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Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties

The North Indian Cuisine is one of the most tasty cuisine of not only India but of the world. Its known for the street food and its spicy flavor. These foods are mainly originated from the northern states of India like Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. It includes many other cuisines too like Awadhi, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Mughalai, Bihari and many other cuisines. There are thick and yummy gravies and are including many spices to add taste. The main breads are made of wheat and rice is also the staple diet. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are present. There is high use of dairy products like milk, cream, yoghurt, Ghee or clarified butter and butter. Wheat and maize is used to make roti and chapati and different kind of Naans. A tawa is used to make them. The meat of cow is not cooked because it is considered as a sacred animal and only chicken, goats and lambs are made. Sea food is also not originally cooked in these dishes because north India is not having any coast. Also there are many kinds of snacks like Samosas and Kachoris. A lot of oil and hee is used in Some of the dishes. In Punjabi Cuisine there is a drink named Lassi which is made from milk and is totally delicious. Also the Awadhi and mughlai cuisines are also made in north india. There are many delicacies but the best of North Indian Food is listed below. They are the favorites of the people and The Best North Indian Cuisines
10. Makki Di Rotti Sarson Da Saag
makki di roti sarson da saag 300x200 Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
This is the most famous Punjabi dish and is very hygienic having lots of iron and protein. The Saag is made from mustard leaves and is very yummy. It is a simple dish and is full of nutrition. It is favorites of North Indian rural areas because this heavy food item provides the farmers the energy which is required. With mustard leaves the green chilies, ginger and spinach is also added. Many types of spices are also added like garam masala and coriander powder with salt. Tomatoes and carrots are also added. When its made it totally just leaves its smell in air tempting you just to dig a bite in it.
9.  Chhole Bhature
Chole Bhature Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
Another dish from Punjab which is very simple to make but may pamper your taste buds. The flavor is little spicy but it looks very good. Chole are the chick peas and to make the bhathure the yeast are first soaked in in water and a dough is made. And then they are fried till they become golden brown. Chhole are made in cooker and different spices are added with garlic. The chhole can be garnished with onions and lemons and chilies. The garam Masala , mint leaves and lemon is added to make its flavor nicer.
8. Rogan Josh 
Rogan Josh Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
This is a famous Kashmiri dish made of  Mutton. It is made in curd and oil. Onions and garlic and ginger is also added. Chilly powder, ginger, coriander, garam masala, white cream are added and meat is mixed with curd and salt and marinaded meat is added in oil and the gravy is added. And add salt to taste. This recipe is like heaven to the meat lovers. This Kashmiri dish will bring water in your mouths and do not forget to garnish it with mint of leaves and then present it to your guests and family members and everyone is going to love it.
7. Daal Bati Churma
Daal Bati Churma Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
Daal Bati Choorma is the famous  Rajasthani dish. Dal are the lentils and the Baati is made from frying wheat floor balls and churma is the sweetened wheat. This is an easy to cook thing which can just be made within half an hour. Take different types of  pulses like split bengal beans, whole green beans etc. Take some ghee and also some tamarind pulp and dried mango pulp give a sour flavor to the dish. And to make baati a dough is made and They are boiled in water and then drained and then are topped with a lot of ghee which mellows and make the dish even more yummier. Churma is made by sweetening the ground wheat.
6. Amritsari Fish
Amritsari Fish Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
This is famous fish in all of the India as it  is specially made in a city Amritsar and hence the recipe was named after the place of origin. It is a very popular street food. It can be cooked in just 20 mins. but the preparation time is another 20 mins. Take a King Fish and it is cut into fingers and is marinated in red chilly powder, Salt, ginger and garlic paste and lemon juice and wheat flour. And an egg is put in the mixture. Then the fish is deep fried    in oil and is again fried in oil and is served crisp and golden. Chaat masala is also sprinkled and lemon juice is also poured. Hence this tempting fish is served hot and crisp.
 5. Jalebi and Rabri
Jalebi Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
The sweet tooth please pay attention. This twister is looking difficult but its very easy and believe me very delicious. To make rabri the condensed milk, cardamom powder and ricotta are added and mixed and corn flour and baking soda are added and leave it to ferment. And for syrup in a pan sugar and water are cooked  and cardamom powder is added with lemon juice and saffron. Ghee is added and batter is poured in a bag. And the shape can be given by making a small hole in the cloth and squeezing it out. It is sounding very difficult and surely is. So it is better to eat it from a sweet shop.
4. Kebabs
Kebabs 300x192 Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
They are originated from the middle east and are the skewered meals. They are cooked over the flames on a skewer. They are made of different meats like that of lambs or fishes and even of vegetables. The famous shish kebabs can be just made in 30 mins. and are traditionally made of lamb meats. The lamb pieces are marinated and refrigerated. Then they are grilled on skewers. They are then served with putting lemon on them. These kebabs are also made in North India and are very tasty.
3. Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
This is a world famous dish but not many would be knowing that it originated from North India and is also known as Murgh makhni. It tastes best with black lentils. Chicken, lime juice, red chilly is mixed and is marinated for one hour.  Different spices are gently roasted and are mixed. The chicken is marinated in yoghurt  and ginger and garlic. Tomato paste and chicken stalk is added. Then the chicken is cooked. Then the main thing comes, the butter is melted and is poured over the dish. This gives a real taste to the dish and that is the from where the name is derived. The charcoal is made in an aluminium foil in traditional dish. The dish is garnished with mint. You would not be able to resist from this dish.
2. Chaat and Gol Gappe
Gol Gappe Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
This is the famous street food of North India. It is also known as Panipuri. Actually it is a hollow sphere of fried wheat or suji and is filled with spicyb water so that when it goes in your mouth it just bursts in your mouth and it gives you flavor. Of course we can not make it in our homes. But there are some ready make packs which can make panipuri. They are served on the stalls in market and people are very fond of them. Even Papri chaat is a fried plane which is served with spices, curd and tamarind. It is liked by all especially the ladies. It should be given at least a try.
1. Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun Top 10 North Indian Food Specialties
It is a popular cheese based sweet dish and is my personal choice. It is just like a dumpling. Its made from freshly curdled milk. Or with Khoya. the dough is fried at little temperature. They are soaked in sweet syrup. Flavored with rosewater. Sometimes the the gulab jamun is filled with saffron and pistachio nuts, and mishri. The golden colored gulab jamuns are delicious and mouth watering and tempts every mind. There are ready made packets too to make them. It is the  best thing which a person with a sweet tooth can have. Better he should not be diet conscious.

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