Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 10 Websites for Finding Jobs

There are thousands of jobs available in the market, but finding the right one is a difficult task. Thanks to the internet, we no longer have to manhunt newspapers and sources to find suitable jobs. You can simply register on certain sites and receive job alerts. Take a look at top 10 sites for finding the perfect job.

1. CareerBuilder

This is among the top market players in providing jobs with thousands of postings and résumés. In order to provide local as well national job listings, the site has partnered with various newspapers. It also powers the career sites for over 10,000+ websites and 140 newspapers and leading portals such as MSN and AOL.

2. Coolworks

Coolworks is a great site for finding seasonal jobs. It has a list of summer and seasonal jobs along with a free weekly e-mail newsletter along with a free e-mail account, which you’ll require for your job search.

3. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most popular sites for finding local as well as national jobs. It has job listings from thousand of websites, company career pages and newspaper classifieds. It lets users seek jobs using company names, job types or specifications.


4. LinkedIn

This is an excellent site in terms of job options. This career networking site lets you connect with people who can help you in finding jobs or who are already working in the company you are interested in. Moreover, its job section lets you search for positions by keywords and location.

5. LinkUp

This site lets you take a look at the unadvertised jobs listed on company’s web pages. It keeps a tab on thousand of small, mid-sized and large company career sections in order to provide access to these unadvertised jobs on websites.

6. Monster

When we talk about the sheer number of jobs available, there is no competition to Founded in 1999, the site still continues to be one of the largest employment websites. Its positions range from hourly jobs to professional positions in almost every field.

7. SimplyHired

This site lets you search thousands of job boards, classifieds and company websites. Its advanced search features include categories of types of jobs and companies, keyword and location of the jobs.


This is a very useful search site for local as well as national jobs. Launched in 1997, the site lets you browse thousands of job vacancies. It is one of the most-visited job sites with millions of page views every month.

9. Gigajob

This is one of the most preferred online job portals for finding local jobs in your area. It has multiple sub-domains in different countries, in which it operates.

10. Snagajob

It is a great job searching site which lets you see all the openings and vacancies. You can search according to your location too, such as by typing your city’s name or postal code.
To get an edge in the professional market, it is required that you keep yourself posted on such sites.

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