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Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013

Apps are the lifeline of a Smartphone, we use them to perform all sought of tasks from sending emails to storing our passwords. A big reasons for the popularity of Android phone‘s is its huge ecosystem of apps both paid and free. The apps are brilliantly built and lets you perform any sort of task that you expect a mobile to do. Android Play Store currently has more than 800,000 apps which makes it one of the leading apps market in the world only behind iOS App Store. Here in this post we would covering Paid Android apps since they are typically of higher quality, more secure, ad free and importantly the authors of these apps are more inclined in regularly updating them so as to make them totally bug free.
These paid android apps also help in productivity increase (unless they are games),  solve a definite purpose and have added functionalities when compared to free versions. Also buying these paid apps are relatively easy since you can just use your credit card for buying the apps and that too you can allow Google to store your card information so that the next time when you buy an app you don’t even have to enter your card details and hence of process of buying apps becomes a total breeze. These apps are compatible with most of Android versions specially Android 4.0 (ICS) and above and you can check the compatibility of app directly by visiting the app page from your Android Play Store. The apps in the list below are ranked on basis of total downloads, reviews, purpose it solves, features and support.
Hence the list of best paid android apps for 2013 is as below:

10. Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO

endomondo sports tracker Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: Endomondo  |  Rating: 4.6/5  | Price: $4.99
Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro is an essential Android fitness app, it lets you track your day to day exercise related activities and lets you measure the affect of your physical activity. The app lets you track your speed through GPS prediction and even lets you stop and restart from where you left. This paid Android app has been downloaded by almost 15 Million users and has been reviewed by 52000 people which confirms the usefulness of this Android application. This health and fitness app is perfect to measure the effect of running, cycling or walking on your health. The app features include: Graphs, Beat yourself, Intervals Recording, Low Power Mode, Calorie Goal, Time Goal, Tracking Outdoor Activities, Setting Distance Goal, Monitoring Heart Rate activity, Ability to Share Results on Social Media channels. Competing with Friends, etc. This is definitely a must have fitness tracking android app.

9. doubleTwist Alarm Clock

doubletwist alarm Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: doubleTwist  |  Rating: 4.4/5  | Price: $1.99
We all know how difficult it can be to get up early in the morning and an Alarm app is a must in order to solve this problem. doubleTwist alarm app is very intuitive and beautifully designed alarm app for your Android phone and importantly it has a lot of added functions so as to get up in the morning easily. Some features of this paid android app are: Multiple clock modes, ability to set multiple alarms, ability to define custom for alarms, set recurring alarms. set labels for your alarms so that you know the reason for the alarm, set volume of alarm ringtone or let alarm fade slowly, live background wallpapers, etc. Although the inbuilt alarm app on Android does have a lot of inbuilt features but if you are looking for a beautiful designed android app that solves even more purpose than this is an app to check out.

8. Ski Safari

ski safari Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: Defiant Development  |  Rating: 4.8/5  | Price: $0.99
Now this is the only android game app in our list of best paid android apps. Ski Safari is a totally addicting must have Android game but be prepared to waste a lot of time with android game because you would just not be able to get off this app. You would need to control your mobile to pass through high avalanches without falling down. Also there would be a lot of obstacles that would be required to be crossed in order to complete the level. With every level the difficulty of the game and speed increases. Also you can perform backflips and stunts in order to increase your game score and earn more points. The game is also one of the highest rated android app in our list of paid apps for 2013.

7. Root Explorer (File Manager)

root explorer Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: Speed Software  |  Rating: 4.8/5  | Price: $3.99
Android gives the ability to root your Mobile with other better ROMS or install Android apps apk. And hence the app Root File Explorer gives a lot of ability to manage your root files, change it’s permissions, SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, create and extract zip or tar/gzip files, extract rar archives, multi-select, execute scripts, search, remount, permissions, bookmarks, send files (via email, bluetooth etc), image thumbnails, APK binary XML viewer, change file owner/group, create symbolic link, “Open With” facility, MD5, create shortcuts. It lets you access the complete root file manager of your android phone and hence perform any admin tasks.

6. mSecure – Password Manager

msecure password manager Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: mSeven Software LLC  |  Rating: 4.6/5  | Price: $9.99
Remembering your passwords of all different website’s is a big hassle and most of the times we are bound to forget them for one or more services and then see ourselves using the reset password a lot of times. mSeven android app solves that purpose and makes password storing totally hassle free. mSecure is an app that is available for Desktop, iOS and Mac too so syncing passwords between the devices is also extremely simple. The mSeven app for android costs $9.99 but is definitely a complete value for money app. mSeven features includes: ability to group password of similar services, auto lock, backup provision, ability to share, etc.

5. Kaspersky Mobile Security

kaspersky mobile android Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: Kaspersky Lab  |  Rating: 4.4/5  | Price: $14.95
Kaspersky has been a trusted name for security since years and their this mobile security and antivirus app is a must to remain secure. Antivirus on Android mobile is must because we tend to store a lot of personal and important information on our mobiles and any intrusion can lead to a big security threat and monetary threat to us. Viruses on android have been pretty common specially because of it’s open os and ability to root and modify kernels. Kaspersky mobile security app costs $14.95 which makes it one of the costliest app in our list of best paid android apps. The app has features like: Antivirus Protection, Web Protection, Anti Theft Protection, Call and SMS Filtering & Privacy Protection.

4. Smart Tools

smart tools Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: Smart Tools Co.  |  Rating: 4.5/5  | Price: $2.50
As the name suggests Smart Tools is a group of useful apps bundled together. There are a total of 5 app sets with apps containing a total of 15 apps which makes the price of app total value. The 5 sets of paid apps are:
Smart Ruler Pro - Length, Angle, Slope, Level
Smart Measure Pro –  Distance, Height, Width, Area
Smart Compass Pro - Compass, Metal detector, GPS
Sound Meter Pro - Sound level meter, Vibrometer
Smart Light Pro - Flashlight, Magnifier

3. Camera ZOOM FX

camera zoom fx Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: Androidslide  |  Rating: 4.4/5  | Price: $2.99
Camera Zoom FX is definitely the best stock camera replacement app for Android. It adds a lot of additional features to the stock camera and gives a pro effect to your photos captured.  Camera Zoom FX features includes: multiple shooting modes, ability to import and edit photos, adds more features to the camera like optical/digital zoom, grid overlays, process already taken photos, and has a lot of other addons. The added features totally justify the price of this paid android app.

2. OfficeSuite Pro 7

office suite 7 Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: Mobile Systems  |  Rating: 4.3/5  | Price: $9.99
OfficeSuits 7 is one of the most productive paid android app in the Android Play Store. It lets you edit/create your important doc, xls, ppt or pdf files. You can also read the existing files or import the files using the in built file manager that is available with the app. The app also has inbuilt templates that lets you create a document/presentation using the existing designs making your work more easier and quicker.
The app supports the following file formats:
Text format – DOC, DOCX, DOCM, RTF, TXT, LOG
Spreadsheet – XLS, XLSX, XLSM, CSV
Presentation – PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX, PPTM, PPSM
Other formats – PDF, EML, ZIP
The app is well designed so as to make the lurning curve very small and it also has spell check feature which is a must specially when creating official documents.

1. Swiftkey Keyboard

swiftkey keyboard Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps 2013
Author: Swiftkey  |  Rating: 4.6/5  | Price: $3.99
Swiftkey keyboard provides an awesome typing experience for your Android mobile that you would have never experienced before. It makes typing extremely quick and error free. It replaces the in stock keyboard and give swipe like facility to the typing experience. It also has features like predicting the next word even before it has been typed on your mobile and also auto correct features gives the best suggestion most of the times. Also you can switch between tapping or gesture typing with one click. All these great features helps in a big increase in overall productivity and this has made Swiftkey the best paid app in our list of Android apps for the year 2013.
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