Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to Make Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

makeup to make eyes look biggerEyes are the window to the soul. Bigger eyes always attract others as they look beautiful. A woman should try to apply the cosmetics on the eyes that make eyes look more attractive and bigger. There are several brands that can make eyes look bigger with makeup. This is an art and you can learn how to make eyes look bigger with makeup if you will be interested in this art and want to learn the art to make up. Different cosmetics like eye liner, mascara, eye shadows etc can make your eyes look bigger if you apply them in the right way or perfectly. Here are some steps for you to know how to make eyes look bigger with makeup. Check it out.

Perfect shaped Brow

To look your eyes brighter and bigger, keep your eye brows well groomed and then trim them according to their shape. To make your eyes look bigger, make your eye brows arch directly over your pupil.

Conceal Dark Circles

The second step in how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup is to conceal your dark circles with a perfect concealer. Dark circles can ruin your eyes beauty so make sure that there will b no dark spots near your eyes before you apply makeup to make your eyes look bigger.

Apply eye shadow:

Apply light color eye shadow or golden, light bronze on your upper lids, now your lids are ready for the application of dark shadows. Apply the color according to your demand and blend it smoothly. Don’t blend it up to bone of the brow as it can mess up your eye beauty. To make eyes look bigger with makeup, always use the branded eye shadow.

Apply Mascara

Mascara pop up your lashes that make eyes look bigger. Apply mascara from tips of the eye lashes and blend it gradually to the whole wand. Avoid the too much application of mascara at one time! Instead apply it two or three times with time difference. Let the first coat to be dry before of application of second coat, this is how to make eyes look bigger with makeup.

Circle eye lashes

When you done with your mascara, curl your eye lashes as normal. By doing so, you can make you eyes look bigger as your lashes pop up and add to the beauty of your eyes.

Use eye liner

Eye liner plays a vital role to make eyes look bigger. Apply mascara according to your eye shape and extend it to the end corners of the eyes.
Always try to apply water proof mascara so that it may not vanish due to sweat in hot summer. The tip of your eye liner should be perfect so that it can help to make your eyes look bigger with makeup.

Mind the eye liner gap

The beauty of eye makeup lays 70% on the way you apply your eye liner. Mind the gaps while making lines on your eye. Make sure that your skin will not be visible separating the liner. This is another way to make eyes look bigger with makeup.

Apply white liner too

To make eyes look bigger with makeup apply white liner to the inner corners of the eyes. This can also make you look less tired.

Eye brow pencil

Give your brows a perfect shape by lining them with an eye brow pencil. To make eyes look bigger with makeup, use the color of the pencil according to the color of your eye brows. Perfectly trimmed long shaped eye brows are best to make eyes look bigger.

Circle lens

The trend of lens has grown very much in make up art. Lens of different colors (that suits your face color tone) can maximize you eye beauty and make eyes look bigger and brighter. You can wear the lens to enhance your eye beauty.
This is all about how to make eyes look bigger with makeup. Follow the above mentioned techniques and tips to make your eyes attractive and beautiful.

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