Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top 10 Things to Expect with the Samsung Galaxy S4

Be ready for the next Galaxy as the new Galaxy S4 from Samsung will be released real soon. Some have already heard of the rumors that roam about this new flagship device from the most prestigious Korean smartphone maker, but others are just plain clueless as what would be expected of this latest phone that competes with the iPhone 5. And just like what happens every year, everyone is anticipating that this new device would be much bigger and much more powerful than the current Galaxy S3, now being enjoyed by many Android fans. Just what are the top 10 things to expect with the Samsung Galaxy S4? Jump in and find out.

10. The Last of Its Type
As you come across the Samsung Galaxy S4 on its official release, you also need to think that this newest handset may be the last of its kind for Samsung, which has relied mainly on what has been set as trend by Apple’s iPhones, ever since the iPhone 3 were sold on the shelves. From the slide unlock, to the apps, and even user algorithm, everything have been influenced by the iOS system, although no one would really appreciate that thought. In 2014, Samsung will be using its own operating system, Tizen. But if you look at the preview in MWC 2013, you will even wonder if Samsung is actually deviating itself from the norm, or it just wanted to make an escape of Apple’s shadow. Again, the S4 will be the last of the iPhone line of phones for Samsung, so prepare for something different.

9. A Stunning Eye Candy
Not only is the Galaxy S4 a smartphone that would blow away with users by what can be perceived by sight, more importantly, Samsung will be using its eye tracking technology that would make it possible to maneuver and interact with the phone in a very advanced way, much more advanced than the Air Shuffle being offered by O+ phones. Such applied technologies are called the Smart Scroll, which utilizes the eyeballs to scroll through the screen, and the Smart Pause, which pauses videos and audio when the eyes move away from the screen.

8. Tapping Wireless Charging
Wireless charging was not much of an issue back then since people are a bit lenient when it comes to having their phones hang onto a wall charger and then have fun all day long, thanks to batteries that can store bigger juice for their smartphones. Things have been fine not until the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 from Nokia have introduced how fun it is to have your phone charged on the table, without being bound by cables that could limit you from what you need to do. The Galaxy S3 had this feature actually, but it was never given much emphasis due to other overwhelming aspects included.

7. NFC That You Can See
Tapping heads have never been so great, especially when talking about it in the field of smartphone technology. Samsung has been planning this for a while, knowing that there have been other companies, such as Nokia, that have applied this innovation to their Lumia phones. However, Samsung is planning more to their NFC than just transferring files almost instantaneously. The South Korean smartphone company has recently established deals with Visa, and even payWave in order to harness this great discovery in a whole new way. So by the time you have S4 in your hands, you will not only be using it for calls, texts, games, or video, but you will also utilize it as an eWallet that carries your banking info, show tickets, plane tickets, and more.

6. A Bigger Screen
People have seen that bigger is better in terms of graphics display on smartphones. Both the Galaxy S3 and the Note 2 have presented screens that have bigger pixilation, better dimensions, more colors, and sharper, clearer lines. We have seen the huge upgrade from Galaxy S2’s 4.3-inches, which was already huge at the time, to over 4.8 with the current Galaxy phone. Fans have also seen the Note models going through the borderline between a phone and a tablet with over 5.0-inch displays, which may not be far as to what the Galaxy S4 may go through at 4.99 inches of pure display goodness with a 1080p screen quality and a 441ppi.

5. Support for the Latest Android OS
There are now certain Samsung phone models that are running the latest release of the Jelly Bean 4.2 that provides better performance, more integrated usage, and more flexible interface for users to play and enjoy. However, there is more to the Galaxy S4 than just being the perfect device for the latest Android operating system. Samsung has even thought of having the newest flagship phone to be the first device of its class to run Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, which is again, one of the greatest reasons why anyone should be curious of this new phone.

4. Leveled Up Camera
Even though the Samsung Galaxy S3 was able to bring about an 8MP camera, these days, the said spec may be taken more as ordinary as Sony Xperia Z came into the smartphone wars, packing itself with a hefty and shocking 13MP camera, that’s more than beyond normal for any phone to carry and handle. Samsung is looking to include either a 10MP or 13MP rear camera, and is also planning to adapt Nexus’ Photo Sphere with its own Samsung Orb. Hopefully, it will be able to adapt a system that’s a lot different, just to avoid the latest infringement wars.

3. A Plastic Body
Many are wondering if the Galaxy S4 would have a different kind of casing, something that Apple did from its iPhone 4S to iPhone 5. Based on how the company looks at it in a way that it helps both the customers and the manufacturer itself, it seems like the new smartphone would come out with all the plastic love in its body, from the head frame, down to the battery cover at the back, just like what it did for Galaxy S3 and Note 2 previously. The reason being has something to do with the easy to remove cover for battery replacements, easier production on fluctuating demands, and for reliable sturdiness without the intricate details.
Top 10 Things to Expect with the Samsung Galaxy S4

2. Pumped Up Battery Life
Sharper screens, more powerful processors, and more demanding performance means that average battery life may not be able to sustain too much of what the Samsung Galaxy S4 may offer. In fact, because of the many perks that may be included with the device, the battery may not be able to hold the fun for too long, and it may only last less than a day for the power users. However, other mobile phone companies have proved that batteries need not be too bulky to compromise the sexy. Consider Motorola’s 3,300mAh in Razr Maxx. This could also be found in the newest Samsung Galaxy phone that will be out on the 14th of March, although rumors are more concrete on the 2,600mAh.

1. A Crazier Processor
From solo core, to dual-core, and even the quad-core, smartphone enthusiasts and critics have observed the growth of the processors when it comes to meeting demands on watching HD videos, playing graphic-engine demanding games, and even doing both or other things almost at the same time. Despite that the latest quad core processors are meeting so much expectations of avoiding lags and operation latency issues on the current smartphones, many are still expecting that Samsung will yet hype the game higher with a 1.8GHz octo-core processor. Some think that this may be too crazy of an idea, but knowing how Samsung behaves, this latest ingredient in the S4 is nothing but normal.

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