Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top 10 Inventions for Elderly People

There are a lot of products and inventions especially for elderly people which help them for support, assistance and to carry out their day-to-day activities in life. The elderly people lose the dexterity and the freedom which come in daily tasks. So a lot of items have been specially designed to help them on their daily work. Here are the top 10 inventions for elderly people to make their life easy and comfortable.
10) Safety bed rails/a trapeze/Pivot transfer SuperBar
These are the items which are attached near the bed to support them for easy in and out of the bed. There are certain modifications as well. Some bed rails are designed purposely for swing out for more comfort. Apart from these, folded models are also available in the market.
9) Super Bar Pivot Transfer
These help for easy movement from bed to wheelchairs. Apart from this, commodes, other transfers, taking small steps and standing up is facilitated by this product. These products provide more safety and comfort to the elderly people.
8) A lift assist cushion
This product helps to get up gently after sitting for a long time. The lifting mechanism will help you to lift your weight. Apart from this the handiness and portability makes it more popular among elderly people. A lift chair has also a similar mechanism as this and comes as a wingchair styles. For all those who are have a problem getting out of the chair, a swivel seat cushion will do wonders for you.
7) Elderly phones
Several models are available in the market. One of the most common and demanding one is the emergency phone.  It has an auto dial service up to 30 pre-programmed numbers and can work up to 100 feet away from the phone. Beside this, several other models are available which have larger buttons and good sound amplification which makes it easier for them to communicate.
6) Raised toilet seat
Most of the elderly people suffer from various problems related to bones. Most common is the arthritis. So a raised toilet seat will facilitate easy movement. The toilet seat is raised according to the requirement. Shower Commode chairs are also available.
5) Item researchers
These items help them to find the products which they require urgently. They are available in several models which can be foldable, handy and can be great for travelling purposes.
4) Walking devices
These days it is seen that most of the old people rely on walker and rollators. These products not only aid them is smooth walking but also guide them in proper directions. Mostly there have a seat of pouch attached to these for the convenience of the person.

3) The Cotton Gin

This is a machine most commonly used by the elders. It helps to segregate the cotton seeds, hulls and unwanted things after the cotton is picked up. This was invented in the year 1794.
sewingmachine1 300x185 Top 10 Inventions for Elderly People
2) Sewing Machine
This was invented way back in 1830. These days it is more common among elderly people as they sit at home and get bored. They use this to pass the time. At the same time it is easy and enjoyable
1) Stair lift
Most of the houses and apartments have a staircase. So the stair lift must be best suited according to the individual’s requirement.

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