leave the libraries and book fairs unpopulated, indeed

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