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Top 10 Ways to become more Friendly & Social

If life is like living in a multi-storied building, the friends are certainly the elevators (lift).What a weird symbolism one would say! But the essence of this comparison drawn is that,” Like elevators, our friends glide us up and down smoothly. They keep your feet on the ground when you are overwhelmed with a big achievement and when you are down with depression, they boost your spirits up.So, this special ability to buffer the extremities of life is what necessitates the need for friends.
Moreover, each friend adds a new flavor to the life and a broader perspective and view of any situation.So,one must have plenty of true friends in life.But its not so easy to be the apple of everyone’s eyes.And,something most of us stay curious about is the art of making good friends and the key to do so lies in a few simple things.Ushering in some positive changes in your life can bring you to the best life has to offer.To assist you in your quest for this sweet relation called friendship,here are the top 10 ways to be more friendly and social in life:
10. Socialize more often: Events and Parties.
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You might have what it takes to be a good friend but its all wasted unless you meet new people and make them your buddies.The best way to find and meet people who have interests similar to yours,,is through the certain parties and events.Whether it be your favourite band’s music concert or your social cause’s meetings,a literature fest or just a party thrown by a mutual friend or colleague,you are sure to find the apt people you can mix well with,enjoy spending time with and the event might end up handing you the nicest friends one could have.
9.Don’t consider yourself Superior/Inferior.
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Say no to ego or inferiority complex,whatever your case may be,if you really want to make some good friends out there.While interacting with new people,its necessary for you to be at the same mental level as them.Don’t ever flaunt your “higher” social,economic or educational status for thats sure to hurt the other person’s sentiments,making him feel timid and irritated at your ego.And on the other hand,dont let your spirits down just because you think you cant match a guy’s so-called “status”,for in that case,the world would seem deficient of opportunities even when there would have been friends,had you not pissed them off with your low level of confidence due to that sense of difference.Remember,you all are equal,be at the same level!
8.Talk impressively : humor and wit.
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There are a lot of people we meet in our day-to-day lives,colleagues,mutual friends or plain business people or entire strangers or fellow passengers in buses,trains or planes…but the persons we so far remember are the persons we had fun talking to.Those witty jokes you crack make a person all the more interested in you and by reflecting your wisdom or current updates or sense of humour in whatever you say,poses you as a smart and funny chap one would love to be friends with.So,impress the people you meet and befriend them by those oratory skills or just plain humour!
7.Show interest in them.
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Friendship births from mutual understanding and respect.You can’t be friends with somebody if you are way too self-centred and the only person you care about is yourself.There are several moments in life when you have to sacrifice something for the sake of your friend.So,inspite of behaving selfishly,you must also care for the interests of others.And while befriending them,do take care you don’t keep talking about YOUR family,YOUR interests,YOUR pets and YOUR life-stories only.And neither should YOU always choose your favourite cafe for hanging out.Do show interest in what they have to say,be a good listener and you will be respected.That way,you’ll also get to know more about their feelings and views about something so that you can connect with them better as well as make them feel at home with you.
6.Don’t dig into personal details.
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There’s nothing more annoying than a guy or girl who keeps bothering you about what your middle name is,what’s your hometown,why are you not speaking to XYZ,how you got that ugly burn mark or even how much do you earn?Such nosy people are surely objects of irritation and so could be you even without knowing that you are behaving so weirdly.Yes,you definitely should show interest in them but you surely shouldn’t be messing with something thats personal.If you,in the slightest,observe that the bloke you are talking to is uncomfortable about a topic you started,abandon the topic right there.In every relation,each person needs some space.If they want to tell you something,hear patiently,otherwise never ever dig into details they may not like exposing.
5.Don’t judge a Man by his C oat.
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You never know even the “cunning-looking” people could be simple and innocent, and those beautiful girls need not be egoist or proud, they could be sweet and down-to-earth.So,never brand people by their appearance or body language at the very first instance. You need time to explore what a person actually is. A guy on the first sight may not appeal to you as “your type” but once you start knowing each other, talking, hanging out together, you would realize he is totally meant for you. So ,never hurry up while choosing friends and don’t ever tag people on first meetings or at first sight. Remember, looks, physique, language, so-called socio-cultural inequalities are never a barrier in friendship.
4.BE optimistic:Admire the positive traits
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Whether you call a glass half empty or half full depends on your mentality and ability to see the positive sides of even the most miserable conditions.And,hence, developing an optimistic perspective towards any relation makes it a cherished experience.So,never rant about the person being “moody” or acting “strangely” at some times. Look at their positive qualities of staying a good friend to you, being sweet and helping, and generous. And do keep admiring them for what they are good at because to admire is a Divine quality as  it not only makes your pal happy but you also boost up your personality’s positive side by doing so. Appreciating should NOT be misunderstood as “buttering” or “flattery” for they are just some bad habits and to admire is different than that.Moreover,politely acquainting them with their negative sides that need to be mended and then ignoring it is way better than to keep thinking about it.And such openness in a relation is what acts as a unifying bond.
3.Always wear a Smile.
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Smile is the curve that sets everything straight. So, no matter whether you wear your favorite outfit or goggles when in mood of making new friends, just make sure that you are wearing that beautiful smile. For it’s the warm greeting that softens and extends happiness to the person being smiled at. The first step while getting to meet new people is to pass a smile. Moreover, it acts as a check whether a person is interested in you or not. An introvert or Goth may not smile back, letting you know they got no interest. Similarly, the different extents of smiles returned signify their level of interest. As they say, “Smile costs nothing, but buys everything”, so, never be a miser in spending smiles.
2.Don’t fake out:Be real,be transparent.
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You are unique in your being and so, respect that and stay real, stay the way you are. Posing as a person you really aren’t like will only create problems in any sort of relationship. Behaving as a split personality is no more than being a traitor to yourself. Remember, lies are not always hidden. They may surface up any time and make your relation sour.So,just don’t lie at the first place. If you want to make more friends,just be more transparent to them and don’t adopt “fake-ism”. A person who respects you the way you are is only a true  friend and hence, to make more friends of this kind, feel free to express true experiences and stories of yours. And don’t ever indulge in back-biting. Adopting some basic ethics makes you a unique and lovable fellow.
1.Extend your hand first.
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When you really want to add more good friends in your circle, don’t feel hesitant to reach out first. If you keep waiting for a suitable fellow to enter your life like as if in a fairy-tale, and then plead you to accept him as your friend and then you two continue to live happily ever after…..then,wake up and live the reality. YES,new people may extend their greetings to you first but to make some nice buddies, you must not consider it desperate to extend your hand first.Don’t feel shy to communicate, do talk.For once you get to know each other, you might become the best of friends and the rest, as they say, will be HISTORY………

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