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10 Exceptional Handwritten Logo Designs

10 Exceptional Handwritten Logo Designs
Logo designing is a fabulous art that can contribute to a brand’s success. These logo designs are meant to flourish the perception and most importantly, to build a unique recognition of the brand among its consumers. This post is indented to talk about some of the history’s most successful logo designs, that created epic in the logo designing arena. Such as the Mingle Logo, who made his brand to enhance the passion of cigar fashion by promoting every box of the product with Zino’s signature. Another example is of Ford, the designer Childe Harold Wills crafted the very glamorous Ford logo, which has been sustained till now. The Franguini logo design is yet another case in the history of handwritten logo designs.
The Cartier logo cannot be forgotten in the list of handwritten logo designs. It is among the  most impressive logo designs ever. The Paul Smith logo perfectly implemented with the designer’s signature who made the logo design. The Olive logo design, Disney logo design are among other most popular handwritten icons ever to promote their businesses.  The brilliant Rebranding Pentax logo has gained the most identifiable brand marks using the classic type of owner’s signature, which is also meant to uphold the integrity. The monetarily branded Boots The Chemists has got a prominent status in the list. With the franchises all across the UK, the brand achieved traditional importance from the people. Talking about the Stussy logo design, which is a street wear outlet formed in USA by the designer Shawn Stussy. It has been creating enormous markets in the entire country.
Therefore, the personal thoughts and perceptions plays a substantial role in promoting any brand image. To be able to work with creative instincts in order to build and customize the brand awareness among the consumers at the desired level, is the sole purpose of logo designing. It is a question for all those who have been studying about these historic emblems, what are their perceptions and thoughts about this art.

1. Franguini


2. Rebranding Pentax

Rebranding Pentax

3. Al-Huda Youth

Al-Huda Youth

4. Pixelo By Gert Van Duinen

Pixelo By Gert Van Duinen

5. Bēhance’s logo in different hand-lettered forms

Bēhance's logo in different hand-lettered forms



7. We will Always have Paris

We will Always have Paris

8. Burglars


9. Hand drawn 79TH logo

Hand drawn 79TH logo

10. Mingle Logo

Mingle Logo

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