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Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies – 2013

aving the right health insurance plan will give you peace of mind when you or a family member becomes ill. A lot of people get a health insurance package through their employers, but if you are a student, a business owner, or unemployed, it would make sense to get a health insurance policy that is not tied to a certain workplace. And the truth is that you can get excellent coverage without the help of a company plan. We have built a list of 10 of the best health insurance companies in 2013.

10. Coventry

Coventry Health Insurance
Coventry is one of the newer players on today’s health insurance market, with only 26 years of operations. They are active in 22 states. They offer a wide portfolio of low-cost health insurance packages that are suited for many demographics. However, they aren’t a one-stop solution for all your insurance needs, because they lack some widely used types of insurance like dental or vision. All in all, they are definitely worth having a look at if you are shopping around for affordable insurance.

9. Cigna

Cigna insurance 2013
Cigna is a well respected provider of private health insurance, with a history of over 30 years. They offer a good range of plans, with enough room for personalization. The options, however, aren’t as many as with other competitors. Their portfolio includes a wide range of Health Savings Account plans which present you with numerous flexibility options in how you spend your money.

8. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance 2013
Kaiser Permanente only operates in 10 states, which has set the company a few positions back in our top-ten chart. They aren’t the cheapest on the market – not even by a long shot with some plans – but their long-term insurance options are reliable and provide many benefits. What we also liked about Kaiser Permanente is that there is an extensive know-how database related to health issues on their website – they have more than 40,000 searchable health topics.

7. Select Health

Select Health Insurance
Select Health only operates in Utah and Idaho, and thus cannot assist most people in their search for affordable health insurance. However, those who live in these two states can benefit greatly from the company’s offerings. Select Health is a branch of Intermountain Healthcare, a nonprofit organization that includes a network of 22 hospitals. They offer both long and short-term plans which are suited for any situation – you can buy insurance for as little as one month.

6. Assurant

Assurant is active in 44 states across the US and offers a wide range of short-term insurance plans as well as long-term Health Savings Accounts. With packages starting at as little as $62.00 a month, you can rest assured that you are covered for major medical problems even when you are unemployed. A major plan that we haven’t been able to find in their offerings is vision insurance.

5. Celtic

Celtic Health Insurance 2013
Celtic is a solid provider of private medical insurance in 34 states. Their range of Health Savings Accounts plans is quite impressive, with options that suit everybody, from young people who are no longer covered by their parents’ policies to old and retired people.

4. Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield
Anthem BlueCross BlueShield is a division of WellPoint, a large health insurance provider that operates in 12 states. They offer all kinds of insurance plans, from standard copayment to long-term savings accounts. Anthem strive to offer information and support on how to deal with health issues that are specific to your life, and offer access to registered nurses who can teach and coach you about dealing with conditions like diabetes or asthma.

3. Aetna

Aetna - Best Health Insurance Companies 2013
The range of medical insurance plans offered by Aetna is among the largest on the market – they basically have coverage options for everything that there is to cover. The customization options are quite impressive – you can choose whatever you are comfortable with in terms of deductibles, coverage and rates.

2. United Health One

United Health One
If you are looking for health insurance that won’t let you down and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, then United Health One is a great resource. The huge variety of plans they offer make this company a one-stop resource for all your medical insurance needs.

1. Humana

Humana Health Insurance 2013
Humana is the top health insurance company in the list of 10 best health insurance companies 2013. They are present in 27 states, offer a great range of plans and have the best price vs. quality of service rate. You can manage your account via a great web site application or with your smartphone. They have an expansive network of doctors and hospitals, so finding adequate help will be a breeze.

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