Saturday, April 13, 2013

National Assembly NA-254 Karachi Candidates, Results, Map

Latest News of National Assembly NA-254 Karachi. In election 2013, almost all parties PTI, PPP, PML-N, JUI and MQM are trying to win NA-254 seat and all other seats of National Assembly of Karachi. National assembly has 19seats from Karachi and all National assembly seats numbers are given as NA-239 Karachi-I, NA-240 Karachi-II, NA-241 Karachi-III, NA-242 Karachi-IV, NA-243 Karachi-V, NA-244 Karachi-VI, NA-245 Karachi-VII, NA-246 Karachi-VIII, NA-247 Karachi-IX, NA-248 Karachi-X, NA-249 Karachi-XI, NA-250 Karachi-XII, NA-251 Karachi-XIII, NA-252 Karachi-XIV, NA-253 Karachi-XV, NA-254 Karachi-XVI, NA-255 Karachi-XVII, NA-256 Karachi-XVIII, NA-257 Karachi-XIX and NA-258 Karachi-XX.
Candidates of NA 252 Karachi Contesting Elections 2013
Sindh Assembly Seats/Constituencies
PS-124 Karachi-XXXVI
PS-125     Karachi-XXXVII
Maps of NA-254 Karachi , PS-124, PS-125
NA-254 Karachi
NA-254 Karachi-XVI Result Elections 2008
Dr. Muhammad Ayoub Shaikh                    MQM     132648
Syed Sohail Abrar                            PPP               14302
Malik Akhtar Hussain Awan                    PML-N        4965
PS-124 Karachi-XXXVI Result Elections 2008
Ghulam Mustafa Memon                       PPP              6776
Muhammad Alim ur Rehman                   MQM             53778
Mian Muhammad Ilyas Rasheed               PML-N           3970
PS-125 Karachi-XXXVII Result Elections 2008
Syed Ghous Bux Shah (alias Syed Ghous Ali Shah) PPP      7570
Muhammad Moin Amir Pirzada                MQM                   45831
Nadir Hussain                             PML-N                           1209

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