Thursday, March 21, 2013

Top 10 Natural Ways to Fight Anxiety

With the increase in the work load and a hectic schedule, almost everyone is caught by anxiety. This isn’t also disturbing the sleep cycle but also affects the over health of an individual. There are a lot of ways to overcome and fight against anxiety. Here are top 10 natural ways to fight against anxiety.
10) Herbal remedies-Chamomile tea
There are a lot of studies which shows that Chamomile, Chamomile, St. Johns Wort and Valerian rootare very useful in reducing the anxiety. They are very effective for mild cases of anxiety and they help to fight against acute pain. More commonly used in reducing anxiety is the Chamomile tea. This helps to get better sleep if your sleep is disturbed by anxiety.
9) Supplements
It has been reported that Magnesium is an important ingredient to reduce the traumatic stress that occurs due to anxiety. It undoes the bad programming from anxiety attacks by creating nee responses from the brain which are not influenced by anxiety. The natural magnesium supplement is also suggested for best results.
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8) Omega 3 fatty acids
These are found to reduce anxiety by 20 percent. If you are wondering where to find the omega3 fatty acids, do not worry and consume a lot fish in your diet. This will reduce the anxiety and reduce the inflammation in the body.
7) Anti-Anxiety Diet
 New researches have shown that people suffer from anxiety and depression which originates from the gut. This is linked to Bowel syndrome and anxiety at the same time. A healthy diet with lots of fruits, green leafy vegetable, proteins, and grains are needed to fight against the anxiety. Reduce the consumption of sugar, fat and dairy products as much as you can.
6) Eliminate Food Triggers
Most of the people have found that caffeine triggers the anxiety. Some say glutamine does the same. If you are allergic to any of these, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of coffee or anything that contains glutamine to zero. You can maintain a diary to note the food items you consume daily and then you can find the food items causing anxiety. Thus it will be easier for you to reduce it.
5) Relaxation Therapies
There are lot relaxation therapies available to relax your body and reduce anxiety. You need to have a long and proper massage. Apart from this yoga and Reiki and medication are the best things which help to fight against the anxiety. These therapies release hormones to make you feel good and relaxed. Thus this prevents fighting against the anxiety.
4) Exercise
The exercise includes anything that is related to the movement of joints and muscles. This will help you to relax yourself and feel energetic. So it is sensible enough to carry out 30 minutes cardiovascular exercises. Take stairs instead of lifts and escalator.
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3) Acknowledge Work Related Anxiety
It is essential to know the cause for anxiety. If it relates to your job and workplace, then you need to discuss with some and this will reduce the anxiety to a greater level. Sharing will not only make you feel relaxed, but you also get new ideas to reduce your workload.
2) Breathe
There are a lot of specific exercises for breathing. You need to learn them so that they will reduce the anxiety to a greater level. If you have daily symptoms of anxiety, they are the best solution for it.
1) Sleep Patterns
Most of the people do not follow a healthy sleeping pattern. If you are ignorant about the fact that sleeping patterns contribute to the overall fitness; it is advisable to have a minimum sleep of 6-8 hours for an adult.

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