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Top 10 Most nspirational Songs 2013

The journey of life is as similar to a journey by a transport on a road. As how vehicles need fuel to run, our body also needs something to continue with the journey. In a journey there is always up and downs, stops, new people entering, old leaving, some leave and some stay. Life is full of different kind of feelings which is never constant. Happiness is a feeling which makes you share with all, while sadness is something which most try to hide it from all. When life turns into one such cross where you meet up with sadness, believing in self, and believing that its just a phase and you will pass by it, becomes more difficult than anything else.
Books and Music are the true friends for anyone, which always helps you to motivate self, be inspired, and learn from it. When we feel low in any particular day, we feel like listening to some pleasant songs, and it is most important that you listen to those songs which makes you bounce back into life and make you more stronger.
An inspiring song is the one which stimulates you, makes you reach for the things you left half the way, makes you to try harder or which just makes you feel better at a situation where you almost have lost hope. Hence it is very important to have a collection of such songs in your player, which is easily accessible at any moment and play it when you need them and motivate self.
It is always an individual choice of the songs, which can be inspirational and which might motivate them.Here is a list of ten songs collection which have been one of the best inspirational songs along with a video.

10. Hum Honge Kamyab or We Shall Overcome

A song which we have been listening since we are born has become one of the Indian patriotic song as well. Allthough there are many controversies of which version of the language is being original, its tough to forget and not say one do not wish to listen to the song which goes as Hum Honge Kamyab. Concerning only on the lyrics, we can truly accept that this song is a beautiful inspiration in any kind of situation. So be patient and do not fight. There will be your time.

9. Chale Chalo- Lagaan

A song from the famous movie of Aamir Khan’s Lagaan which climbed the steps of Oscar awards as well, is a truly inspirational one. A movie which showed a true talent of Indians in an all round fields. The best direction, story line, and the best music from the legend himself A.R. Rahman and lyrics by Javed Akhtar.
Though the song in the movie is for the players of the Indian cricket team playing against the British team, the Indians who play to get waived off from the taxes. This is a similar example of the Tom and Jerry story. Tom always fails and Jerry always wins because Tom tries to eat Jerry, while Jerry runs for its life. Same way Indians play to save themselves, while the British play for fun in the movie. Its a theme applied everywhere in our daily lives and this song can be an inspiration to fight for your rights and win.

8. Don’t Stop Believin’- Journey

This song has been one of the best inspirational song so far with the real life story of the lead singer of theJourney rock and roll band. Don’t stop believin: Everyman’s Journey is a documentary movie about the life story of the lead vocalist Arnel Pineda. This song has inspired many out there who are looking for some kind of break through in the life of chances or hopes and who might have big dreams in the singing career. It not only have to be an inspirational for singing, rather it can put for other things also. The journey of Arnel Pineda can be an inspiration to many youth of today.

7. Dream On- Aerosmith

Dream On was the first single released by Aerosmith. Although it was not as famous as it is now, initially the song did not make a big hit. Only after three years, when the band made a big name, they re-released the song, as it is not a rock and roll instead it is a ballad, they feared for the response it was suppose to get. This song is a clear inspiration based on the quotes of “dream on until your dreams come true”. Of course no dream comes true unless you work towards it and no one can do anything or be someone without any dreams in life. The singer of the song is Steven Tyler and this song saved the band from being dropped down, when it reached #59 in US at the first and when it was re-released it reached the #6. Well, for all those dreamers and who want to become something in life, this song can be a true inspiration.

6. I will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

Music and books are our real friends at the times when life feels low and when we feel broken at some part of our life. When people who loves us and whom we love more than anything else in the world walks out on us, life seems like on still, and there is no forward button anywhere out there. But in truth, it just in our own hands as how we bring ourselves out into the world and start facing the world by letting go those people and that life, and start on with a new chapter of our life.
The Song I will Survive is one such a song which can really help to motivate self at such times, released on October 23, 1978 a single song by Gloria Gaynor has been one of the most inspirational song so far. This song also is famous for symbolizing on female strength. So all women out there, have a copy of this song and listen to this song next time your partner leaves you half the way, say goodbye to him with the same charm and get on with your life.

5. Never Surrender

Never Surrender says Corey Hart, because when you surrender it ends it all. The singer says that his mother was the greatest inspiration for him to sing this song who taught him of never to surrender or quit on self and on your dreams no matter how challenging it is.
The song Never Surrender sung by Corey Hart as a single won the #1 in Canada and also won the Juno award for the single of the year. This song is one of the best of Hart, while there are many other nice songs by him, Never Surrender gives an entire different meaning to life. Sometimes in life, there will be a point where we find ourselves lost, with no meaning about what we are doing, no money in hands, and nothing to do. But that’s not the end of it all, because you have to believe in your dreams about what you want and try for it. Listen to the song, motivate yourself, and go get those things out there waiting for you.

4. Win by Brian McNight

Never Give up, Never give in and Never let a ray of doubt slip in‘ are the famous quotes of the song Win, and can also be the most essential things in life. Brian McNight a multi-instrumentalist, American singer, song-writer, and a man with many awards for his contributions towards music, and who gave this beautiful song of hope. The message clear in this that never give up on hope and stop trying even when you fall in anything. Keep trying until you are successful. A winner is the one who never quits.

3. You Raise me up- Josh Groban

A beautiful song by Josh Groban, who thanks the God for being out there. This song is a must in my list as it is very inspirational and a way to thank our parents, our grandparents or who ever out there, responsible in the up bringing of you, for what you are today.
Initially this song was an instrumental composed by the Norwegian pianist Rolf Lovland. Later Brendan Graham added lyrics to it. The original was released by Secret Garden featuring Brian Kennedy in 2002. There are various versions of this song from many other artists. But Josh Groban made a mark with this song when he played it at Super Bowl XXXVIII in a commemoration of the space shuttle Columbia disaster. Send this song as a tribute to the one who stood by you all the time.

2. Its My Life- Bon Jovi

Well, it is our life and Bon Jovi made it a point in his famous song. This song is most loved by many youth of today, but the meaning and lyrics can reflect to anyone. All it means is its your life and do not let anyone else rule it. Stand up for self and be brave to get what you want. A true inspiration for life.
This song was the first release of Bon Jovi since 1995 and the first single. He performed this song in 2001 “concert for New York” to benefit the victims of the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center. There are many good songs of Bon Jovi and this is a song which made him a star.

1. Power of Dream- Celine Dion

The famous Celine Dion of “My heart will go on” from the Titanic brought us many more beautiful songs since then and here the Power of Dream which she sung for the athletes in the opening ceremony of the 1996 Summer Olympics. Dion gave away the money she received from this performance to support Canadian athletes. But since then this song had been the inspiration to many who are in sports and it also can be for those who chase their 

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