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Top 10 Facts About Bhagat Singh

Who is a leader? He is that fool who dares to go beyond the obvious, he is that person who turns left when everyone is going right, he is that person who raise the voice when all the others are deeply lost in slumber, he is that person who does not stand behind the line but stands somewhere where no one has ever stood before. That fool becomes the leader when other people join him. A person alone cannot do anything, a person alone is powerless, individually he is helpless unless others join him and he is the most powerful when he has numbers.
Shaheed bhaghat Singh is one of those people who had the courage of going beyond the obvious, who did something no one ever did before, that young man at the age of 23 choose death. The sky still remembers the smile, the joy and the composure on the faces of those three friends, few moments before being hanged to death they were frolicking & frisking as were they were going for an adventure. When death was few moments away, they were not scared; they were content as if they were lined up for the distribution of the gold medal they have earned. Few seconds before begin hanged to death, they were not thinking about saving their lives or dying but they were arguing with each other about who shall be hanged first.
Bhagat Singh was born on 28 September 1907 in Faisalabad, India to a Sikh family, to a family who was already involved in the fight for independence. He along with his two friends; sukhdev and raj guru was handed to death on 23 march 1931. They were imprisoned for the charge of the killing of a police man, when they went to jail and saw the situations of the prisoners and just couldn’t endure it. He knew he is going to die, but he was not sad, he was happy; he wanted to die because he knew that his death would bring the change he couldn’t bring in his life and his death did bring a very massive refinement. His death created a very big chaos not only in India but globally. Shaheed bhagat Singh’s life was a very short lived one but during this brief period he did such big things that today after so many years he is recognized as the symbol of martyrdom, but bhagat Singh was a human, he was a son, a boy, a human, a friend, he had life like all of us, he also had likes and dislikes which we do not know about, so the top ten thing you do not know about bhagat Singh are:
10. He studied at the national college Lahore:
He studied at the national college Lahore Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Like all the children he was born into a loving and caring family, he did become a leader later but in the beginning he was a normal child who received normal education.  Bhaghat Singh’s family enrolled him at the Dayanand Anglo Vedic High school and after completing his schooling he got admitted at thenational college Lahore.
9. He was fluent in 5 languages:
He was fluent in 5 languages Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Bhagat was a highly intelligent person; he had a very sharp brain. At an early age he learned multiple languages and became fluent in them. He learns English, Arabic, Polish, French and Swedish.
8. His childhood dream was the independence of India:
His childhood dream was the independence of India Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Bhagat Singh like all the other children of his age did not dream about getting a good life for him, he dreamed of something else, he wanted to bring peace and independence in India; he wanted to create a better life not for himself but for other people. And in the end he did that, he gave up his life for the sake of his country.
7. He ran from his house:
He ran from his house Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Bhagat Singh at an early age made his mind about what he wanted from life, at a quite early age he entered the spiritual world, now for him this material world was nothing, the lust couldn’t lure him. His parents wanted to get him married and he didn’t want to get married. He didn’t want a bride, he wanted martyrdom therefore he ran from his house leaving behind a letter which explained his family his motives.
6. He coined inquilab zindabad:
He coined inquilab zindabad Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Yes the most famous slogan at the time of independence, the slogan which was the foundation of the Indian independent movement, the slogan which till today is widely used was coined by bhagat Singh. He after throwing the bomb in the central assembly ran from there, and he was chanting he slogan of inquilab zindabad.
5. He was a writer:
he was a writer Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Bhagat Singh was a great write, he wrote for several news papers after he got released from the jail. But when he was imprisoned for the second time, he went on a protest, he knew he was going to die, he was to be hanged. So he started writing a dairy, in that dairy he poured out his heart. He also wrote an article named as “why am I atheist?” which gave a comprehension of why he lost believe in God.  His work was later published after his execution.
4. He was an actor:
he was an actor Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Most of the people do not know that bhagat Singh is an ancestor of the bollywood star aamir khan, aamir khan’s family has been in acting for a long time but have you ever though from where did his acting talent came. It came from bhagat Singh, bhagat was a brilliant actor and he appeared in various plays in his college as Rana Pratap, Samrat Chandragupta, and Bharata durdesha.
3. He didn’t agree with Gandhi:
He didn’t agree with Gandhi Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Although Mahatma Gandhi and bhagat Singh both wanted the independence of India but their ways where different and their ideologies were poles apart. Gandhi strongly opposed bhagat’s act of violence and bhagat on the other hand did not agree with Gandhi’s peaceful way. Bhagat said that a man like Gandhi who himself has never indulges in the middles class people can never understand the pain of poor people.
2. He was an atheist:
He was an atheist Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Bhagat Singh was born to a Sikh family and was raised as a Sikh, since his childhood he was taught to pray regularly and he knew all the versus by heart which he used to recite the entire day. It was after reading the work of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky that his religious belief started to limp; his belief in God vanished after he understood the reality of this world.  When in jail, he left praying and started to address himself as an atheist.
1. He was non-violent:
He was non violent Top 10 Facts about Shaheed Bhagat Singh
Bhagat singh was not a violent man, it was the circumstances which had compelled him to act in such a way, the last thing he wanted was violence but he had no choice. He never meant harm to any human, the bombs which he along with his friends threw at the central Assembly were not severe, and they material they used were a very low grade explosive.  The murder of Saunder was too a case of mistaken identity.

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