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Top 10 Best iPhone 5 Cases and Covers – 2013

The switch from iPhone 4 to 4S was kind of smooth when it came to recycling your case or cover – both models were approximately the same size, so you were able to fit an iPhone 4 case on a 4S (and the other way around, but we’ve yet to see someone who downgraded from 4S to 4). When it comes to Apple’s new iPhone 5, your luck is out – you have to buy a new cover. Rest assured though – this article will show you 10 hot cases and covers for iPhone 5 that should be well within your budget.

10. Pantone Universe Bookcase

Pantone Universe Bookcase iPhoen 5 Cases
Inspired by the iPad Bookcase, Pantone Universe has a folded design and lets you use your iPhone in any position. You can lay it on a flat surface in landscape mode and use it hands free, which makes it perfect for video conferences or watching videos. It has a soft, yet strong synthetic construction that won’t tear easily. The Pantone Universal Bookcase costs $39.95 on Amazon.

9. Seidio OBEX

Seidio OBEX - cases for iPhone 5
The OBEX is designed with durability in mind. It was created to ensure that your shiny iPhone won’t get damaged – not even scratched – no matter how bad you treat it. The rubber stoppers are designed to keep liquids and dirt away from the screen and the ports, while the waterproof membranes will take care of the rest of the device, without affecting the quality of your voice calls or the screen touching experience. Seidio OBEX costs $73.43 on Amazon.

8. Hitcase PRO

Hitcase PRO iPhone Cases
If you are an iPhone 4/4S user, you may already be familiar with this case. The new HitcasePRO for iPhone 5 is to be released in a few days – on March 1st, as per the company’s press release – and it promises to protect your iPhone in all dangerous situations, including diving it in a 33ft deep pool. We expect a retail price of around $120 on Amazon.

7. Incipio ATLAS

Incipio ATLAS - iPhone 5 Cover
The Incipio ATLAS, a case that hit the market in February 2013, is waterproof, snow-proof, dustproof, fall-proof, shockproof, and most likely lots of other things… proof. Tests have shown that it’s waterproof up to a depth of 7ft, which is less than what the HitcasePRO boasts. However, it has got a better spot in our top-ten list due to its lower price (only $59.99, compared to the announced $120ish) and the overall better protection that it offers.

6. LifeProof Fre

LifeProof Fre Case
LifeProof says that the Fre model is the most advanced case they have ever built. If it hadn’t been for its quite high price ($119.90 on Amazon), it would have got a much higher position in our top-ten list, due to its comprehensive and military-grade protection that it provides to your iPhone 5. The LifeProof case also protects your camera from dust and dirt, so that you can make sure that your CrystalClear lenses are… crystal clear!

5. Snugg Case

Snugg Case for iPhone 5
This Snugg case comes with a rubberized silicone membrane that covers your iPhone 5 without compromising on the slim design. It is around .04in thick, so you aren’t likely to feel much of a difference in the phone’s thickness. It has only got the fifth spot in our chart because, in spite of its really low price (only $14.99 on Amazon), it won’t protect your phone from liquids. but it still is one  the best iPhone 5 cases

4. Incipio Feather

Incipio Feather - iPhone 5 Cases
The Incipio Feather gets its name from being ultra-thin (less than .03in thick). It is an ultra-strong polymer case that is guaranteed to protect your iPhone from the “attack” of the car keys and loose change. Given its dimensions, your phone will keep the sleek design that Apple intended. It is the cheapest case in our list – it only costs $8.79 on Amazon.

3. X-Doria Dash

X-Doria Dash - Cases and Covers
The X-Doria Dash is the only iPhone case in our list with a window. It combines a glossy polycarbonate fabric with a unique, perforated texture. It’s not only that it looks visually appealing, but it will also provide you with all the protection you need for your iPhone. The price is moderate – only $29.99 on Amazon.

2. Scosche strapKASE

Scosche strapKASE - iPhone 5
The integrated kickstand makes videocalling and watching movies a breeze. The shock-resistant polycarbonate exterior offers protection during active workouts. Last, but not least, the wrist strap safely secures your device while you’re walking or even jogging. To make things even better, this great case costs only $20.57.

1. ZAGG invisibleSHIELD

ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 5
The invisibleSHIELD is our top preferred iPhone 5 accessory It comes with a military grade scratch-proof film that is guaranteed to protect your phone from even the harshest treatments. It passed all our endurance tests – we dropped the phone on a cement floor from around 6ft (to simulate dropping it while holding to the head) and it got away without a scratch. To top it off, the invisibleSHIELD comes at an unbelievable price of $10.62, which is quite a steal. Hands down, this is by far the best value for the money. not the case but this ultimate protection was necessary to mention here in the list of top 10best iPhone 5 cases 2013

After analyzing more than 100 iPhone 5 cases and covers that are popular on today’s market, we learned several facts:
• Just because a phone case is expensive, it doesn’t mean that it will work better than a cheaper one. You will sometimes pay extra for the brand name, and not for some added value.
• A case that will protect your phone from falls may not protect it from liquids, and vice versa. Don’t just drop your phone into the pool after you bought a protective case, unless you are sure that the new cover is waterproof.
• A case doesn’t have to last for the lifetime of the phone. You can change it whenever it gets scratched or torn – it’s so much cheaper than changing your phone!
• Amazon has the best rates on the market. We tried most of the major retailers on the market, and only a few could compete with Amazon.

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