Saturday, March 23, 2013

Top 10 Sport Titles of 2013

If you’re looking for a game with the ultimate competitive element, then the best place to start is the sports genre. Simply grab a few bottles of booze, gather around a console or a LAN network and see who comes out on top.
Here is a list of the top ten sports titles for 2013. To make things easier, most of these titles are available as PC games for download, giving you instant access.
10. WWE 13
This has everything that has made the series such a success, with usual added extras. Brutalize your opponents by slamming them through tables, barriers and catching them with finishers mid-air. Manage your own shows with the newly improved “Universe” mode. No wrestling game has been this close to the real thing.
9. Football Manager 13
You’ll be hard pressed to find a guy that didn’t go through a dangerous Football Manager addiction as a student. Manage your team, enact transfers and overcome all new challenges as you strive to take your team to victory in the latest installment of the much-loved series.
8. FIFA Manage
As the new challenger to the Football Manager series, the general idea is the same with a few differences here and there. It might act as an attractive alternative for fans of the FIFA video game series.
Fifa Top 10 Sport Titles of 2013
7. FIFA 2013
FIFA has long been the king of football simulation games and this is the latest installment  The most in-depth and largest game-changing features in the history of the franchise make this the most realistic game in the series so far. Watch out for the improved AI.
6. Pro-Evolution Soccer 2013
As main challenger to the FIFA series, Pro-Evo doesn’t seem to be doing too badly these days, being recently awarded the “Best Sports Title of E3 2012”. Still it has a long way to go if it wants to catch up with FIFA sales-wise.
5. Virtua Tennis 4
Although it is showing its age a little, it is the most up-to-date tennis title out there. Decent texturing makes the courts look fantastic.
4. F1 2012
For all you F1 fanatics, look for the latest in the BAFTA award-winning franchise that recreates the race track. Try the new circuits and experience the ever more realistic weather system technology as storm fronts move in to make the track increasingly treacherous. Give it a go with a steering wheel.
F1 2012 300x200 Top 10 Sport Titles of 2013
3. WRC 3
For those of you who prefer a rally car to F1, check out World Rally Championship 3. Amazing graphics and outstanding mechanics make this one of the most realistic racing games on the market. Like all racing games, it’s best tackled with a steering wheel.
2. London 2012
What makes this game so enjoyable is the scope, giving you multiple sporting events in one game. Participate in over 10 different sports and 32 disciplines as you try to win the gold as one of 36 nations. Relive London’s epic Olympic games with Sega’s offering.
1. NBA 2K 13
Published by the much lauded (and now proud owners of the WWE series) 2K Sports, this game offers amazing animations and graphics – so much so that playing NBA 2K 13 feels almost like watching the real thing on TV. Every single NBA team is represented, so you won’t be left wanting.

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