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Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America

They are totally huge and tall buildings having a kind of steel framework and are suspended with curtain walls which are outer covering of building made of light weight material and low costing too. There is no official height which states that the building above a certain height can be regarded as skyscrapers. They are generally multi storied and are used for commercial purposes. Old skyscrapers were made of reinforced concrete. Also there are large windows because of the steel framework and the walls are not load bearing. They have a shape of tube. Even the stronger and efficient because of the design and the way it is made. The material required is reduced and it makes it economically efficient too. The interiors are also fewer which makes the floor space usable. Furthermore it can be constructed in different designs also. They too provide high ratio of rentable floor space per unit area. That is why even a little of space can be used in making large buildings and they are totally opposite than the palaces which took a lot of area and floor space per unit area was less. More the skyscrapers more economic the country is considered.
Around the world there are many countries having big skyscrapers but most of the skyscrapers are in America and are tall and huge. Many of the tallest buildings in the world are in USA. The top ten tallest buildings/ skyscrapers are listed below.
10. The U.S Bank Tower
U.S Bank Tower1 192x300 Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
This is the U.S Bank Tower which is formerly known as Library Tower and First Interstate Bank World Center is in Los Angeles, California. And is the tallest building in California and 55th tallest in the whole world. It is the 10th tallest skyscraper in America. It is having a helipad on the top and its design is in such a way that it can resist the earthquake of even 8.3 mark on the scale. It is having 2 underground parking lots and 73 stories. It is 1018 ft tall and was completed in 1989. A massive amount of 350 million dollars was spent to make this skyscraper.
9. Bank Of America Plaza
Bank of america plaza 200x300 Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
This tall skyscraper is located in Atlanta. It is 1040 ft. high and is Georgia’s tallest building and 61st tallest building of world. It was completed in 1992. It has 55 stories and was called national bank plaza. It was supposed to be headquarters of the Citizen and Southern National Bank but was taken over by the NCNB. And hence became national Bank’s property. It is built at a 45 degree angle. There are rumors that the land under lawns and driveway are going to be redeveloped and would be mixed in the building.
8. New York Times Building
New York Times Building Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
This huge building is tallest skyscraper on the west of manhatten. It was completed in 2007. Its cheif tenant is the New York Times which publish the New York Times and other magazines and other newspapers. The construction was jointly done by New York Times and Forest City Enterprises. The site was obtained by ESDC. Ten existing buildings were purchased by them to make this huge buildings. Some people of course did not wanted to sell the place. It was leased to the companies in 88.7 million dollars for just 100 years. It is 1046 ft high. The building has free air cooling which makes it eco friendly. And 95% of the steel was recycled.
7. Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
This tall skyscraper is in New York City and surprisingly was tallest building when it was finished. It is made in an Art Deco style. It is 319 m long. It tasted the tallest height of the skies for 11 months but then the Empire State building surpassed it. It is made of bricks. And thus is the tallest brick building in the whole world. And because of its classy design its considered to be one of the most beautiful designed building. It was headquarters of the Chrysler Corporation but an interesting fact is that the corporation did not paid for the construction. But Walter Chrysler paid himself as he wanted his sons to inherit the magnificent building. It also creates a visual effect of light floating in mid air. It was completed in 1930. This building is used in many movies and is known for its crown design.
6. John Hancock Center
John Hancock Center Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
This building is in Chicago, USA is a large building of 344 m. And there are 100 floors. It was constructed by Skidmore, Merrill and Owings. In 1968 it was the tallest building in World outside New York City. It is the 4th largest skyscraper in Chicago and the 6 th tallest building of U.S. It is having many offices and restaurants and is having residence which are 3rd highest in the world. This building is named after its original tenants that are John Hancock Life Insurance company. There is also an observatory attraction and a restaurant. It is a tourist hotspot. The 360 degree view can be observed from the observatory upto 80 miles. Also there is America’s highest indoor swimming pool. It is shaped in tubular system  and is having fine granite interiors.
5. Aon Center
Aon Center. Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
It is a modern skyscraper and was by designed by Edward and Perkin and Will. It was completed in 1974 as the Standard Oil Building. It is having 83 floors and touches the height of 346 m and is the 3rd tallest building in Chicago. Its design is simple and nice. The building is headquarters of Lang LaSalle and is managed by them only. It is also the headquarters of Aon Center. It has the V shaped column so that earthquakes can be resisted. When it was totally made it was the largest building made of Italian Marble. But the marble was thin which was not good for building. And then straps were added to hold the marble in place. The top floors are lit with colors reflecting a particular holiday and season. And in the plaza there are sculptures.
4. Bank Of America Tower
Bank Of America Tower Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
This is really a beautiful building in New York City. A whole 1 billion dollars were spent on this skyscraper. It is the 3rd tallest building in New York. And is fifth tallest building of U.S. It was also featured in an episode of mega structures a programme on National Geographic. It received best tall building award in 2010. It is having 55 floors and 52 elevators. Many of the buildings were demolished to make this building. Its name is based on the main tenant that is bank of America. The slag cement was used to construct this which is good for environment.
3. Empire State Building
Empire state building Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
This huge building is of 102 stories and is in New York. It is of 381 m. Its name is taken from New York itself. As New York is also called empire state. It was the World’s tallest building for about 40 years. It is the 3rd tallest building of U.S. And is 22nd in the world. It is also made in Art Deco Style. It was made the National Historic Landmark in 1986. Currently there is reconstruction and renovation is being done and 550 dollars have been spent. It is now made eco-friendly by making it more energy efficient and 120 million dollars were used in it. Actually more than 30 people have committed suicides by jumping from that building. Also the 1945 plane crashed in between the 79th and 80th floor and 14 people were killed in the accident. Even a year later another aircraft narrowly missed in crashing with the building. We can just imagine with this that how big the building is. At the top there is a lightening rod and broadcasting antenna. And it was the 1st building having 100 floors.  It has 73 elevators. The empire state building costed 41000000 dollars approximately. The floodlights gave the building colors like blue and red. Also there is observation decks from where a beautiful view of city can be seen. Actually it makes more money in observatory business than renting the place to offices.
2. Trump International Hotel and Tower
Trump International Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
It is present in Chicago. It is named after billionaire real estate person Donald Trump. And it is of height 423 m. It is 92 storied and is having highest residence in the world. It was planned to be highest building but then changes were made. It is having parking, garage and a hotel and is 5 star. It is 12th tallest building.
1. Willis Tower
Willis Tower Top 10 Tallest Skyscrapers in America
It was formerly called Sears Tower and surely is the tallest skyscraper and is 108 storied. It is the 7th tallest building of the world. Willis group got right to rename it because of the leased land. The construction costed $150 million at that time. there are 40000 sprinklers. The business has also seen ups and downs. It also appeared in numerous films. This is the tallest skyscraper of America and the very best.

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