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Top 10 Easter Eggs of 2013

People love the surprises in movies, television, video games and other entertainment venues called Easter Eggs. These are hidden goodies that can range from inside jokes or prizes. Most people miss them unless they’re pointed out so here is a list of the top ten Easter Eggs you can look out for.
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10 – Portal 2.

This popular video game, a branch off from the Half Life franchise has its own brand of surprising Easter Eggs. First you go to Portal 2, Chapter 2: The Cold Boot. You then go to test chamber 7 and after you acquire the companion cube three times just look to your right side toward the nearest corner. Look quickly because there’s a bot in a hole that will cover the hole up fast with a panel of some sort. When you’ve spotted it the bot will pick up the companion cube and turn your volume up. When you hear the music it will reappear later after you’ve gone all the way into the end of the game when GlaDOS lets you go with a show. At that point a multitude will show up singing the song to the music you uncovered.

9 – Android 2.3. There’s a secret picture in the Android 2.3.

There might be more in later versions if you try this trick out. First you go the settings menu. Then you touch “About Phone”. Next you should see some text that says “Android Version” and what you’ll do next is tap it about five to ten times and the secret picture should appear.

8 – Lost: The Complete Second Season Disc 7.

This super popular television series has a bunch of Easter Eggs in it. Without giving away any spoilers you’ll just have to try these out and see the fun. First, at the main menu look for Phases 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. When you’ve found them move over to Phase 3 and press the up selection twice. A white dot should show up above the words Phase 3 where the log books are located. Then press the enter/play selection and see the surprise. Another Easter Egg can be had by entering the Phase 2 option. Going to the arrow located at the bottom of the screen you’ll then press the enter option. Do this continuously until there aren’t any arrows pointing to the right with only one pointing to the left. Do this 3 times going all the way to the fourth screen. Next select “Play All” and then press left once, up twice and left one final time. Then a white dot should show up at the righ of the arrow pointing left. That’s when you click enter/play and see the magic.

7 – Marvel’s: The Avengers Movie.

There’s a creative Easter Egg in the movie in the scene where Tony Stark and the Hulk’s alter ego Dr. Bruce Banner are having a conversation alone. Near them is a glass screen that separates the two of them. If you’re sharp eyed you’ll see that the face of the Hulk can be seen where Banner’s reflection should be.

6 – Robot Chicken.

This hilarious stop motion animation variety show there are several cool Easter Eggs. In an episode of the show where Tom Baker the actor who played Dr. Who is found standing in a baseball field on first base. In the background you’ll find a sign that says “Green-Senreich” University which is of course named after the creators of the show Seth Green and Matt Senreich. Another Easter Egg can be found in the Season 3 DVD of the series. When at the menu go to the Extras option from the main menu. Then highlight the Chicken Nuggets option and click left and up. Next there should b a highlight over the unicorn’s magic sauce that emits from its horn. When you select this you will see a short clip of some background artwork that is featured during the show. Do some reading in the small letters and get a good laugh.

5 – Smallville.

During the season 10 episodes you can find in episode 8 that Lois Lane’s mother is none other than Teri Hatcher famous from her appearance as Lois Lane in the series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman and Desperate Housewives. This follows an Easter Egg that happened in the 1970s Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve. In the scene where Clark Kent is running at super speed he passes a train and inside the train you can see two actors who starred in previous versions of Superman movies. Noell Neill who played Lois Lane in the 1940s and 1950s Superman movie and tv serials is there with her co-star Kirk Alyn who played Superman.

4 – The Walking Dead.

Even zombies have Easter Eggs. In an episode of the super popular series, Daryl has a bag of drugs that previously belonged to his brother Merle. The viewer only gets a short look into the bag but on closer inspection you can see there’s a crystal at the bottom that is blue that stays the same color after Walter White cooks it. It’s a reference to Breaking Bad where Bryan Cranston played the drug lord.

3 – The Godfather DVD Collection.

There are several Easter Eggs in this DVD of the classic film series. First go to the fifth DVD of the collection and locate the Family Tree. Once that’s done select the Santino family branch. Then go to Sonny Corleone’s picture and click ‘enter’. You then see a bio of actor James Kaan. Next click his picture and see the surprise. Following the gangster theme, there’s a surprise for fans of The Sopranos series. Again on Disc 5 go to the Galleries section. Go to the DVD credits and press the Next option three times. There on the final screen of the credits the cursor will move to the Previous option click Next one more time. You’ll find a surprise of the Sopranos characters watching a bootlegged version of the Godfather DVD series.

2 – CSI: New York.

This version of the crime series has a few Easter Eggs in it. In an episode called Fare Game that covers the topic of water gun warfare where people shoot water guns at pictures of other people you’ll see in one scene the character Flack takes a look at one of the pictures and it’s none other than the show’s producer Timothy J. Lea.

1 – The Wizard Of Oz.

There are lots of Easter Eggs in this most beloved film of all time. Even today people search for more Easter Eggs and whenever one is found it makes the major news. Some of these surprises have become a thing of urban folklore leading to many misconceptions. One surprise or rumor is that there’s an image of the White House in one of the scenes. When Dorothy and Scarecrow are in an apple throwing fight with the evil trees you’ll need to pause and keep pausing when the first evil tree starts throwing apples. Advance each frame and looking at the right hand background you can see what looks like an image of the White House. The most famous Easter Egg in this movie is that of the Hanging Munchkin. Some say an image of a Munchkin actor can be seen hanging in one scene. As Dorothy, Scarecrow, and Tin Man go skipping down the road after rescuing the Tin Man. Upon further inspection you’ll find out it’s actually an ostrich, one of several large birds used as background animals in the scene.
So that’s a list of the top ten Easter Eggs crossing several entertainment venues. Some of the old and some of the new but all fun to look for.

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