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Top 10 List of Most Populated States in America in 2013

The popular explosion is a problem for the world. But you will be surprised to know about the top most populated states in America in 2013. So here are the most populated states and cities of the USA in 2013

most populatd states US 2013

10 – North Carolina.

North Carolina is located just below the middle Atlantic states on the east coast of the United States. At present the state has approximately 9.8 million people. This is due to the agricultural, high tech, education industries. North Carolina boasts some very advanced living environments with beautiful scenery, woodland areas, theme parks and more. The lower cost of living is attractive too and small businesses have moved there thus increasing the population density.

9 – Michigan.

Again, boasting a population of 9.8 million, This northern state just above the midwest. At one point the state had a huge automotive industry found in it’s signature city of Detroit. For decades that one city provided enough jobs and related income to keep the U.S., going economically. That being said, no wonder there still is a large population in the state. It’s not a small state land area wise as it has the longest fresh water coastline of the states as it borders the Great Lakes. Fishing, hunting, skiing, all contribute to the economy and population. With Detroit now in economic stress there’s no telling if the population will dwindle at all.

8 – Georgia.

Reaching a population density of 9.9 million this southern state that borders the Gulf of Mexico has much to validate its numbers. The reason being that there is agriculture, industry, fishing, school. Still with a large rural population it maintains it because of the cost of living being so low. The mean family income is affordable enough although it does have its share of poverty. It makes up for this with its other income producing industries and is somewhat progressive to introducing new ones. Weather is also a factor as it has extremes of tornadoes to hurricanes and sometimes wicked snowstorms but rarely drought. The abundance of fresh water and produce allows the state to maintain its citizenry.

7 – Ohio.

Smack dab in the midwest is the state of Ohio with a population of 11.5 million. Ohio is the center of much industry, agriculture, military, schools, and other industries. It maintains its population with such income producing industries as it is known for innovation as well. It has plenty of fresh water and produce which can also be easily gained from the surrounding states. It borders Lake Erie to the north and Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Kentucky and West Virginia. Heralded for it’s collegiate and pro sports venues, Ohio keeps its citizens busy.

6 – Pennsylvania.

With a population of 12.7 million this state is steeped in both American history and industry. With two large cities, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, it is a state of utmost importance to the country and the world. Laws, agriculture, high tech, education, sports, art, you name it, Pennsylvania has it and more. Its citizens are maintained by this diverse industry platform and although it does have its pockets of crime and poverty the state is managed quite well which validates its population numbers. It receives high attention from the federal government as so many important trends and decisions come from there.

5 – Illinois.

Home to the monster sized city of Chicago, Illinois has a population of 12.8 million and for good reason. Bordering Lake Michigan it is the center of commerce for the midwest states. Harboring major industries from automotive, computing, high tech, agriculture, sports, arts, it is a hubbub of commerce and more. The city of Chicago is primary for this interest and impetus and allows for greater expansion. Even though the state itself needs attention in areas of crime and poverty, much due attention and pressure to straighten things out has come because of U.S. President Barack Obama as a resident.

4 – Florida.

There is no doubt as to why the state of Florida has such a large population of 19.2 million, it’s the sunny warm weather, lower cost of living and general fun. Because of its climate, industry can go on year round making for better job opportunities and lower cost of living outside of the big cities. It’s still much rural with farms and thick foliage and swampy areas to be had. The vacation industry is what really puts this state over the top and the population swells by several million people each month on top of its base population. Theme parks and the water venues are what bring in the tourists and as it is surrounded by both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico the water sports just don’t end year round. This gives for more employment opportunities for the numerous famous college students too.

3 – New York.

One would think New York state would be at the top of this list but it comes in third with a base population of 19.4 million people. It is almost a country unto itself. With the massive population of New York City which probably makes up half the population count. There is no end to the industry New York has within its borders. Military, high tech, commerce, sports, agriculture, entertainment, and far, far more this state has to have a huge population just to keep it running properly. The massive rural landscape takes up the majority of the state with trees, lakes, rivers, streams everywhere. Most people don’t realize how much of the state is covered by trees. Its bordered by five other states all that depend on it as well as the rest of the world and it is connected to two of the Great Lakes and at the south, the Atlantic Ocean. It generates billions and billions of dollars and maintains its population quite well.

2 – Texas.

The big lone star state of Texas figures to have a large population. Bordered by four states, the country of Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico it has everything to keep a state of 26 million busy. From medical, high tech, massive agriculture, oil, gas, mining, sports, entertainment, tourism, colleges, and military, Texas has more to do and see than many states combined. It has deserts, forests, springs, and more. The population is well kept by the infrastructure and bustling cities of Dallas and Austin. Texas pushes to be progressive and is really going after the high tech medical sector.

1 – California.

No other state comes close to the massive population of California which ranks it on top of the list of 10 most populated states in US – 2013. With 37.8 million people it’s a wonder it hasn’t fallen apart. Some say it is or will but it has so many big cities and is so large in land area it’s no wonder people flock to the state. Los Angeles alone has more people than most countries around the world. It has everything from military, medical, agriculture, tourism, entertainment, high tech, and many more industries. The southern part of the state boasts the biggest populations due to the weather. It’s a Catch-22 of a situation as the more people who arrive with hopes create more industry but unfortunately a strain on state resources. Somehow, someway California government keeps things together to keep the state rolling.

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