Monday, April 22, 2013

PML-N Nawaz Sharif Jalsa at Dijkot, Faisalabad on 23rd April

PML-Nawaz is gathering public today at Dajkot, FaisalabadJalsa will be steamed online via major news channels worldwide. Faisalabad is very important for PML-N, as many provincial members were elected from FaisalabadRegion in the previous assembly.

Dijkot also pronounced as Dajkot, is located in the vicinity of Faisalabad District. Dijkot is almost 20 kilometers away from the city. PML-Nawaz relies on Faisalabadians as they are supporters of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz. The nearby places from which people will be coming for the gathering are: Chak 257 GB, Chak 255 GB, Chak 265 GB and Chak 269 GB.
Place: Dijkot (Faislabad)
Party: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz
Leader to Speak: Nawaz Sharif
Rau Khanuana, Dauha, Jaipur, Duma, ramgarh and Dijkot itself are the target audience of PML-N in this gathering. Dijkot constituency is named NA-80 Faisalabad VI, and Mian Muhammad Farooq is contesting elections from Nawaz league ticket. Abid Sher Ali and Rana Sana Ullah is expected to speak at the gathering although the leader of PML-N will have definitely be awaited by the people.

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