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Homemade Lip Balms

Homemade Lip Balms
Homemade lip balm are without chemical contents and very healthy and hygienic for lips. These are easy to make and economical. Greet your lips this winter with homemade lip balms.
Winter season is on its action, chilly breeze and the cold atmosphere lead your skin toward the dryness especially your lips become drier with the chilly season. Your lips require the extra care to look soft and supple, and for this lip balms would be great aid to restrain softness in your lips. To kill the dullness, use lip balms frequently in a day.
Markets are stuffed with variety of lip balms, but you can make it at home easily. It would be more economical and worth giving for your pocket and lips. Following are some homemade lip balm recipes to facilitate your lips in winter.

Homemade Lip Balm Recipes

Homemade lip balm recipes are easy to follow, follow it and save your money and make it more hygienic and in worthy ways for your lips. You can also great your friends and family with these homemade lip balms.

1. Peppermint Homemade Lip Balm

It is refreshing and nourishing fusion of coca with peppermint to nourish your lips.


  •     Peppermint Essential Oil 14 drops
  •     Vitamin E Oil 5 drips
  •     Bee wax 1 tea spoon
  •    Avocado oil 1 table spoon
  •     Almond oil 1 tea spoon
  •     Cocoa butter 1 table spoon


Chop the bee wax and, put bee wax and all oils and butter in a pot and put it on a boiler let it melt on light flame, when get melted pour it immediately into the containers, let it cool. Your homemade lip balm is ready to use. You can use it for two years.

2. Homemade Coconut Lip Balm with Lemon twist

This coconut homemade lip balm is suitable for those who like gloss and light layer on their lips. Coconut oil give a silky gloss to your lips with light coating.


  •     1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
  •     Half table spoon sunflower oil
  •     1.5 table spoon Bee Wax
  •     Half table spoon lime peel essential oil
  •     Few drops of vitamin E oil


Mix the bee wax and coconut oil, put it on a stove and melt it. After melting mix it well with a mixer and pour it in a bowl, mix all the remaining oils and stir it well. Your glossy lip balm is ready to use.

3.    Homemade Vanilla Lip Balm

Vanilla is all time favorite; mostly people get comfortable to wear vanilla lip balm following is homemade vanilla lip balm recipe to facilitate your winter lip care regime.


  •     Vanilla oil 2 teaspoon
  •     Raw Organic Honey 2 teaspoon
  •     Beeswax 3 teaspoon
  •     Shea butter 2 teaspoon
  •     Almond oil 2 teaspoon


On low heat melt the bee wax, almond oil and Shea butter, stir continuously and blend it well. Remove it from the flame and add organic honey and vanilla oil. Pour it into the containers and let it cool. It’s your vanilla homemade lip balm.


Usually people are in a habit to lick their lips frequently and the lip balms with lots of chemical may harm your stomach, but if you are using homemade lip balms these are far from chemicals and not harmful for your stomach. Always try to use homemade lip balms and chose good quality of materials to make them.

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