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Top 10 Highest Waterfalls in the World

As we celebrate the International World Day for Water on March 22, 2013, let’s appreciate the natural creations and wonders of the earth. The majesty that water brings not just being one of the primary sources of life, is the grandiose that it gives as we behold these top 10 highest waterfalls in the world. Aside from the health benefits that it can give since it can calm and soothe the mind because of the relaxing effect it gives, it is also a source of hydroelectric power. Moreover, it also boosts tourism in countries that are rich in waterfall attractions.

10. Espelands Waterfalls (2,307 feet)
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It is also known as Espelandsfossen, which is situated in the Espeland Valley, where its name was derived. It’s exactly located in Granvin in Hardanger Fjord, Norway. The source of its water comes from Opo River. Its height is equivalent to 7,031 meters.

9. Ølmäa Waterfalls (2,362 feet)
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It is considered the tallest waterfall in Europe, which can be seen in More Og Romosdal Province in Norway. It’s considered a horsetail type due to the concentration of the water that gradually expands as it reaches the bottom. Although it has no name at all, but because of the common conversations of people in the place, wherein it’s being referred to as Ølmäa, it was famed with the term anyway. The water source of it comes from the Romsdalen plateaus, wherein it drops at 720m high in a slow pace movements.

8. Yosemite Falls (2,425 feet)
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Yosemite is famous for waterfalls, especially in the months of May to June, where tourists and other visitors enjoy the big drops of waterfalls, particularly the Yosemite falls. You’ll enjoy the peak of it from November to July, especially in May. It’s actually comprised of upper, middle, and lower Yosemite. You’ll delight seeing its falls even if you are on the Yosemite Valley, even as you view it in the village and lodge. You may also hike to the falls if you plan to do a strenuous activity following the trail, which includes other waterfalls that surround the area. It is located in Yosemite National Park of the Sierra Nevada in California in the North America. Its longest drop is 1,430 feet, while 3 recorded number of drops.

7. Mutarazi Falls (2,499 feet)
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It is also known as Mtarazi falls, which is found in the highlands of the Honda Valley of Zimbabwe. It’s the second highest waterfall in Africa while ranked number 7th in the whole world although there are other claims that it’s the 17th highest waterfalls in the world. You’ll appreciate every water drop of it, which is at its heaviest downpour from February to April. There are other nearby places where you can stay like the Mutarazi Falls Camping Huts, where you’ll enjoy the perks of their camping set-up. It consists of a single tier especially the two-tiered granite waterfalls that boost the water spray displays of waterfalls.

6. Gocta Cataracts (2,532 feet)
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It is a secret paradise in the midst of the province of Amazon in Peru when Stefan Ziemendorff discovered this place. Its height is just estimation, and the 2,532 feet height was not an exact measurement. There was a hearsay that it’s hidden in order to avoid sudden curse from the legendary tale of a mermaid who has the power to utter curses. This waterfall is actually divided into two segments, which comprises of the top, being 250 meters, and the lower part, being 540 meters. There are developments being made in order to increase tourism, which would include restaurants, industry workers, trail, small hotel, and other relaxing amenities. As you reached the base of the waterfall, you’ll find tranquility in their pool. Overall, you’ll have to spend 6 hours hiking in order to reach the place which is located northeast of Lima.

5. Monge Waterfalls (2,536 feet)
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Also known as the Mongefossen to the locals of Norway, Monge Falls stands at a height of 2,536 feet, or 443 meters. It is classified as a horsetail kind of falls as the water, falls from the top on a narrow path and then expands as it down to the bottom. Due to its height, the said tall waterfall is also used for generating electricity, which explains why the flow path from Mongefossen is usually dry during summer. Nevertheless, if the said water system has been freed to flow on its own, it could have been an interesting tourist attraction whether it may invite waterfall watchers or maybe sport fishers.

4. Waihilau Falls (2,600 feet)
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Despite that the Waihilau Falls in  Hawaii is a wonderful sight to see, as the trailing water perfectly flows through a steep cliff that’s covered in lush and green vegetation, it may be a bit of a challenge for tourists to see as the path is not that accessible. Ironically, this is also the reason why the said water system is serene and virgin in the most literal sense, not being too exposed to the foreign eye. Aside from being pristine and pure, Waihilau Falls, which has a height of over 2,600 feet, is one of the many places created in the lava flow of historic volcanoes, particularly the Kohala Volcano, which is actually extinct today. Once you make it over the treacherous path, you will also see other three waterfalls as consolation to your hard work and patience: Wai’ilikahi Falls, Kakaauki Falls, and Lahomene Falls.

3. Utigord Waterfalls (2,625 feet)
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You might not be able to find this falls very well in Norway not unless you’d be able to know its native name, which is Ramnefjellfossen. Its height of 2,625 feet had been in question for so many years because of its 4 distinct leaps, which however does not store flowing water at lower depth, making it still almost free flowing, thus being interconnected with each other. Some have even measured its  height to only 1,968 feet, but Guinness Book of World Records have tallied the length of the waterfall based on how it was cited earlier, through connectivity. Although it is also known as Utigørdsfossen by many as its name was mentioned even many years ago, Ramnefjellfossen is still the waterfall’s official name as it was more popular over 30 to 40 years ago.

2. Tugela Waterfalls (3,110 feet)
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Known as the second tallest waterfall in the world, Tugela Falls, or also known as Thukela Falls based on the phonetic spelling of the word meaning “sudden” or “startling”, is over 3,110 feet in height. It is divided into five drops that vary in height, depending on the water source that flows through it. The name is also perfect as the water in Tugela does not flow steadily all year long, especially during the summer season, when the falls is commonly dry. This is all due to the flat surface located on Mont Aux where flow from different directions still prove scarce for the very high waterfall. However, when the rainy season comes in and everything goes through Tugela, the sight is very pleasing to behold as you could see the full 3,110 feet being filled with water all throughout.

1. Angel Waterfalls (3,287 feet)
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If you are using Angel Waterfalls as your reference point for the highest in the world, then you should direct your sights in Venezuela as it is the only one in the planet that spans to as high as 3,287 feet. When using the Pemon Indian tongue, Angel Falls is more known as Kerepakupai Merú and Parekupa Vena. This tall waterfall can be found in the Canaima National Park, making it very accessible to tourists and locals who would like to see the falls that got the title of being the tallest in the world. Due to its height, especially from the last catch point going down to the baseline, all that can be felt are little drops or mists of water. The falls was actually named after James Angel, whose plane actually crashed on the topmost section of the mountains while surveying the area.

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