Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 10 Hottest Female Dj's in India 2013

While you are out in your favorite disco, what matters most is your DJ. If your disc jockey knows your taste, you’ll surely end up appreciating the party. What if your DJ is hot, sexy, and gets your feet tapping? You are bound to fall in love with her, aren’t you? We bring to you the 10 of the best and hottest female DJs in 2013from across India. Not only these DJs are beautiful, but also skilled enough to make your feet tap all night long!

Top 10 Hottest Female DJs in India in 2013 

1. DJ LiL’B

Lil’B is one of the hottest female DJs in India. She is cute, too! If you ever have a chance to dance on her beats, you’ll get to know how good she is at disc jockeying!

2. DJ Smita

Again, DJ Smita qualifies to this list because of her gorgeous looks and extraordinary skills. She can really make you shake your hip!!

3. DJ Rink

Have a look at this hottie! She can kill you with her awesome looks and mesmerize all with her out-of-the-box DJ skills. Well, who cares about the kind of music if you get a DJ so hot (or cool?).

4. DJ Pearl

She is known for some serious work, disco lovers! If ever you have had a chance to listen to DJ Pearl, you’ll definitely recommend her to your mates. DJ Pearl is hot, happening, and one of the best female DJs in the country!

5. DJ Aashika

Known more for her killing looks and dressing style, DJ Aashika can make you groove on her heavy-beat music for quite some time!

6. DJ Spin Twin

Not satisfied with one? Here is a set! DJ Spin Twin gives you fun of two. Twin sisters can make you rock and roll on different beats for good number of hours. Make sure you are wearing the most comfortable pair of your shoes!

7. DJ Carlotta Lackman

Once you attend a party with her music, you are going to fall in love with her. Hot looks with some cool music, DJ Carlotta Lackman is a perfect contender for our list of hottest female DJs in India.

8. DJ Kary

Kary is cool and known to play some cool music. People say she has a wide variety of taste and understands the crowd very well. What else can you ask from your DJ?

9. DJ Megha Kawale

Megha Kawale is from Mumbai, and is one of the hottest DJs in the country. Known for her bold and sexy style along with some hip-shaking, foot-tapping music playing, she is the perfect female DJ to have in your party!

10. DJ Sonee

Glamorous looks and beautiful smile are the words that are used to definte DJ Sonee. Though she works as a DJ, we doubt of she also has contracts with any modeling agency. DJ Sonee is a great female DJ to make your party a hit!
If not anything else, female DJs do enhance the sexiness of the party. Let us know who your favorite female DJ 2013is, and we would love to mention it here!

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