Sunday, April 14, 2013

I am not Suitable for Film Industry: Nida Yasir

Nida Yasir on media known as Nida Pasha who is a very famous actor as well as a host has said that “She is not for silver screen. I have just my focus on TV and have no consideration for Film Industry”. She also said that people should always do those things in which they are good and tired for those in which they fell perfect. This is all said in verification by Nida Pasha after the news of her entry in Lollywood.

Nida Yasir
Nida Yasir is a very famous actor, host, model and producer as well. At this time she is hosting a show named as “Good Moring Pakistan” and as part she is working in many private channel dramas and some Lawn suit’s photoshots.
She is mother of two children and she said that she does not want to make fun of herself by working in Film Industry. She said that she has received many offers from the neighbor country. She said that I have rejected all those offers with a thank. Before this Shaan Shahid and Ali Azmat super stars of Pakistan Film and Music industry respectively has refused to Bollywood offers already.

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