Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Most Fashionable Trending Handbags For Affordable Price

A fashion follower’s worst nightmare – even worse than looking fat, or being caught wearing the same dress at two parties in a row – is the threat of looking last year. The fashion trends update year after year. Last year’s must-have handbag is very likely to get tossed away this year, and this year’s most fashionable one will definitely become obsolete in 2014.
For our female readers’ convenience, we have built a list of 5 must-have handbags in 2013 that won’t break the bank.

5. Simplified Style Handbag by PARA

Simplified Style Handbag by PARA
Made of very high quality canvas, this handbag by PARA is lightweight and extremely durable. The blue and white straight lines make up for a simple, yet stylish design. It has one huge compartment, closed with a zipper, so you will never have to worry about stuff not fitting in. It’s also a practical gift for any classy and elegant lady. Price: $13.99

4. Tiger Printed Tote Shoulder Bag by Michael Kors

Tiger Printed Tote Shoulder Bag by Michael Kors
Michael Kors is famous for his line of polished and sophisticated all-American sportswear. His collection boasts a jet-set attitude and comes with a huge range of shoes, handbags, accessories, timepieces and fragrances. This handbag may look a bit pricey, but it’s worth every penny spent. Price: $205.00, available at My Peanut Gallery.

3. Hello Kitty Shopping Bag by Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Shopping Bag fashionable handbags
Made of artificial leather, this handbag comes with a shaped buckle on the front, has diamonds shining and a top zipper closure. You can store small accessories, like your phone or iPod, on the two large side pockets. It also has a small pocket on the inside, for valuables like your wallet. It’s a nice gift for all Hello Kitty fans and, for the $18.95 it costs, it’s definitely a steal.

2. Large Leather Handbag with Tassels by Edwards Leather

Large Leather Handbag with Tassels by Edwards Leather
This beautiful handbag is made of authentic and high quality Italian leather, and the name of the reputable manufacturer can vouch for its quality. It’s rather oversized (20in x 13in x 4.25in), so if you have lots of stuff to carry then this bag is definitely for you. It has a center zipped pocket and two interior pockets for your phone or keys. The rear zipped pocket is ideal for storing your iPod, or whatever you need to pull out of the purse without having to look for it for too long. The purse also makes a great gift on any occasion you can think of – anniversary, V-Day, Christmas, birthday, and so on. The price is really low for this kind of quality – only $139.00 – so make sure you grab it until they run out of stock.

1. Unique Limited Handbag by MyLUX

Unique Limited Handbag by MyLUX - affordable handbags
This handbag is the highest quality and most fashionable one you can find in this price range. It’s unique and only sold on Amazon, so you will have a hard time finding it elsewhere. The material is soft, yet substantial. The amazing color schemes make this handbag both classy and chic, and it’s guaranteed to never go out of style. It has a roomy interior, with multiple pockets, so you can keep everything well organized. The shiny hardware and top-notch pleating are guaranteed to draw attention on your accessory. Price: $43.99 and, again, it’s worth every penny.

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