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Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World

Change is a constant thing in life, this world has seen many ups and downs, many civilizations have reached the heights of prosperity & success and the same civilizations have after some time seen the lowest ebb of failure and destruction. The people or nations who were once the rulers of world today exist only in ruin and are lost somewhere in the rusted pages of history. It does not matter what big things they achieved in their life time, nobody cares about the wars they fought and won, nobody has time to count what amount of gold they had because they are now history, we live in present and we care for future. What’s done is done now, everyone is moving forward, those people, civilizations or nations today exist either in the lost pages of history or serve as an object of decorations in the museums.
Museums are often regarded as the most boring place to visit but if we ever bother to go through the history of the object places in the museums, nothing in this world can be more interesting than that. Every object, every armor, every picture, every sculpture, ever utensil has its own story to tell. Every object once belonged to someone, someone who was once alive like we are today. It is true that we cannot go back in time but just by observing these objects; just by reading about their history we can enjoy a trip back that life time. Although the nations who once owned these object are deeply lost in soil but their fragrance still remains alive and as fresh as ever in the things which they have left behind.
Have you ever wondered that when God destroys a complete nation, why he leaves behind this minor object? So that when we discover them we learn the message God wants to teach us, so that we understand the punishment God gives when we disobey him, so that we clearly comprehend the greatness and power of God. Those civilizations today exist in some museums where we can go and observe them, so the top 10 museums in the world are:
10. The Smithsonian museums:
The Smithsonian museums Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
The Smithsonian museums is a basically a chain of 19 museums and galleries which are spread in Washington and National mall. It is the world’s largest research organization and museum complex which has 142 million objects on display, the place is so huge that it is not possible for a person to visit everything in a day or two. Every department has a so much to offer which includes African & American culture & history, design history, modern arts and craft, natural history, zoo, aviation and space flight history and the list goes on. This chain of museum is absolutely amazing for here you can find everything you need to know about the history.
9. Metropolitan museum of art:
the metropolitan museum of art Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
The metropolitan museum of art also known as the MET is among the biggest museums of world, it was established in 1870 and now it has a very pleasant collection of object belonging to the Greek, Roman as well as the new eastern. This place offer 2 million objects of art which are collected from all over the world ranging from European to Islamic painting. This museum is altogether divided into 9 departments which does not only include arts but also has collections of dagger & swords made by the some finest Japanese sword smith. The most enticing object is Adam & eve which is an engraving by AlbrechtDurer.
8. Egyptian museum of Cairo:
Egyptian museum of Cairo Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
This museum acts as a timeline for the Egyptian civilizations for this place has all the articles related to the history of Egypt. This museum was opened in 1902 and today it has nearly 120,000 objects on display. This place has the world’s largest collection of paranoiac antiques. Apart from that this place offers some other amazing object which includes 11 mummies and among them one is mummy of Tutenkhanum.The gold mask of another Egyptian leader is also on display at this museum
7. National archeology museum of Athens:
National archeology museum of Athens Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
The Greeks are a very important nation of this world, our history remains incomplete without them, and the most amazing scientist, philosophers and painters were after all the Greek. After all of them passed away their work has been stored in the national archeology museum of Athens. This place happens to the largest museum in Greece and is dedicated to ancient Greeks. This place sets an unparallel example of Greek cultural, history and artistic values.
6. Rijks museum:
rijks museum Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
Also known as the Dutch national museum, rijks museum is the most amazing museum in Netherlands who is brimmed with the antiques, arts & crafts and masterworks not only of today but of the entire Dutch history, the painting made by the 17th century artist are a very prominent part of this museum which has more than 1 million object on display including applied arts, sculpture, paintings and many other amazing collections.
5. The Vatican museum:
The Vatican museum1 Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
The Vatican museum is located in the city of Vatican which itself holds a very prominent historical value, the foundation of this museum was laid by pope Julius 2 in the 16th century and over the past few centuries this place has grown to become one of the biggest and most amazing museums in world. This breath taking place which has collection ranging from Etruscan to Egyptian art, from the ancient beauty to the modern religious Arts & crafts enjoys the visit of millions of people every year. Rapharl doom and the Sistine chapel are the two main jewels of this museum; other attractions include theMishelanigelo’s dome.
4. The Uffizi gallery:
The Uffizi gallery Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
Uffizi is the most famous and ancient museums of world, 60% of Italy art work is here in this museum. This building of this gallery was basically a palace earlier which was built in 1560. One step inside this place and you forget about all the other things in life, this place has such enticing beauty that it can leave you spell bounded for hours. This place is endowed with some finest paintings, sculptures and antiques. The work of some great artists such as CaravaggioMichelangeloTitan and Goldfinch are also present in this museum.
3. The British museum:
the british museum london Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
This place is dedicated to culture and history of human, it holds the record of the work from the very beginning to present. This museum was opened to public in 1753. It has separate sections for every kind of collections; the departments are divided into ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, Middle East, Asia and the history of Europe itself. It has sections for almost everything ranging from coins and metals to scientific researches. This main attraction is the reading room which is absolutely stunning; more than 6 million visitors pay their tribute to this marvelous place every year.
2. Le louvre gallery:
le louvre paris france Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
Le louvre is said to be most famous, largest and most visited museum in world. This museum is based in Paris, France and was opened to public in 1973. This place offers more than 35 thousand objects to its visitor which includes 537 paintings and 181 art objects. The building of the museum served as a fortress and the palace of the king of France in the early days. Over the past two centuries this place has grown to transform into the most amazing museum of world which has master pieces by great artist such asRembrandts and Vici.
1. The state hermitage museum:
the state hermitage museum Top 10 Must Visit Museums in World
The state hermitage museum which is spread into 5 buildings holds more than 300 thousand objects, the museum is situated in the city of saint peter burgs in Russia, although Russia does not sound like a country of historical values but still it is the most amazing museum for it contains masterpieces from not only Russia but from French, English, Dutch, Spanish, German and Flemish Art. The centre of attention is the original copy of the work of the greatest artist ever Leonardo da Vincia. The museum was constructed in 1764 by Catherine the great but was opened to public in 1852. Another amazing part of this museum is the gold room which has some stunning jewelry, gold object, jams and antiques made by some great artists.  

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