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Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants

Looks like very small, But beware of these creatures some may be very deadly. Many people are afraid of them. They are actually social insects and are social insects. They have evolved from wasp like creatures and They are arranged in the colonies. And they are living in the natural cavities like in the trunk of the trees or in the grounds. One such  colony may occupy millions and millions of such ants. Surprisingly because of their large quantities they can terminate the creatures who threaten them. They can kill insects which are ten times and more bigger  than them like scorpios and grasshoppers easily causing very less damage to themselves. Some insects come in their colonies to eat these ants but become their lunch instead. They break the killed insects in small parts and then feed them to their children. All the colonies are having workers who go out and bring food and soldiers which protect the colonies and fight with the attackers and protect the queen. They also kill other creatures for food. They are basically the service class of the ant society. Without their help may be the ants can not survive. There are drones also which are the male fertile ants and they also have female fertile ants known as the Queens which play the most important part in the whole colony. They are present everywhere but not in cold regions like Antarctica. Most of them have many dangerous things to protect themselves and hence becomes very dangerous
10. Red Weaver Ant
Weaver Ants Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants

These weaver ants are also known as Green Ants. The Nest they build are really nice and are hence known for it. They make their nests by joining the leaves and by using silky and gluey substance. Of course they would not leave such a home unprotected so they are very aggressive towards the intruders and kill them. They always defend their territories and are found in southern Asia. It is surprising to know that some of the farmers use them as a biological pest controller as no type of pest can survive their anger and they do not feed on the crops and feed on the small insects. They can secrete formic acids and their bites are extremely painful but can be neutralized by using the bases.
9. Fire Ants
Fire Ant 300x148 Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants
Fire ants are a type of sting ants and are also called ginger and tropical fire ants. They are venomous too. If it is secreted in you than it causes a lot of pain and also irritation. There is a formation of a bump and it may become infected. The bumps on the skin causes a lot of irritation and pain. It also may result in scars. They are named Fire ants because when they bite it feels like there is fire on that particular part. They can easily kill smaller or larger insects. They make their nest in the moist areas.
8. Trap Jaw Ants
Trap Jaw Ant Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants

Their real name is Odonotomachus. They are totally carnivores and eat other small insects as food. What is knew in them ? They have Mandibles which can open at an angle of 180 degrees. They are known trap jaws as their mandibles can snap and take hold of its prey. This surprises their preys and even makes it more easier for this ant to catch its prey. They are actually having sensory hairs in their  mouth which tells them when to snap and kill its enemy. They can also maim their prey which allows them to bring it back at the nest and eat it nicely. They are found in South Africa and tropical Asia.
7. Argentine Ants
Argentine Ants Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants

These are highly social ant species. They form their colonies like the other ants do. Actually an interesting fact about them is that they can go in other colonies and sometimes are not killed on the charges of intrusion because they are genetically similar. Sometimes the colonies merge to form a bigger one which can be dangerous. They have so much power that they can set cracks in the concretes. They are able to displace the native ants of the particular area due to their quantity and power. This may disturb the whole environment. They also do damage to the crops.
6. Jack Jumper Ant
Jack Jumper ants 300x157 Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants

This ant is also known as the jumper ant and the hopper ant. Mostly they are found in South Australia and is a species of Bull ants. And they are 12 mm long and are of red and black color. When they become agitated they start to jump over and that is why they have got their name. They all may fight from the same colonies because they become easily angry. They are having venom and their sting is extremely powerful like that of a wasp or a bee. So you can imagine what pain you have to go through if you are bit by any one of them. They are strictly carnivore and sometimes turns scavengers. They can even kill wasp and have good eyesight. If anyone is bitten by the ant he may get a swelling and blisters and this may also cause fever. They actually cause more deaths than the spiders or snakes does in tasmania where they are found in abundance. The treatement can be done in the same way like the bee and wasp sting are treated.
5. Paraponera
paraponera Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants

They are known as Lesser Giant Hunting Ants. The pain caused by its sting is known as most painful and can not be compared to any other pain.Surprisingly the victims say that the pain caused by the sting is equal to be getting shot. It is also very irritating when even it is repaired. It feels like a burning sensation. The pain may persist for one day. It can paralyze the small insects with their venom. A type of tribe in Brazil use them and make them in their glove  and then they bite them and then only the tribals are called warriors. Even when they bite the warriors suffer a lot of pain for 24 hours but even then they use it.
4. Red Harvester Ant
Red harvester ant. Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants
The Red Harvester Ants are also known as Maricopa Ants. They are venomous. Infact they are considered to be one of the most venomous ants in the world. beware of its sting as if it strikes you then there would be lymph nodes all over and if anyone is allergic to venom then there should be first aid treatment and also its sting is that much strong that its 13 stings may cause death of a big rat which is 100 times bigger than this small ant. So please think before stepping on it as it may cause a lot of pain.
3. Ravoux’s Slave Maker
Slave maker ant 300x120 Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants

You know that the name sounds too terrifying and it best suites these ants. They are masters of the ant world and all the other ants can not fight with them. They are found in Europe. Their queen is very clever and fakes her death whenever ant from other colonies intrude. When she is in the nest of the enemy she kills the queen and start producing eggs and attack the whole colony. The slave makers then find another colony and the same procedure is repeated of attacking and capturing.
2. Army Ants
Army Ants 300x204 Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants
They are also known as Saifu ants and are found in western Africa. They are having mandibles which are extremely sharp like a razor. They are very short tempered and they have been named so because a large number of them can be found in a certain area. They do not have permanent nests and They are able to capture huge insects and spiders very easily and are having soldiers to protect them. The food is fed to the larvae and the queen. The queen is fed when she is going to lay eggs.
1. BullDog Ants
BullDog Ants Top 10 Most Dangerous Ants
They are also known as Mermacia and Bull Ants and are found in Australia. They are known as sergeant and inch ants and are in 40 mm in length. they are known for aggressive behavior and their sting. Their venom can cause anaphylatic shock. The sting should be given immediate treatment or it may be fatal. They have large eyes which give them vision of 1 meter and they eat small insects and sticky substance of the leaves. The males generally drink the nectar but larvae eat the small insects bought by the hunters. Hence they are the most dangerous ants.

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