Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top 10 Most Painful Piercings

There has been an increase in the trend of getting your body parts pierced. People think this is easy and adds a lot of the personality. They get their body part pierced in different ways and styles. Here are the top 10 painful piercing to make you realize that piercing isn’t easy and simple as you think.
10) Corset body Piercing
These days, people try these kinds of piercing to wear backless tops. The corset piercing looks cool and trendy. They pierce the back creating a design and connect the holes by a corset or lace to look more attractive. This is definitely one of the painful piercing.
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9) Dimple piercing
Dimples add a lot of charm to smile. All those who have a dimple pierce it to make it more prominent and look attractive. They pit a stud on the dimple after piercing. This looks good but its way painful as the skin on face is soft.
8) Tattoo piercing
This is very common. People have been using this kind of piercing to draw a permanent tattoo on their body parts. It not only looks good but also makes them feel on the top of the world. In this a needle is used to draw the selected tattoo on the body. Generally people prefer arms, chest and back for such kind of piercing
images11 Top 10 Most Painful Piercings
7) Butt crack piercing
Most of the women get their butt crack pierced. They think it will make them sexier. This piercing is highly painful as the skin is very tender and soft in that part. So it falls under the category of top 10 painful piercing.
6) Needle bodies
This is kind of piercing is uncommon. Most of the crazy people go for such piecing to a get a name in the Guinness Book of World Record. The whole body is pierced with needles in a definite pattern. Such piercing is painful. Hence it falls under the category of top 10 painful piercing.
5) Body Rivets
The skin divers are placed closer to each other making a particular pattern. It can be done on any part of the body. It is mostly preferred on the back side of the body.
4)  Eyelid piercing
It is seen that most of the people get their eye-lid pierced. This kind of piercing is painful as the eyes are the most sensitive part of the body. Although this is uncommon, this is considered as the top 10 painful piercing.
3) Pierced hand
Most of the people get the palm pierced with the rings. Mostly the skin connecting the thumb and the index finger is pierced. One of the most uncommon piercing and is considered to be very painful.
2) Brain Piercing
Some crazy people have got their head pierced. To be specific they cut the hair in a specific design and style. In order to make it more eye catching, they get their scalp area pierced. Trust me this is way painful as the skin is hard.
1) Lip piercing
It is very common among girls. They get their lips pierced and put a stud after that. This makes them more sexy and attractive. All though the pain is intense, this looks really good.

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