Thursday, April 4, 2013

10 Interestingly Growing Android Blogs

Android has become a most popular mobile operating system all around the world as so many mobile companies love to use Android on their mobile phones, according to brief history of Android, it was acquired by Google back in 2005, later Samsung used Android as OS for first-generation Galaxy S, it was just a beginning but people offered special attention because Galaxy S offered almost everything that a good mobile phone can, this is the reason, the complete Galaxy S series drive Android and Samsung has become a one of best supporter of Google. Due to success of Android Galaxy S series, many other mobile companies have acquired the OS such as Motorola, LG and Sony even now we can get it under ZTE, Huawie, ASUS, HP and on many other phones.
But where all Android devices can get applications? Of course, the Google Play Store is flooded with millions of Android apps and products but is it enough? I don’t think so and this is why so many people have started Android blogs, here we’re sharing ten of best Android blogs that are not very old but growing interestingly, all of these Android blogs are becoming more and more popular with the passage of time by the virtue of interesting Android stuff, they can provide almost everything you need for your Android smartphone and tablets such as Android apps, Android firmware, Android hacks, Android MODs, Android tips and tricks, latest Android stories, and so on. So if you own a Android device or planning to buy, you should check each of them to get everything at your finger tips.

10. cultofandroid


9. androidspin


8. androinica


7. talkandroid


6. androidegis


5. androidcentral


4. droid-life


3. androidauthority


2. sammobile


1. xda-developers


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