Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 10 Ladies Summer Designer Sandals 2013

Well ladies, with the start of summer we see a lot of changes. We see more sunshine, more leg, more arm and a lot more feet. So go ahead and treat yourself to that pedicure. Maybe, you’ll even treat yourself to a couple of these pairs of designer sandals. Searching for the perfect sandals can be a nightmare, but we all know that they’re probably the shoes you’ll wear the most during the summer. And because it’s never too early to bag the best deal, here’s a selection of this year’s best summer designer sandals 2013

10. Rene Caovilla Pearl Thong Sandal

Rene Caovilla Pearl Thong Sandal
These are one of the dressier pairs of sandals on the list but they are so elegant it would have been wrong not to include them on any list of the best ladies summer sandals. Wear them with a short dress and be careful of that nail polish. True jewellery for the feet. Absolutely perfect for a summer night on the town. They cost $775.

9. Sigerson Morrison Two-Tone Toe Loop Sandal

Sigerson Morrison Two-Tone Toe Loop Sandal
With silver and gold metallic braiding, these sandals would go well with absolutely anything. They would be just as good for a day on the beach as a night in a club. Just be wary of getting sand between your toes. That’s never a good thing. They cost $395.

8. Lavender Label Vera Wang Nita Flat Thong Sandal

Lavender Label Vera Wang Nita Flat Thong Sandal
Not only are these sandals simple and elegant, they’re also fairly functional. The black and thong combination really keeps your foot in place, stopping you from having to concentrate too much on moving. Smart leather makes these perfect for smarter occasions or a day at the office, and the leather is carefully made to be soft enough that it feels almost as if it could still breathe. They cost $195.

7. Valentino Leather Flower Sandal

Valentino Leather Flowers Sandal
The leather on these sandals is so soft that it almost feels alive. Finally, a sandal which has no uncomfortable rubbing. As an added bonus, these sandals are incredibly adorable. Flirty and sexy, perfect for a summer garden party. Or you could wear them with a cute little dress to look extra feminine for that special occasion. They cost $695.

6. Stella McCartney Metallic Coif Sandal

Stella McCartney Metallic Coif Sandal
Although these sandals are amazing, you have to be very careful if you happen to buy them online, because they need to be exactly the right fit if they aren’t to slide around a bit if you’re off on the size. However, they look amazing. Just don’t try and running any marathons in them! They cost $295.

5. Manolo Blahnik Suede Flower Thong Sandal

Manolo Blahnik Suede Flower Thong Sandal
Suede isn’t used for sandals often enough. Wonderfully soft, and this particular shoe comes in three different colours. It doesn’t matter what skin tone you have, these sandals will look wonderful. Plus, the flower helps to accent your foot. They cost $395.

4. Dior Stripped Gladiator

A must on any list of the best sandals for women this year. The name says it all. Based on the Roman gladiator sandals, these shoes give a sexy twist to an ancient idea. No one would dare mess with someone wearing these sandals. Perfect for the powerful office woman – even when she’s on holiday! They cost $540.

3. Christian Louboutin Flat Patent Sandal

Christian Louboutin Flat Patent Sandal
These sandals are vibrant red in colour, drawing the eye down to your dainty little feet. The ringed cut outs help too – summer is the perfect time for showing off a little bit of skin on your feet. Just be sure not to pick a nail varnish that clashes with the brilliance of the shoes. They cost $695.

2. Alexander McQueen Metallic Skull Sandal

Alexander McQueen Metallic Skull Sandal
I’ll admit. A metallic skull isn’t anyone’s first choice to make you look wonderful. Only Alexander McQueen can design this to look fantastic on anyone’s foot. A totally unique look – but only for those who are feeling a little brave and edgy this summer. Still, the silvery skull does draw the eye, and so makes a very bold statement. They cost $895.

1. Elizabeth and James Crochet Thong Sandal

Elizabeth and James Crochet Thong Sandal
The number one must-have sandal for summer 2013. These sandals give the impression that someone just got creative and started to braid some grass into their sandals, with this amazing result. Better yet, they have a smooth finish, which makes them ultra-comfortable, while still having a natural look that’s just perfect for summer. They cost $235.
So, there you have it. The ultimate list of the best 10 ladies summer sandals for women to wear this summer. Sandals make the perfect summer footwear because of their casual appeal. The comfort, functionality and style offered by sandals are also distinct, that many individuals prefer to wear this type of footwear for all summer occasions.

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