Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Amanda Seyfried Celebrated Birthday With Les Miserables Cast

Amanda Seyfried pic
Amanda Seyfried
when she planted  an affectionate kiss on the Hugh Jackman,  Australian actor. Amanda was presented with a chocolate cake at the New York screening of the British made musical.
He also played the role of her guardian in the film adaption of Les Miser ables. Before Amanda blew out candles, Hugh led the guests into a chorus of Happy Birthday and let stood on chair for all to behold.
Amanda Seyfried birthday is celebrated in the Porter House last night, following a special screening of “Les Miserables,” which is hosted by Universal Pictures, Working Title Films and Cameron Mackintosh.  Hugh Jackman took the mic came in the center of the packed dining room and demanded Amanda to make himself familiar with the crowd in the most teasing way, “I once gave Barbara Walters a lap dance and I promised her I would never do it again, but seeing as she is not here tonight…” — and then proceeded to get down.

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