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Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World

Television and every other mode of entertainment can ensure a day filled with enthusiasm and fervor but they aren’t exactly the best of friends when it comes to seeking a day wrapped with relaxation and a calm, quiet atmosphere. At times having fun isn’t the answer a person is looking for, it’s not using but actually relaxing the muscles that seems to be the cause of search. What better to end one’s quest for relaxation than a day or more at a hot spring spa, intact with nature leaving the world with its never ending schemes and frustrations far behind. Whether a person seeks relief from tensions that arouse their world or from a mere headache and in fact any other aching part of their body, a hot bath in nature is the best option. For the mind, body and soul alike, for decades and centuries people are known to go the distance to merely experience the benefits that thermal spots and spas all around the world have to offer some known to have healing powers, a demonstration of nature’s miracle. The ten most popular and best natural springs from which many spas have emerged as well as bathing pools are:
10. Bains de dorres (France):
bains de dorres france 300x225 Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
Even though France is mostly popular for arousing love unto any tourist that comes to visit, it is not just home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World but beholds the what is perhaps the greatest thermal spa or hot spa of the world. In contradiction to the comparatively hygiene conscious lifestyle of the French the Bains de dorres is one place that nurses nature. It is located close to Font-Romeu and there are in total six hot springs which emerge from Saint Tomas. The waters are sulphurous and the temperature persists at 36 degree Celsius in summer and 38 in winter. These warm, pleasant baths are ever present since Roman times and remain till this date offering visitors an opportunity to rejuvenate their mind and refresh their souls, washing away all worldly obligations and worries. For anyone who is in the pursuit of a day of relaxation in warm waters, the pools are open daily from 8:45 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. from January to October.
9.Wiesbaden, Germany:
teaser Thermalbad in Wiesbaden 300x200 Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
As compared to other destinations, Germany’s hot water springs are famous for the healing powers they behold which provide a combination of spiritual as well as physical healing. Wiesbaden inaugurated its first orthopedic recuperation facility in 1836 and is now famous for its 26 hot water springs which offer tourists the unique dual facility of relaxation along with clinical facilities which do not demand the presence of a doctor or tasteless medicines but it does require a day or two in the wonderful spas with their reported healing abilities. Apart from the fresh waters the spa has been decorated to provide the feel of luxury and relief. It has been decorated in an artistic manner with ceramics of the best kind and frescos. The décor resembles that of Roman and Irish interior. The bathing area is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and on Sunday; from 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday; and from 8:00 a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday. The summer season runs from May 1 to August 31 and the winter season lasts from September 1 to April 30.
8. Waikite Valley Thermal Pools, New Zealand:
newz 300x229 Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
Purity is ever so unique in the 21st century but it does exist within the hot springs of New Zealand located at the Te Manaroa Springs. The unique experience of cent percent pure, hot water along with a breath of fresh air that surrounds the location is what makes this place stand out. The title “Living Waters” is well suited to the Manaroa springs since the waters breathe a new life to anyone who wishes to relax and take a break from a busy routine and pre-occupations bombarding each day. The Waikite Valley is an easy access to the pure, warm waters of New Zealand since the spring submerges into the three main pools namely the splash pool, the soak pool and luxurious tranquil pool. So whether a person is in love with nature or not he/ she is bound to fall in love with the pleasant luxuries these springs have to offer.
7. Theme Vals, Switzerland:
vals 300x196 Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
True that this particular hotel in Switzerland has none other than the best hot spring spa in the country which is mentioned every time an ideal place for peace of mind is being seeked. However, what is even more splendid about these hot water springs is their eye catching interior made of stone and wood which is a cherry on top to the already beautiful waters. Peter Sumthor, an award winning architect deserves the credit to make this place what it is today since he is responsible for the unique architecture of the spa. The spa looks as if it is not part of this modern hotel but rather an ancient piece of art which was ever present. To wrap it all up, last but definitely not the least of all the blessings offered here is the musical number prepared especially by Swiss music composer Fritz Hauser for the purpose of relaxation.
6. Myattn Nature Baths, Iceland:
Myvatn nature baths 300x200 Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
Adding to the radiant beauty of Iceland itself are the nature baths or hot springs at Myattn inaugurated recently in 2004. Summers and winters alike the hot springs here are a perfect catch for all seasons. Whether it is the scenic beauty of northeastern Iceland or the warm temperature and soothing ability of the springs, this place is perfect to serve both purposes. There is little use of artificial means to please tourists and the place is more of a nature biased location since the purpose of hot springs is basically to offer some contact with nature in warm waters. 65 miles south of the Arctic Circle, Lake Myvatn was formed by the forces of nature, through volcanic eruptions and seismic activities. The picturesque beauty of lava, cater, cave formations, mountains and wetlands are all a perk to the relaxing waters of the spa.
5. Taiwan:
taiwan 300x225 Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
it’s not just a tourist destination for sight-seeing since Taiwan offers one of the world’s best hot spring spas along with all the architectural and natural wonders it beholds. Apart from the usual nature baths many of Taiwan’s hot springs offer special Taiwanese herbal treatments to cure diseases, serving a dual purpose of meditation as well. A variety of spas including cold and hot both are becoming increasingly popular among international tourists particularly those which are well maintained by famous hotels while others remain un attended to but significant due to their beauty to all visitors.
4. Strawberry Springs, Colorado, USA:
strwaberry spring 256x300 Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
The evidence of the success of a good place in this case a hot spring is that once people witness it they never want to leave and the strawberry springs ensure the experience. Located in the striking forest of Colorado, these pools are perfect for anyone who wants to feel the heat or just relax irrespective of season. The waters have the ability to offer warmth of up to 104 degrees in summers but perhaps winter might bring out the best of these springs when the famous Champagne Powder snow covers the forest enhancing its beauty.  Constant activity in Colorado is eminent but relaxing those muscles and warming up your bones is vital and the springs are best suited for the purpose of a peaceful, tranquil bath after a long day of excitement and enthusiasm I particular skiing which Colorado is a famous destination for.
3. Héviz, Hungary:
Heviz Spa Hungary 1107 20 300x225 Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
The presence of a thermal lake means there is a possibility of many a great spa at that place and so there is none other than one of the world’s greatest spas at Hungary known not only as a place to rest your senses but also as a source to heal the mind and body. This lake is perhaps the largest of all hot water lakes throughout the world where the temperature never drops below 22 degree Celsius even in winters and summers can be up to 35 degrees. As far as the reported healing abilities of the lake are concerned the discovery of these date back to Roman times when the water was used to treat animal skins. The first spa at this location was built way back that is in 1795 by György Festetics while recent spas have been made following the example. The lake itself is surrounded by a 50 ha forest which adds to the pleasant atmosphere and acts as a protective covering while the lake is naturally heated by geothermal energy.
2. Peninsula Hot Springs, Victoria:
peninsula hot spring package Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
Introducing the culture of hot spring baths in their own continent, similar to that of Europe, Asia and New Zealand are the Hot springs of Peninsula. Naturally heated water submerged into luxurious pools with an ambiance of nature along with the Australian sunshine is ideal for some soaking and relaxation for residents and tourists alike. Located at a distance of 90 minutes from Melbourne, these pools are the perfect place to drain away worries and escape the city problems for a little while. What makes this spot even more significant is that it is the only natural minerals spa in Australia which provides 20 baths with varying temperatures suitable to differing purposes having one thing in common, a promising experience of relaxation.
1. Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada:
radium hot springs 300x225 Top 10 Natural Hot Water Springs in World
These hot springs are situated in the Radium village of Kootenay and consist of the country’s largest hot spring pool. Persisting in the warm waters of these springs are a variety of minerals necessary for rejuvenating the human senses including silca, magnesium, sulphate, fluoride and also small, un-noticeable amounts of radon, a product of radium hence the name “Radium”. One of the pools better known as the Plunge Pool offers the facility of hot water up to 44 degree Celsius and cold water from a creek flowing underneath the pools. The springs are an ideal way to soothe the mind, soul and body surrounded by nature’s beauty of Rocky Mountains while simultaneously revitalizing the senses and consoling the muscles.

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